Togiola reiterates support for Samoa & dateline change


Speaking on his weekend radio program New Years Eve, Saturday, Dec. 31, Gov Togiola Tulafono acknowledged that neighboring Samoa is now a day ahead of American Samoa and wished Samoa and its leaders a Happy New Year, as it was already the first day of 2012 in Samoa.

At the stroke of midnight Dec. 29, Samoa officially leaped ahead into the future to Dec. 31st, as it changed to the other side of international dateline, making Samoa one of first nations to welcome in the New Year 2012.

“We have heard and watched [on television] the beautiful successful move by the Samoa government for the country to the other side of the international date line,” said Togiola in his comments to leaders of Samoa.” And you have now started off the New Year.”

He said American Samoa will soon celebrate the New Year and congratulated the Samoa government leaders for achieving this milestone in the country’s history, which is part of Samoa’s efforts to seek a better economic future for its people.

Togiola reminded his radio listeners that no matter the differences in government and politics between Samoa and American Samoa, “Samoa is one” and it has been that way from the beginning of time heading into the future.

“We are Samoa, now and forever,” he said, adding that future generations will forever remember this change in history made by Samoa.

Togiola declared back in June his support of Samoa’s decision to change the time zone to the west of the international dateline to align itself with major trading partners in the Pacific such as New Zealand and Australia and the Asia region.


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