Sellers at the Fugalei Market. [photo: amhenr on Panoramio]

Business owners at Fugalei market want the planned renovations there to be delayed until after Samoa’s 50th Independence celebrations in June. And they have apparently written to government to make sure their wish is granted.

Businesswoman, Moe Lei Sam could not confirm when the letters to the Prime Minister and the Minister for ACC had been sent.
She confirmed the letter had been signed by all disappointed business operators at the market.

“For most of these people, this is their only source of income,” she said. “So we just hope the government agrees to delay the date of renovations that is supposed to start in April.” Ms Lei Sam said for the majority of the businesses there “we don’t have anywhere else to go and we don’t want to go to Vaitele.”

She spoke of people who sleep at the market so that they could earn enough to pay for their children’s school fees.
“Many of them never leave this market until they have enough money. What now once we are all suppose to move out of here?

“Where will we go and how will we pay for our children’s school fees?”
She believes that if the government does not help find the business people at Fugalei a good place for business, their children will be out selling wares as well.

Ms Lei Sam says she is patriotic, however she finds it hard to accept that the government plans to fork out millions of tala to celebrate Samoa’s 50th Independence Anniversary “when we have children selling wares on the streets because there’s just not enough money for their families”.

“They have not yet considered that we have to come up with the money to pay for our children’s school fees and yet we are not given enough time to earn and make enough for all the time we will have to wait for a place to relocate business to.


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