Shipyard's slipway gets inspection

(L-R) Shipyard Operation Manager- Henry Ladoux, Crandall Underwater Specialist- Donny Mahaney, P. Brian Duffy and Carlos Sanchez. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

The Crandall Dry Dock Engineers, Inc., based out of Chelsea, Massachusetts, inspecting the Slipway they installed at the Ronald Reagan Marine Railway Shipyard in Satala. "We promised during our visit to the Fono, that we were going to do whatever was necessary to upgrade the shipyard...

and this is part of the upgrade," said Carlos Sanchez, chairman of the shipyard authority board.

"Just coming here, they noticed that the chain is a little loose and the brake is also a little loose. This is the beginning of restoring the shipyard, that will ensure us to bring purse seiners, and to be certified for the insurance company. It is a step by step plan and we are accomplishing it... we are spending $50,000 on this... It is a huge effort on our part. I am very, very pleased on how everything is going at this time with Crandall," said Sanchez.

Samoa News spoke with Technical Director for Crandall, P. Brian Duffy who said, "This is a facility that is well used. It just needs to be upgraded. Some things will last for a hundred years, while others will last for around 30- 35 years. There is a normal replacement value on some of the components; but basically, you still need to pick up the boats," said Crandall.


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