Fono awards contract for Paperless MIS system to U.S. based "Petaia Media"


The Fono has awarded to a U.S. based company managed by a Samoan the contract for its "Paperless MIS System" project, which is to be officially launched next summer and housed at the two-story Legislative Research Bureau/ Management Information System (LRB/MIS) structure currently under construction at the Fono compound.

Request for Proposals (RFP) for the "Assessment, implementation, development, installation and support for an Electronic Management Information System (MIS)" project was issued in July this year.

Information from the Fono states that the project was awarded not long ago to U.S. based Petaia Media for the contract amount of $249,302 and is expected to be officially launched in July. The entire project- including the building construction‚ is funded with stimulus money (ARRA funds) of about $500,000.

Petaia Media in a news release Monday announcing the establishment of a local office, call themselves a digital marketing agency and multi-media consulting firm, which provides design and development marketing services to organizations, and assists in developing an online presence.

Petaia Media, managed by Sa'u Stephen Petaia, focuses on website design, mobile applications development, social media campaigning, and software development, the release states.

According to the RFP, the Fono intends to develop and install an electronic management information system akin to database systems employed by state legislatures and the U.S. Congress which will connect all Fono sections and divisions and into which all activities of the Fono can be stored, transmitted and retrieved instantaneously.

Additionally, the system will allow construction of a Fono website and will facilitate updating of the American Samoa Code immediately after legislation is signed into law and final enrollment is completed.

Moreover, development of a paperless electronic system will afford the opportunity to electronically replace all legislative archives instead of exposing historic documents to risk of damage and loss while in storage.

The goal of the project is to build a digital archiving system (paperless) for the Fono, provide a secure wireless environment giving legislative members flexibility in accessing data, and to develop Fono IT processes and methodology for an internal IT Support Team.

Scope of work for the project is in four phases, with the first phase dealing with Network Design/Installation. This includes designing, testing and inspecting data communications systems (wide area networks, local area networks, intranets) for the Legislative branch as well as installing hardware such as cables, hubs, routers, and wireless adaptors. Configuring network drivers for software and effectively advocating for the necessary business investments to support the deployment is also in the scope of work for phase one.

Phase two - Hardware- includes among other things, a Web-based networking system including (servers, routers, gateways, repeaters, tablets, printers) connecting multiple wireless devices, and giving multiple government officials access to secure legislative data, providing legislative representatives and senators the ability to follow legislative documentation electronically. This phase also includes network security.

The Third phase is Software, which calls for developing digital archiving methodology and document inventory to be maintained by Fono IT staff, as well as creating an online Project Management System used to track, edit, amend, and enact legislation within the Fono throughout the legislative process to final disposition.

The final phase listed is Training/ Support, which will provide Fono IT support training during installation and customization of hardware; and provide Fono IT support training of customized software interfacing with computer hardware.


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