Teams vie in DMWR’s clean up contest

courtesy photo

The Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources (DMWR) began its  ‘Recycle-able Cleanup’ competition, at the start of October, with seven teams competing to date.

“We started a competition of recycle-able cleanups this month, where each team will be picking up trash such as plastic bottles, glass bottles and soda cans and also trash in general,” said DMWR Assistant Marine Debris Project Coordinator Peter Talivaa.

The teams in the competition are from Aunu’u (Aunu’u Islanders, Aunu’u U’ila Sami and Aunu’u Team Awesome all one team), Amouli Spoilers, Faga’itua Vikings, Lauli’i Elementary Harbor Lights, American Samoa Aquatics Agency/Samoana Sharks, Matafao Marlins and Latter Day Saints Mormon Boy Scouts from Leone.

“We are still looking for three more groups to get involved to have a total of ten groups. Since we have teams from the East Side and Central, we are concentrating on the West Side for three more teams to fill the last three spots. So if there are any groups that want to fill those three spots, you can contact me at the DMWR Office at 633-4456 and ask for me or Marine Debris Project Coordinator Head, Alice Lawrence,” he said.

“We will be giving out t-shirts for each group. Team Sharks (pictured) kicked off the cleanup last week at Utulei Beach Park in front of the tank farm. They also cleaned up the stream in front of Young Mart. They collected almost a 1,000 pounds so far.”

Talivaa said, “This will last up until March of next year and during this time, we will be working together with the team leaders from each group to hopefully have a great competition.”


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