UPDATE: How to make comments on the website

We’re having some false starts and problems getting the comments section set up so that it is ‘user friendly’.  Sorry for the delay in getting this remedied, we have been short staffed during the holidays.

Here’s how it works as of today (Monday, Dec. 26, 2011):  We removed the sign in, but since there is no sign in there won't be a place for you to put your name or the ‘screen name’ you like to use for comments. 

If you want your name or ‘screen name’ to appear with your comment, just add it to the bottom of your message and we will create a name space for you when we review the comment.  We are working on getting a name space for you without having to sign in.

We are also working on getting accounts to work properly for those of you who want them. The accounts will allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds and to recieve emailed updates on breaking news.

Right now when you make a user name and password, the message tells you it isn't acitve, It really is.  Just sign in with the name and password you created.

In the meantime, the rest of the comment system is ready to use.  

Once in the message box, you can select ‘switch to rich text editor’ at the bottom of the comment box and this will allow you to paragraph, make bold words or letters and even connect links to websites and emails. The linking tool is the little green symbol on the bottom row of the  tool case that appears after you select ‘rich text editor’.

Please give the comments another try in the next few days,  it is one of the most popular parts of the website and we're working on making it work for you. 

Email webmaster@samoanews.com with any suggestions you have for this issue or any other that you can help us improve.  And let us know what options need more information about how they work.

Hope your Christmas was safe and merry and you’re looking forward to the New Year and et us hear from you on comments, we love our readers.


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