Pago fines juvies accused of school damage

Samoa News reported in its Dec. 22, 2011 issue that some classrooms and the cafeteria were vandalized at Pago Pago Elementary school. Pago Pago village council spokesman, Pulu Ae Ae Jr. has told Samoa News that they have identified five youth responsible for the damages and have fined them and their families. The police department in the meantime continues to investigate the matter. [SN file photo]

The Pago Pago village council has fined five juveniles accused of breaking into the Peter Coleman Elementary School in Pago Pago, where they vandalized school property in December.

The decision for the juveniles to pay $1,000 each, was the result of a meeting held earlier this week in the village of Pago Pago. Spokesperson for the village, Pulu Ae Ae Jr., told Samoa News, if the juveniles don’t pay the fine they will be banned from the village along with their families.

Pulu said the village council will not reconsider the decision, because this has tarnished the name of the village.

He added that some of the juveniles involved are not natives of Pago Pago, however this is not an excuse for them not to pay the fine already in place.

It’s alleged the five juveniles broke into the school in December and damaged four classrooms; they ripped off wallpaper in the classes, destroyed desks, wrote on notebooks and also damaged the main office. Samoa News reported on the matter in its December

Pulu told Samoa News he conducted his own investigation.

He explained that some students attending the school complained to their older siblings about a few of the teachers. Then the older siblings reacted and damaged the school.

He said the students had held fundraisers throughout the entire year for their Christmas party — but they did not have a party. “If this is the reason behind the vandalizing of school property, the school should not have any more fundraising” he said.

“If this is true, what the students are claiming — it’s really sad and it seems the incident occurred because of some teachers at the school”, said Pulu.

Meanwhile police are continuing to investigate the matter — no charges have been filed with the court.

Samoa News reporters Ausage Fausia and Joyetter Luamanu contributed to this report.


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