Cool Stuff: Spielberg Samoa, Do You Catch My Drift Coolios?

The Camtrol is an exciting professional grade stabilizer support that is easy for mom & pops, and the exciting new breed of Samoan music video producers. [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

I really enjoy watching Samoa’s locally produced music videos every time I bum a few Hawaiian Miles off my family to visit the Territory and Samoa i Sisifo. You Samoa Spielbergs are as talented as the up and coming Lapi Mariner soon to bes (more bettah than a wannabe) you feature in the vids.

So now for that edgy professional low/high angle shot you can toss away the old broom handle with duct tape and go rad with a Camtrol. The Camtrol allows you — on the fly — to replicate what $4,000 video stabilizers do — for just $399.

The last few weeks I was putting my camera and arms at risk doing a little lightweight “Deadliest Catch” style shoot on tuna purseiners.

Now that I grabbed a Camtrol I just quickly loosen and adjust its sturdy knobs for a low, high, or around the corner perspective. I can get smooth car drive-by vids by using the Camtrol out the vehicle window. Just think what I can do in a helicopter or airplane For we in the islands who have used more expensive ball bearing floating stabilizers that can rust in a locked postion, we are miles ahead with the pure simplicity and strength of the Camtrol’s amazing tightening knobs that hold as tight as your wife will hold onto next Friday’s paycheck.

Mom and pops can toss on their $280 DV cam for results that can approach the next $100 million dollar Mission Impossible 5 flick. Video of your next family wedding, little Simi’s first tackle, or Violeti’s first volleyball spike can have attitude and class. No more shaky shaky, no more same ‘ol, same ‘ol look to it.

The Camtrol has cool little extensions for lights, microphones, or... drum roll... the Drift.

You don’t catch my Drift?

The Drift is the hottest POV (point of view) cameras at $349 that will fit on your Camtrol, attach to a helmet, fautasi, grandma, faipule, or motorcycle for 170 degree wide angle video or still perspectives, the way you see things.

This is the best on the market with its streamlined body and view screen the competition didn’t think was important. As one of the hardcore original POV shooters for the national TV show “Real TV”, this Drift is a dream come true at 1/10 the price.

We used to fabricate our own mounts and housings at a very horrific price. The old stuff was heavy and awkward. Collegiate and NFL legend QB, Doug Flutie knows, as he kindly let me hook him up at the NFL Pro Bowl with my self styled surf helmet cam... the Drift set up is faster, lighter, and completely non intrusive.

Imagine ringside at the next Maliu Mai “Last Fa’afafine Standing” mixed martial arts battle, me with my Camtrol connected to my Sony NX5U Wahoo Cam, with the Drift popped on an extension to get the wider full fashion Fa’afafine flair and you laughing your butt off in the background.

With my pro video I will not capture as much of everything... but the Drift will simultaneously capture the ultimate big picture. Mount it on one of the Island Queen’s head or arms between rounds (boxing rounds, not you shouting my tables round of drinks)? Can do.

Today, USCFootball.com CEO, Ryan Abraham and I intrigued LA sports media by breaking out our Camtrols and Drifts to shoot USC Football pre-practice warm-ups. We were so out there technologically, they must have thought we were cast members from Cowboys vs Aliens.

 Samoa, we’re coming your way.

I am cruising to my 1968 Canoga Park School Hunter LA City Football Championship Team mini reunion this weekend. I will be putting my Drift on the Camtrol base, with the Camtrol’s integral legs up to shoot these ancient studs teeing off at our friendly golf outing. The Drift will shock you, like it did me by being so close, yet capturing a full body in action...thanks to its well thought out engineering and natural integration with the unbeaten flexibility of the Camtrol.

Remarkably, the Drift lens spins around so that even if you are oga on your head (me tonite drinking strawberry margaritas, missing deadlines), it will still orientate toward the proper horizon.

Shhh, a little secret.... did you know that the Camtrol also has accessories to mount your iPhone or Android video shooting smartphone?  Smartphone videos are so good these days — all you just need is just a way to stabilize it.

Jonny Rowen, who invented the Camtrol has fast tracked himself to our Cool Stuff Hall of Fame. Tomorrow Jonny will show me the Camtrol on steroids, which is called the “Moose” or Bullwinkle, or Boris Badinoff. This unit will accommodate larger professional video cameras, whereas the original Camtrol is best suited to consumer video cameras and DSLR’s (SLR digital cameras that shoot video).

Wayne Coito, NCAA Division 2 Collegiate PacWest TV’s show editor called me tonite in an excited eruption of enthusiasm. He blurted, “Do you know how much excitement we can generate with the Camtrol and the Drift? Where are you? I gotta get my hands on it now! Our show is going where no show has gone before.”

Well, “Hooked on Utah” is a tad bit ahead of us Wayne. Their TV program implemented both and can now show a whole fish, not just the head. But we, Wayne, can do much, much better.... with a Camtrol and the Drift, we can show a whole Samoan.

My Coolio usos, it’s all right here on their website www.camtrol.com/camtrol-products.html, and a Bill Tedreck "Island Inspiration" influenced YouTube production: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEYOENWNKM0&feature=youtube_gdata_player


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