Samoa Bowl IX engenders scholarship opportunities

This is the reason why Cpt. and Head Coach Lindsey Mesner is on island. She says she is hoping to find four of our finest Samoan volleyball players that will join her volleyball squad at Wenthworth Military Academy in Missouri. Pictured, this year’s Championship match up between Samoana and Tafuna that featured some of the best female volleyball talent on island. [photo: TG]

This year’s Samoa Bowl volleyball competition has attracted the attention of a college recruiter, who arrived on Monday night to scout out some of the best local players playing in this year’s event.

Traveling from Wenthworth Military Academy, is Captain Lindsey Mesner, who is also the Head Coach for the “Red Dragons”, who told Samoa News during an interview, yesterday morning that she is here to recruit.

“I am a college coach, and I am here to recruit some of the island talent back to the mainland, especially to our area in the midwest. Our campus is a really diverse campus, we have a lot of Samoans, Hawaiians… the Polynesian culture is huge, also Hispanic, and a few people from Europe, and things like that, so we’re basically working with a really diverse atmosphere, and we continue to bring the talent, the talent that athletes have in Samoa to Missouri.”

According to Mesner, this is Wenthworth’s first recruiting trip to American Samoa, “and this is our first major recruiting trip for volleyball.”

Mesner noted the difference between the local American Samoa female athlete volleyball players and the American female volleyball athlete that she has experienced while coaching at Wenthworth.

“I would say that the traditional American players are more uptight, and they are very structured, and they are go getters — they like to go after it and work hard.”

“As to the Samoans,” she said, “they love to work hard, they love to work out, they just love to play volleyball, but they are not so structured in their everyday life which brings an interesting dynamic to our team, because then our American players, learn how to be a little bit more laid back, and they are willing to have fun a little more, so we really enjoy that dynamic.”

According to Mesner, she has four scholarship opportunities for some of the best local talent that she scouts out in this year’s Samoa Bowl.

“I am blessed to hand out eight volleyball scholarships this year, and out of those eight, I am looking to give out four of those scholarships to some Samoan players. I have had some who have contacted me and told me that they are interested in the volleyball program, so my main trip here is to see their talent, and to check out what their interest level is.”

Mesner would like to thank everyone who has made her recruiting trip to American Samoa possible, and “would like to thank the committee for allowing me to interview the four, and to really get the female volleyball exposure on the island. I am very proud to be here.”


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