Looking for a Samoa Participant for Visual Arts Project

Dear lovely people in Samoa,

I was in contact with some of you last year about my art project and Im hoping you can still help out. I am trying to contact an artist (or resident) in Samoa to be part of my art project.

I am a Visual Artist based in Ireland and co-curator of MART (www.mart.ie). I am currently working on an International Visual Art Project called 'The Core Project One world. Two minutes. One question?

I am looking for one video entry from one person in every country in the world!  By collaborating with Artists and Residents across all the countries of the world I wish to create one piece of art work broadcast to millions. 

For full details you can see the website here: www.the-core-project.com

Participants are asked to download a set of instructions and record themselves answering a question, which is kept secret until you hit record.

Watch previews from participants in other countries here: (I have edited out answers to stop people influencing each other.)

Antarctica:  http://vimeo.com/13076760

Collection:  http://vimeo.com/13078842

My Deadline to complete this project is in two months times. If you are interested drop me an email back and I'll pass you on the instructions - which also can be downloaded on the website.

I really hope you can help me complete this project and look forward to hearing from you.

Matthew Nevin





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