Hawaiian cancels Wed night flight, mechanical problems

Not due to ‘light load’

Hawaiian Airlines’ Wednesday night flight didn’t operate due to a mechanical problem and affected passengers were to be accommodated on last night’s flight, says an airline official.

Samoa News received word Wednesday night that the flight had been canceled due to mechanical problems, but some local passengers alleged that the real reason for the cancellation was due to the “very light” passenger load for both the arriving and departing flight segments.

Wednesday’s flight is the extra section added by Hawaiian to accommodate the heavy holiday travel.

“This flight [Wednesday] was cancelled because of a mechanical issue with a lengthy repair timeline and the unavailability of another aircraft,” Hawaiian spokesman Keoni Wagner told Samoa News yesterday.

“The flight was one of our extra holiday season flights and was lightly booked in both directions, but this was not the reason for the cancellation. We routinely operate lightly booked flights to maintain the integrity of our flight schedule,” he said via e-mail from Honolulu responding to Samoa News inquiries.

He also said that all affected passengers were accommodated on last night’s flight, in both directions.

“We provided hotel rooms and three meals to those that were not in their home location.  All passengers also received a $300 travel credit as a gesture of our regret for the inconvenience,” said Wagner.

Besides the extra flight, which ends next week, Hawaiian operates regular flights to the territory on Mondays and Thursdays.


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