DPS Christmas roadblocks successful

It was a quiet peaceful weekend for most ‘on the road’, with many choosing to celebrate Christmas weekend at home or at one of our local hotels. Sadie’s by the Sea saw its pool and ocean areas, crowded with locals taking advantage of its great facilities. [photo: TH]

The Department of Safety road blocks conducted over the 3-day Christmas weekend were successful as there were no fatalities. There were a few people arrested and taken into custody by police over the Christmas Holidays, for allegedly disturbing peace — private or public — and also driving while under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

There were 14 people in total taken into custody from Friday night until yesterday morning, with seven of them released after posting bond to await their initial appearance at the District Court this morning.

According to the Criminal Investigation Division Commander, Captain Taase Sagapolutele, this has been one of the most peaceful Christmas holidays we’re ever had and he thanked the public for their cooperation.

“This Christmas holiday is one of the most peaceful holidays we’re ever had; there were no serious incidents happening this Christmas, compared to previous Christmas holidays, and I thank the public for their great support and cooperation,” said Cpt. Sagapolutele, adding the Department of Public Safety is hoping that this will be the same case during the New Year holidays.

“We’re hoping that this will be the same outcome for New Year’s Eve… that no serious incident happens in our community, and also there will be no one arrested during the roadblock,” the DPS official said.

While detecting drivers who are under the influence is one of the main reasons for roadblocks, past holiday enforcements have also identified unlicensed drivers and unsafe vehicles on the road.

Samoa News was told by some people that they noticed it was ‘quiet’, with fewer vehicles on the road once the shops closed on Saturday night. It was reported that many decided to either celebrate at home, or go to one of the hotels to enjoy festivities.


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