Petition against cold storage unit on main dock

(Editor’s Note: The following petition opposing the StarKist cold storage facility being built in Fagatogo on the main dock (Port Administration) is currently circulating in the community for public signatures. Samoa News has reprinted the petition in the interest of the community — that a decision made by the government and a corporation to use the people’s land or property, which will have a far reaching impact on the environment, infrastructure, economy, and natural resources of the territory must be made only after broad community consultation, i.e. a public forum or referendum.)


January 17, 2012

Mr. Brett Butler                                                            cc:            Honorable Governor Togiola Tulafono

General Manager                                                            Congressman Faleomavaega E. F.  Hunkin

Starkist Samoa, Atuu                                                            Mrs. Lydia Faleafine, USDOI-Territorial Representative


Dear Mr. Butler:


We are in full support of Starkist Samoa, Inc., and we sincerely appreciate the contribution by Starkist Samoa to the American Samoa economy.  We fully support all efforts, including the construction of a cold storage, to expand Starkist’s operations as that will mean more jobs for us here in American Samoa.  However, WE DO NOT SUPPORT HAVING A COLD STORAGE BUILT IN FAGATOGO ON THE MAIN DOCK.  We believe that all industrial activities should be kept on your side of the bay where it is already an industrialized area or at the industrial park in Tafuna.  We prefer to keep the main dock area and the rest of the bay free of any additional odors, fumes and/or heavy traffic.  You have other options to build your cold storage, please take this into consideration.

Thank you for your time and for your attention.

Respectfully Submitted,













































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