U.S. school named after Samoan volunteer

LEATA’ATA FLOYD: A relentless, humble advocate for the voiceless in Sacramento. [Samoa Observer]

In what is claimed to be a first, a Samoan community volunteer in the United States of Americahas had a public school in Sacramento City renamed in her honour.

The former Jedidiah Smith Elementary School has been renamedin a unanimous decision by the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) as the Leata’ata Floyd Elementary School.

Principal Mr Billy Aydlett, in an email to the Samoa Observer said, “This has got to be the first public school in the United States to be named after a Samoan woman, much less a living, community volunteer. She is the most humble and inspiring person in the world. Thought you mightwant to know.”

Leata’ata Floydlives across the street from the school which was formerly known as the Jedidiah Smith Elementary School.

Mr Aydlett said “Tata’ has raised her children in the neighborhood and has run an after-school tutoring Polynesian dance class for which she receives no official funding or support.

In the almost 30 years she has lived there, she has been a relentless, humble advocate for some of the most voiceless folks in our city, he said.

“Our school exclusively serves the three poorest neighbourhoods in our city (all three neighborhoods are Section 8 federally supported housing projects).

“She does this (work) simply out of a commitment to children and as an expression of service for the community.”


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