Free Park Ranger Programs offered to interested schools

Pua Tuaua leading a group of students from Faleasao Elementary along a park trail in Ta’u. [courtesy photo]

(PRESS RELEASE )—The National Park of American Samoa provides an outstanding outdoor classroom that can support and enhance teacher’s learning objectives in the classroom. The education staff at the national park conducts programs that use this remarkable landscape as a teaching tool for a variety of disciplines that meet the territory’s education standards.

The national park is now accepting reservations for these programs throughout the school year. Taking students into the field provides them with real-world examples of what they learn in the classroom. These activities encourage students to explore, experience, and engage in the learning process. Programs take place along trails in the national park as well as historic sites— inspirational backdrops for learning.

“We encourage teachers to partner with us to create programs that are tailored to their classes,” said Chief of Interpretation and Education Michael Larson.

Current program topics include archaeology, bats, birds, coral reefs, U.S. history in American Samoa, fish, invasive species, national parks, national natural and historical landmarks, natural history of the islands, tropical rainforests, and the Samoan culture, including weaving.

During the 2010/2011 school year, the National Park reached 4,300 youth in the public and private schools on Tutuila, Ta’u, Ofu, Olosega, and Aunu’u islands.

For more details about the basic programs offered visit www.nps.gov/npsa/forteachers. To schedule a program, please contact the National Park education staff at 699-3982.

The National Park of American Samoa was established in 1988 to preserve the coral reefs, tropical rainforest, archeological and cultural resources, the habitat of fruit bats, and to provide educational opportunities for visitors and residents. National park lands and waters are leased from villages and the American Samoa Government through a long-term agreement with the National Park Service.

For more information about visiting the National Park of American Samoa, call 699-3982, email NPSA_Info@nps.gov, or go to www.nps.gov/npsa. Also, visit the national park’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

(Source: NPS)


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