Man jailed for assaults on police in Australia

A LOGAN man has been jailed for a month after punching a Surfers Paradise police officer so hard it gave him whiplash.

Mark Sagapolutele, 31, and his de facto partner Ariana Komene, 30, yesterday pleaded guilty to assaulting and obstructing police on the Glitter Strip on April 9.

Magistrate Kerry Magee jailed Sagapolutele for a month and ordered 12 months probation.

Komene received 100 hours community service and no conviction.

Both were banned from Surfers Paradise Drink Safe Precinct for six months.

The Southport Magistrates Court was told police had tried to detain Sagapolutele after witnessing him slap his partner twice over the head.

Police prosecutor Trudi Jobberns said he became aggressive and used "massive force" to punch an arresting officer in the face.

Sagapolutele was Tasered and handcuffed but refused to be put in a paddy wagon.

He kicked another officer in the chest, bruising and winding him.

Officers subdued him with capsicum spray.

Komene tried to stop her partner's arrest and hit another officer, leaving him with cuts and bruises.


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