Deputy P.M. confirms govt. now owns P.F.L. 100%

DEPUTY PM: Fonotoe Pierre Lauofo. [Samoa Observer]

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Pacific Forum Line (PFL), Fonotoe Nuafesili Pierre Lauofo, has confirmed that the government has purchased 100% share capital of PFL.

In a press statement he said “the purchase was made on Friday, 28 September 2012, and the takeover will be completed on Monday, 8 October 2012.”

Fonotoe’s announcement ended speculations as to whether or not reports that surfaced last week saying the government had purchased PFL, were true.

Headed “Takeover of Pacific Forum Line Limited (PFL) by Government of Samoa,” Fonotoe’s statement does not give details of the purchase. See editorial.

The rest of his statement reads:

Samoa is committed to the objectives of why PFL was founded thirty five (35) years ago of maintaining shipping services to encourage economic development of all Pacific countries.

Samoa will secure the successful future of PFL through a more suitable business model for PFL for the benefit of all stakeholders of PFL. Samoa’s Priority is satisfying all PFL Customers old and new alike including all Pacific counties.


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