Ocean Heros program receives donation


World renowned marathon swimmer Bruckner Chase and members of the American Samoa Aquatics Agency (ASAA), received Rescue Boards last week that were donated by the surfboard manufacturer INT.

The boards will be used in the ‘Toa o’le Tai’ (Ocean Heroes) program as well as in the Ocean Swimming/Ocean Science Physical Education (PE) class, which began early this month at Samoana High School.

“Thanks to the Department of Commerce and the Toa o’le Tai, as we work to develop more Samoans who will have lifeguard skills, so that we can move towards developing instructors to work with even younger kids, we have Rescue Boards that were provided by INT, which is a surfboard manufacturer stateside,” said Chase.

“We will use these Rescue Boards to train the kids at Samoana High School, as well as use them as tools for the Toa o’le Tai.  We will have these boards on the water, as places for kids to rest and we can keep a better eye on them. They also become rescue tools moving forward,” he said.


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