ASCC Foundation launches support drive

ASCC Foundation Director John Ah Sue is seen here with colleage Tiare Tupua. The recently re-activated Foundation will seek to raise supplemental funding for the College through tax deductable donations. [Photo: J. Kneubuhl]

This month, the American Samoa Community College Foundation will begin an ongoing series of fundraising activities to raise supplemental resources designed to assist the College in expanding its programs and services in areas not covered at the present time by the institution’s existing resources.

“Our long term goal is to secure support from the public that will enable ASCC to improve our staff and faculty’s skills, provide essential facilities and equipment, and ensure student access to scholarships and other assistance,” said Foundation Director John Ah Sue.

Formed in 1970, the same year that ASCC was established, the ASCC Foundation seeks supplemental resources to assist the College in accomplishing its mission. The Foundation is committed to helping maintain the high quality of education students receive from ASCC, a goal which can only be achieved when adequate funding is secured for activities such as professional development, utilization of current educational technology, and providing resources for qualified students who are not eligible for the same federal assistance as most young adults in American Samoa. 

“Our registration numbers are higher than ever, and the College seeks to expand its services and capabilities in needed areas,” said Ah Sue, “but at the same time we need to stay within our allocated resources from the government. The ASCC Foundation will make a direct appeal to the Community to not only help maintain the high level of education for our students, but also to help us go that extra mile in areas of crucial need. The more the community supports us, the more we can improve.”

Ah Sue explained that the Foundation’s appeal to the public will initially take the form of contacting individuals and business by mail. “We would like to establish one-on-one relationships with any individuals or companies who can offer support,” he said, “so that we can accommodate both those who would like recognition for their support as well as those who prefer more discretion. As the Foundation becomes established, we will look at ways to offer opportunities to support ASCC through different kinds of activities and public events.” He said that all donations to the college through the Foundation are tax-deductible, with the Foundation having secured its 501-C status.

“Through the Foundation, we hope to network with friends and supporters of ASCC,” said Ah Sue. “Whether they’d like to just make a small contribution or whether they’re interested in facilitating a tax deductable scholarship in the name of individuals, organizations or businesses, we welcome all contact with members of the public and private sectors. We hope that the community as well as those living abroad with local roots will see supporting ASCC as an investment in American Samoa’s future. With our current economic situation, as well as the cost of going off-island for college, we need to offer our sons and daughters the best educational opportunities that we can provide here on island. While the College does the best it can with its existing resources, the more we can increase our support from the public, the more avenues of opportunity we can offer our students.”

Anyone seeking more information on the ASCC Foundation can contact John Ah Sue directly at 699-9155, ext. 301 or 401. Inquiries by mail can be addressed to American Samoa Community College Foundation/ P.O. Box 5200/ Pago Pago, American Samoa/ 96799. The Foundation’s email address is: foundation@amsamoa.edu. Those seeking more information online can visit: www.asccfoundation.org or the Foundation’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/AmericanSamoaCollegeFoundation.


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