Court Report



Alleged drug defendant Kosema Leafi denied the unlawful possession of marijuana when he was arraigned in HIgh Court this week.

With the “not guilty plea” to one drug count, the court has set a pre trial conference for next month, at which time, it will be revealed, whether an agreement has been reached or if the case will go to trial.

The charge against Leafi stems from an incident last week when police found a marijuana cigarette on the defendant, who was in the town area at the time.

He is currently held on $5,000 bail and if able to post bond, the court has ordered him to say away from any drugs or alcohol, not to violate any laws or leave the territory, while his case is pending in court.


Government has informed the District Court it will not file felony charges against three of the four men, who allegedly beat another man in Lauli’i while he was sleeping. The victim suffered injuries.

Initially charged with public peace disturbance, Alfred Kalapu, Oge Vaisagote and Mataese Faataa are now each charged with third degree assault.

Both charges are misdemeanors and the trio are out on bail with the next court appearance set for Jan. 5, 2012.

While released from custody, the defendants are ordered not to contact directly or indirectly the victim or his family, not to violate any law or leave the territory without a court order and their travel documents are to be turned over to the government.

Court information revealed that the incident started when the fourth individual in this case, threw rocks towards the home of a church minister. The victim then chased that individual, who was not caught.

The victim returned home to sleep at the family’s guest house when the rock thrower returned with the three defendants and found the victim sleeping and beat him, the government alleges.  The fourth person has not been charged in the case.


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