Samoan among those welcomed to Kiwi citizenship

L-R: Barbara Arnott, mayor, Napier City Council, Napier; Miss Faleaana Aokuso, aka Christina Aokuso, Napier, (Samoan) who was one of 34 candidates to swear allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen of New Zealand and receive citizenship certificates in a ceremony at Napier City Council, Napier. [Photographer: Duncan Brown]

It was the promise of more job opportunities and a better education that enticed 24-year-old Christina Aokuso and her family here from Samoa. Ms Aokuso, along with 34 others were welcomed as citizens by Napier Mayor Barbara Arnott in a ceremony at the Napier City Council on Monday night.

The six-member Aokuso family immigrated to New Zealand five years ago and, after spending two weeks with their extended family in Auckland, came straight to Hawke's Bay, finding things "a lot different from our own country."

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