Pearl Sheck crowned Miss ASCC 2011-12

The newly crowned 2011 Miss ASCC Pearl Sheck and the outgoing 2010 Miss ASCC Toefuata’ina Ta’ai. [photo: Leua Aiono Frost]

American Samoa Community College, Saturday night, held their Miss ASCC pageant, with eight young ladies vying for the "Tausala Lalelei" crown. The highly competitive pageant, attended by a standing room only crowd, saw Miss Pearl Sheck win the title for 2011- 12. "It is not the crown that predicts the beauty and toil of any competion, it is always the road that leads to having it!" ...

was part of the opening remarks offered by ASCC vice president Dr. Kathleen Kolhoff that began the pageant to chose who would be college's student ambassador for the next school year.

The panel of four judges for the evening was Norris Alai'asa, Steven Shallout, Mrs. Fou Imo and Mz. Trina Tui.

Ms. Skyline Nua, the reigning Miss American Samoa performed the opening siva, which led into a welcoming siva performance by the reigning Miss ASCC 2010-11, Toefuata'ina Ta'ai, and the eight contestants.

Pageant entertainment included colorful and talented performances by the various ASCC clubs throughout the 4-hour event. Contestants were sponsored by their different school clubs.

The first category was the "Go Green Recycling Couture Outfit" - where all were judged on their outfits made up of all kinds of recycled and reusable materials. In this category, most of the outfits exhibited were made out of newspapers, plastic bags and can tops and even tin cutlery expertly patterned into all sorts of creatively designed costumes. The category included the choice for "Best Evening Wear".

The Talent category was perhaps the one that drew in the crowd the most - as each contestant gave an outstanding performance, showcasing their unique ability to personify a young Samoan woman.

Memorable performances were offered by Miss Filiga in her monologue about the multi roles of a Samoan woman, dressing up in everyday household chore clothing, and then ending it with a beautiful outfit to dance the Siva Samoa; Ms. Chan's rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine", evoking an emotional wish for world peace; while Ms Yandall fired up the crowd as fearless "Madame Pele" the Hawaiian goddess of fire; and then there was Ms Sheck's "sulatoga", an inspired interpretation of a Samoan lady losing her mind trying to define the finest finemat presented to their family in aid of kindness and dignity from a higher ranking chief.

The third category was a combination of the Formal Puletasi, Q & A, and Samoan taualuga.

In many pageants, the Q & A session has been the make or break moment for contestants - they either shine or fall apart with an answer that calls for quick thinking, poise, clarity and a steady speaking tone.

There was no award given for the award, but the following are the Q & A's during the session:

Segaula Club - Ms Shirley Filiga - platform "Coral Reef Preservation"

Question: "Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?"

Answer: "Since I am taking education as my major, I see myself teaching here at home in the next 10 years."

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society - Ms Leli'a Chang - "Value of Education"

Question: "Why should you be the next Miss ASCC?"

Answer: "I value the education of my classmates & students of ASCC."

New Generation Club - Ms Moemoe Samuelu - "Fighting Teen Alcoholism"

Question: "If crowned, what ways will you use your platform to benefit others?"

Answer: "I would create programs to stop teen alcoholism."

All Saints Club - Ms Quenana Failauga - "Go Green, Go Fa'a Samoa"

Question: "What are some ways to improve ASCC?"

Answer: "More programs to promote not smoking and drinking, and understand to prevent littering of the ocean."

TNT Club - Ms Georgina Yandall - "Wellness Thru' Prevention"

Question: "What needs to be changed at ASCC?"

Answer: "Change the long tiring & endless queues of registration to ‘online registration' - and hire more instructors to overcome the lack of classes for all students yearly."

Miss Business Ambassador - Salumalo Turituri - "Promotion of Tourism"

Question:"What would you say to a student who is giving up in school?"

Answer: "I would encourage him/her to go to class."

Brotherhood Club - Ms Pearl Sheck - "Promoting Cleanliness in American Samoa"

Question: What does the theme of Pageant mean to you - "Your Past, Your Legacy Your Story?"

Answer: "The events of the past make us who we are today, and it is a legacy to our siblings and children."

Miss Humble Club - Ariel Leva'ula - "Health"

Question: "What is your definition of success?"

Answer: "Motivation of education to succeed in the future."


All category winners were announced, with Ms Pearl Sheck garnering 5 of the awards.

1 Miss Photogenic - Georgina Yandall.

2 Best Recycling Couture (included Best Evening Puletasi) - Pearl Sheck

3 Best Talent - Pearl Sheck.

4 Best Puletasi - Pearl Sheck

5 Best Interview - a tie between Georgina Yandall and Pearl Sheck

6 Best Platform -Georgina Yandall, "Wellness through Prevention."

7 Best Ava Performance - Pearl Sheck.

8 Miss Personality - Miss Quenana Failauga and Lelia Chang

At the end of the night, Ms Pearl Sheck won overall taking the crown, while Ms Georgina Yandall took first runner up, Ms Quenana Failauga 2nd runner up, and 3rd runner up was Ms Salumalo Turituri.


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