Samoana dominates the Warriors in ASHSAA Girls Varsity Volleyball Finals

Taufa’asau of the Sharks going out of her way to try her best to save this kill from the Warriors in the first set, as she helped lead the Sharks into victory to take home the Championship title from the Warriors this year with a 21-1 7 victory in the third set. [photo: TG]

Last week Friday, the No.4 ranked Samoana Sharks took the championship title for the ASHSAA Varsity Girls Volleyball season, in a matchup of with No. 2 ranked Tafuna. The Sharks were totally in control when they brought home the gold with 3 sets straight out of a 5 set ruling, defeating last year's champions.

The Sharks came into the championship game on fire, as they were not only able to knock out the #1 seeded Leone Lions from the playoffs, but they did it in Leone. Tafuna was there to defend its title, which unfortunately was just not good enough.

Samoana dominated in the beginning of the first set, with Taufa'asau, Mary, and Tauala leading the way for the Sharks. The crowd saw Samoana in a far ahead lead of 9 - 3 early in the first due to Tafuna's lack of defensive support. But later on in the set after a Warriors time out, Tafuna came back in and tied the game at 14 - 14. It was not to last, Samoana restored killing power on Tafuna's side of the court, sending the Sharks to claim the first set with 21 - 19.

The second set, became a much bigger challenge for the Warriors, as they had some minor errors that needed to be adjusted, but Tafuna was out of it, as Samoana's tallest defender on the court, Mary, managed to put it away again with a stunning performance to blocking kills from Tafuna, and turning simple errors sent over by the Warriors, into a point situation that saw Samoana claiming the second set 21 - 17.

With the matches ruled to 5 sets and 21 points per set, seeing the final set at 17 final, Tafuna needed to win the third set in order for them to have an opportunity to see the Gold again.

But those Golden thoughts were demolished by the Sharks when Taufa'asau, Mary, Tauala, and the rest of the Sharks team took it all the way to the house in the third set, dominating the Warriors with a 21 - 18 victory.


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