Fetuao Fa’asavalu to attend Snyder College on full ride Volleyball Scholarship

Star athlete Fetuao Fa’asavalu left island this past Thursday to attend Snyder College on a full ride Volleyball Scholarship. Fetuao Fa’asavalu (left) seen here with her father Evangelist Luaao Soli (center) and her long-time coach brother Junior Luaao (right) during her farewell party that was held at their family residence this past Thursday. [photo: TG]

One of American Samoa’s best female athletes left island to attend a Western Texas College, this past Thursday, on a full ride Volleyball Scholarship.

Fetuao Fa’asavalu was one of Tafuna High School’s finest female student athletes who ate and slept volleyball.

Fa’asavalu captained the Warriors volleyball team for two years, during her time at Tafuna High School, and also co-captained the American Samoa Girls Volleyball All Star team that faced California and Hawaii in the Samoa Bowl VII.

Fa’asavalu graduated last year but continued her passion for volleyball with her church volleyball club, that participated in local tournaments, which gained her more experience on the court.

Samoa News was fortunate to gain a brief interview with Fetuao’s father, Evangelist Luaao Soli at a Fetuao's farewell gathering in Nu'uuli.

“Fetuao’s talent was nurtured from the beginning at a very young age. We are very proud of her. As you know, my job is to push our youth to join in sporting events, and keep themselves busy doing something, preventing them from hanging out around the village like majority of the young generation that we see all over the place.”

He added, “our church coordinates our own volleyball tournaments all year round, aside from some of our church clubs attending some of the major volleyball tournaments on island, we try to keep our youth in shape, and we try to build the experience in these youths lives. That's how Fetuao's skills came about, she loves to play volleyball, even after graduating, she never gave up on her talent, she continued to challenge her skills with the competition held within our church leagues.”

Evangelist Luaao told Samoa News, that the development of Fetuao’s talent began at home, “Fetuao’s volleyball skills and talent, started right here at home. We have a volleyball court in front of our house, and Fetuao plays volleyball every single day. She has impressed me throughout the years of playing, but what impressed me the most, was when she came home one day and told me that she was joining the school’s volleyball team at Tafuna High School. She pushed her skills, she was captain at her school team, and she was more competitive when she was part of the American Samoa All Star last year.”

The young star from Nu’uuli told Samoa News how blessed she is with this opportunity to travel off island on a volleyball scholarship, “I feel very excited for this blessed opportunity that God has given me, I feel that I have a very bright future ahead of me not only for myself, but for my family.”

She added, “I started very young playing volleyball with my siblings, but as I grew up, I kept going at it, and I never stopped playing. Now that I am at where I am at, my number one tenet to live by is practice makes perfect. I try to practice more and more every single day, and with the bonding that I have had with my past coaches and teammates, I feel very experienced and proud of myself to be where I am at today.”

With her volleyball roots here on island, Fetuao told Samoa News that she is very thankful for those who have helped her get this scholarship, “I have to say thank you brother Junior Luaao and brother Bill Evens, Luaao Soli, my family and my church, for helping me and teaching me this sport that has helped me grow into what I have never expected to be.”

She concluded, “I would also like to thank my families and friends all over the island, thank you for believing in me, and thank you for excepting me the way I am. I am sorry if I ever offended anyone and I never got the chance to apologize for my actions, but I just want to thank everyone out there who I have known and everyone who have supported me throughout my life.”

Fetuao's advice to all the young female athletes who are still vying for a scholarship opportunity such as this; “just be patient, have a humble heart, and play hard when you get the chance. And always remember, practice makes perfect.”

With the talent that she has now, Fetuao would’ve never been able to encounter such a scholarship, without the help of her coach and family member, brother Junior Luaao, who told Samoa News about the story of his coaching career with Fetuao, “what really brings joy to my heart, is to see one of our players make it out there, especially the people from the island, making it academically, and with the help of some of the coaches that were down here, it brought a lot of great joy to us.”

He added, “throughout my coaching career, I have seen some ups and downs for my players, the talent is there, but the most struggles we have here on island is academic. Our goal for both myself and brother Bill from both congregations, was to have the players expose themselves the best physically, mentally, and spiritually. As you all know, college life is full of temptations, but to have that spiritual goal and putting God first in your life will definitely have you accomplish the goals in life.”


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