Accused Samoa taxi driver killer is US National

The identity of the gunman who killed 28 year-old taxi driver Ete Ete last Tuesday night has been revealed.

He is Patrick Jonathan Crichton, 21 years old of Malifa and Tafuna, American Samoa.

According to sources, Patrick, the son of David and Peka of Tafuna, American Samoa was born in the Territory and allegedly graduated from Samoana High School. However, he has lived at his father’s family in Malifa for the last couple of years.

The 21 year-old suspect told police that he had talked on the phone with his girlfriend who was in American Samoa that day and she had ended their relationship. He said that he was devastated emotionally and that he was in an unstable state of mind.

So that evening, he stood at the four corners at Malifa flagging taxis.

Several passed by without stopping and when one finally stopped, he found out that there were two people inside, which posed a problem for he intended to take the car by force.

However, he got in the back and told them he wanted to go to Vaitele to get some cash power.

Arriving at Vaitele, he then killed the driver but the gun did not go off when he tried to kill the driver’s brother, who threw his mobile phone at him then lunged at him and tried to wrest the gun away.

It is not clear where he went that night when the taxi driver’s brother tried to pursue him or how he came to be in police custody.

Police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Leaupepe Fatu Pula told local media that it was due to police work that the suspect is now in custody.

Leaupepe also said that the .22 caliber handgun which was used in the crime is illegal.

A date for the suspect to appear at court is yet to be set.


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