The four Registered Nurses (far left) and five Practical Nurses (near right) taking their ‘Nurses Pledge’ on Thursday evening at the Governor H. Rex Lee Auditorium, to the delight of their on-looking families, friends and dignitaries. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

Nine graduates from the ASCC Nursing program were honored Thursday night in front of guests that included college and government officials, loved ones and friends that packed the Lee auditorium.

The graduates were "pinned" and took the ‘Nurses Pledge’ in a ceremony that with remarks and speeches took several hours.

ASCC acting president, Tapaau Dr. Daniel Aga offered the evening's opening remarks congratulating the graduates. “Yours is an honorable profession... Nurses have been around from the very beginning and you are always on the front line. On behalf of the President of ASCC Seth Galea’i, I wish you well,” said the acting president.

Governor Togiola Tulafono also spoke to the graduates saying, “This is one profession, that once you enter, it is very difficult to get out of. Once you get into the work and commit yourself, you put your life on the line, for the people that you serve,” said Governor Tulafono. “Although you do not serve in uniforms guarded with kevlar vests and helmets, it is no less dangerous for you as you provide a service that is needed, by the people that come to you,” said the Governor.

“You do not and have not by this commitment tonight, backed away from what is needed. You have still marched forward and graduated successfully from the program. On behalf of the people that you serve, I thank you,” he said.
One of the graduates told Samoa News that this long road has not come to an end, but has just begun in this life long journey of taking care of people. “There is always something new to learn in this line of work. We have to always stay on the ball in learning new things, because people depend on us to take care of them when they need help. That is why we have to be on the top or our game and keep learning."

Thursday night's honorees:

Registered Nursing Graduates
Oge Liu-Chan Lefiti
Samson Felise Steffany, RN
Fa’aotaota Ta’ase
Mark Anthony Villajuan, RN

Practical Nursing Graduates
Audrey Jean Mauga, LPN
Feauina Meaole
Emmely Nickel, LPN
Arieta Sofeni-Maulupe
Siaifoi Carol Tafiti, LPN


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