photo: Samoa News

Children, who are victims of domestic violence and abuse, housed at the government shelter received a timely treat for White Sunday thanks to Consolidators International Incorporated. CII is owned by Julian Keeling and his wife Amy.

The couple has been sending ‘favorite’ food items for children_ as a way of saying thank you to the people of American Samoa for their continued support. This year, Samoa News Special Projects Co-ordinator Carly Steffany said the children at the shelter were the perfect choice to give the boxes of goods to help celebrate their White Sunday while they are in the shelter.

“While other children are celebrating White Sunday with their families, the children at the shelter will also be celebrating and enjoying these gifts of alofa,” she said.  

Department of Human Social Services Branch Manager of the Shelter, Tufanua Avegalio and Children Family Services Division Assistant Manager Celestine Faumuina-Nix thanked CII for donating the wonderful goods to the shelter’s children and for thinking of these children who are going through a tough time in their lives.

Mrs. Nix said this will be a great treat for the close to ten children at the shelter for White Sunday. “On behalf of the Director and staff at DHSS, we thank CII for the generous donation, which will go to good use for the children of American Samoa who are victims of any type of abuse,” said Avegalio. “God Bless CII and Samoa News,” she said.


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