A first for local gamers— Gamer Core Tourney

Team Self Tactical Defense (STD) taking top honors. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

The first ever ‘Gamer Core' Tournament was held in American Samoa, with team Self Tactical Defense (STD) taking top honors. They competed against 21 other teams in an all day gaming (video games) tournament that saw the H. Rex Lee Auditorium full of gamers last Friday, comprising well over 300 in attendance.

The Gamer Core group is a community of people who play video games, who in assistance with the American Samoa Government Information Technology Department (ITD) held their tournament as part of the PacINET conference. More tournaments are in the works.

Team STD made it to the finals against the teams of Death Zone 6 (2nd place overall) and Triple Rainbow (3rd place overall).

Historically, the term ‘Gamer' usually referred to someone who played role playing games and war games. Since they became very popular, the term has included players of video games. According to www.forbes.com, one study by psychologists at the University of Rochester found that players actually derive a sense of achievement, freedom and social connectedness from video games.

"Video games are not a frivolous expenditure of your time," said Dr. James Rosser Jr., director of Beth Israel Medical Center's Advanced Medical Technology Institute and a gamer since the advent of Pong in the early 70's.

Lee Auditorium was full of gamers last Friday, with well over 300 in attendance. [photo: Jeff Hayner]


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