Trash dump at Malaloa; no short-term problem

Eye-sore at Malaloa. photo: Jeff Hayner

Residents of the villages of Pago Pago and Fagatogo have complained to Samoa News about the trash that has been piling up for close to one year now. It’s located just outside of the entrance way of the Malaloa dock in Fagatogo.

One Fagatogo resident told Samoa News that the trash in the large trash bin gets picked up all the time by ASPA, but the problem is that other trash that is being thrown in that area — large items, such as household appliances.

“I have seen people drive here in their pick up trucks and toss trash into the area,” said one Fagatogo resident who wished not to be named.

“People throw trash bags next to the bin hoping that ASPA will pick it up, but instead the dogs get to it first. We are not blaming ASPA for not picking up all of the scattered trash and appliances, because ASPA is not here to teach people how to use common sense. We are just asking people to please stop throwing your trash in this area and get rid of it in the right way.” he said, adding, “Stop trashing my village!”

Another complaint was that there are people who sit in this area and consume alcohol and when they are finished, they throw their bottles on the ground instead of in the trash bin, adding to the pileup.

“The people that sit here and drink beer are not loud and do not cause problems, but what they are doing is they are adding to the trash pile by not putting their beer bottles in the trash bins. They put them in one big pile next to the fence. No one has a problem with them drinking there, but I wish they would use some common sense and put their bottles in the trash bins,” said the resident.

“We have visitors who travel here on their yachts and the first thing they see when they exit through the Malaloa dock gates is a disgusting sight,” he said. It’s not the best way to say “Welcome to American Samoa.”


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