"Tuition Raise At ASCC"

Dear Editor,

As a student at ASCC, I feel that the proposed tuition raise is rather inappropriate. In this current semester (Fall 2011,there have been many situations and issues that prove that another tuition raise is unfair to the students, both resident and non-resident.

I am enrolled in a class that highly depends on the use of computers and certain programs, including AutoCAD. This semester, my classmates and I had to wait for a few weeks after school started to get our computers in, and even longer for the programs to be installed.

In regards to air conditioning, we, as well as many other classes, started the semester off with hot classrooms, because the air conditioning was not installed.

If the school wishes to increase the tuition, I strongly feel that the school should also increase the standard and quality of education they offer. Our library does not have the best resources, many books are out-dated; the cafeteria could use some renovation; the classrooms, although recently renovated, are already starting to wear-down.

What ever the reasons of the tuition raise, I hope the school understands that, if they want us to pay more, we are expecting more from them as well. It's a mutual deal here, we don't want to pay more if we're only getting less.

The college knows that it has the advantage of being the only resort for many AS students and international students as well, and to think that they know this and use this at their advantage to have us pay more for less, is disheartening.

Falen K. Puli-Ulufaleilupe

(Editor's Note: The ‘Cost to Educate' (CTE) students is on the rise at all institutions of learning, ASCC included - it's an undeniable fact.

"We did an internal study, which is done whenever there is a need to increase tuition," ASCC president Dr. Seth Galeai told Samoa News, in December last year, and the study was conducted by the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).

Galeai says the NACUBO looked at the college and calculated how much it costs to educate one student. ASCC provided the needed information per student.

"From the costs, we are able to project a budget," he said, adding that the ‘cost to educate' - based on the study - is $8,461 per semester. The CTE is then multiplied with the full time equivalent (FTE), which is 1,278 full time students, each taking 12 credits.

The total comes to $10.81 million, which is the projected budget and how much money needed to run the college, said Galeai, adding that the FTE data was taken from a semester in 2009.

However, Galeai said the actual local revenue budget for ASCC is about $7.76 million which means there is about a $3 million shortfall to run the college. Despite that budget shortfall, Galeai says the college continues to operate amidst an increase in enrollment.

"Current levels of funding prevent the college from expanding its educational services to meet the demand from the community," said ASCC in the performance report.

"With increased enrollment, the college needs the resources to hire more teachers, as well as to expand and upgrade its existing infrastructure and its technological capabilities." ra)


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