Samoa: Matā’afa bestowal is valid

HAPPY MAN: Matā'afa LuiIosefo (right). [Samoa Observer]

The Court has ruled in favour of TupuolaLuiIosefo in a dispute over the paramount chiefly title Matā’afa, of Amaile, Aleipata. The ruling by the Vice President of the Land and Titles Court, MisaIuliAnae was greeted by loud applause from supporters of the titleholder inside the Courtroom.

Many people had to wait outside, as there was not enough space inside.
When Matā’afaLui emerged from the Courtroom, they rejoiced with him through tears and hugs. The elated 82-year-old Tama aAiga titleholder told the Weekend Observer it is time to move forward.


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