Rotary continues to support Hope House

Rotary members and Hope House staff pose with new equipment. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

The Rotary Club of Pago Pago donated ‘Walking Exercise' equipment for the residents of the Fatu O Aiga Hope House this past Thursday. "We thank the Rotary Club of Pago Pago for its continuing support of Hope House and in particular this exercise equipment they have provided for us...

so that the elderly, the bedridden and some of the children with disabilities, can have daily exercises," said David Robinson, Director of Hope House.

"This is all part of the Rotary Club support of Hope House. They do it every year, doing something different each time. They helped with equipment and with items for the laundry as well. So I just want to say thank you to them. We would like to also mention Fletcher Construction Company, who has been working with the Rotary Club to help us and also Mr. Evan Schmidt from Dateline Industries, who helped with the organizing of the freight of this equipment. Thank you once again for all of the support. l also want to thank and welcome the District Governor of Rotary, from New Zealand, Mr. Alan Eyes and his wife Clair," said Robinson.


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