The 50th Anniversary logo [Samoa News/THA]

Samoa's 50th Anniversary logo that will be displayed all over the country. The logo has a traditional canoe with two men and one woman passenger sailing at sea. “The daring fisherman - conqueror of the oceans, those who await his return and the prayers of those who keep vigil of Samoa’s journey, keeping the home fires burning.

“Samoa’s voyage in the last 50 years has not been smooth sailing. It had to master high winds and rough seas,” said Co-chair of the Independence committee, Tolofuaivalelei Falemoe Leiataua said.

"Many times, Samoa had to rely on strong leadership and visionary stewardship as well as its dedicated crew to conquer what challenges the oceans conjured up. Samoa is about to celebrate 50 years of this continuing journey. Tolofuaivalelei said that the colours and pictures that make up the logo portray the three colours on Samoa’s flag.

"They conjure up occurrences in the past, and provide the opportunity to thank God for where we are today and to form decisions from these thoughts for a positive direction in the future."

The logo was designed by Tuuaga Aviata and Leiataua Eteuati Junior Eteuati.

Tuuaga Aviata and Leiataua Eteuati Junior Eteuati. [Samoa Observer]


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