Guests robbed at Savai'i motel

Three visitors who were robbed while asleep have vowed never to stay at a motel again. Leota Toma Patu said they stayed at a motel in Savai’i on 4 January 2012 after he and his two uncles attended a relative’s funeral.“We’d checked in at the hotel at around 1:50am and went straight to sleep after a busy day at the funeral.

“I set my alarm because we were supposed to catch the first ferry to Upolu the same morning,” he said. However, when Leota awoke at around 4am, he found that his Blackberry cell phone was missing. He woke up his two uncles. One found that his trousers with his cell phone and wallet inside were also missing.

The wallet had US$350. Leota said they went to the front desk to look for the receptionist who was not there.“At that time, we saw a vehicle in the front gate beeping the horn for someone to open the gate,” Leota said.

“The driver o f that car told me that he knew the security guard who works at the hotel and he was the only one who was at the hotel earlier." The disappointed visitor said he was thankful that they were unharmed. “This will be my last visit to Savaii and I won’t be staying at anymore motels,” Leota said.

He said he didn’t care about the lost items and money but he questioned whether this motel was safe for visitors.


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