Chamber chairman notes disappointing turnout of members for gubernatorial forums


Chamber of Commerce chairman David Robinson is disappointed with the turn out of Chamber members during the last five general membership meetings with gubernatorial candidates, with the final one held last Thursday for the Team of “Tim and Tuika”.

This is a very important election year for American Samoa because the winning team this year, will be the territory’s governor and lieutenant governor for the next four years, Robinson said. And since last June, Robinson and the executive board have been pushing for more members to attend their gubernatorial forums, which gives each team a chance to outline their economic development platform.

“This year the Chamber has been trying to provide an unprecedented look at our future leadership by inviting each of the gubernatorial teams to address the Chamber membership and present their platforms and to let the business community hear what it thinks should be done by a new administration,” Robinson said last Friday.

“It has been a constant source of disappointment to me as the Chairman to see that out of a total membership of close to 90 companies on average only a small percentage of members have attended each of the five meetings that have been held so far,” he said.

Additionally, “this is not the time for the business community to take a back seat, the stakes have never been higher.”

Moreover, “business must educate itself and others on the candidates and their positions so that we can actively participate in the political processes that the candidates have planned and to learn more about their initiatives to address problems and implement future plans, particularly those that impact our economy. Our business community needs to help to elect pro-business candidates.”

“A politically engaged business community can help to ensure that in 2013 we begin to see a new path towards a brighter economic future,” he added.


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