Tonga speaker at risk of arrest over bail breach

Tonga’s Chief Justice, Michael Scott, will consider whether to issue an arrest warrant for the Speaker of Parliament, Lord Lasike.

The noble, who is facing gun charges, had permission to leave the country to travel with a parliamentary group to Israel, but instead he went to the United States, where Matangi Tonga reports he got married.

He is believed to still be in the U.S.

The Solicitor General, Aminiasi Kefu, says they have put the matter of the breach before the court and will meet the Chief Justice in his chambers to discuss the issue.

“Normally if someone fails to turn up at the time ordered by bail or there is a breach of the bail conditions, the court has the authority to issue a warrant of arrest and so we consider that person’s bail conditions. So our duty is just to inform the court, bring it to the attention of the court and it’s a matter for the court to decide if there’s been a breach and whether arrest warrants will be issued.”

Aminiasi Kefu.

Lord Lasike has been charged with one count of unlawful possession of gun ammunition.


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