Community Briefs



Gov. Togiola Tulafono congratulated Youth in Action Leadership Council members and their newly elected officers on his radio program, Saturday morning.

The YALC was launched last month under the sponsorship of the First Lady's Ta’ita’itama program.

Togiola challenged the members to "stay the course" despite the work being time consuming.

“I thank you all for becoming involved and making your time available to support the... council.  You truly will be the young people that will lead young people in times of crisis and in times of peace.  I thank you all for rising to the occasion,” he said.

The council is mandated to identify challenges facing young people focusing on substance abuse prevention, and coming up with strategies to address those youth issues.

The new officers, elected during last week’s council meeting, are:  President Naia Addison from Pacific Horizons School; Vice President Annie Amosa of Samoana High School; Secretary Jireh Kruse of Tafuna High School; and Jedadaya Fuiava of Manu'a High School.


The National Park of American Samoa signed a long-term lease for a new warehouse which will serve as equipment storage and work shop for the National Park’s trail, terrestrial, and marine crews. The warehouse will be located in the town area.

The previous warehouse was destroyed by the 2009 tsunami and for two years, the park staff has been working out of four, twenty-foot containers.

The National Park will also move into new headquarters and a visitor center facility in Pago Pago by the end of next month.  This 7,000 plus square foot facility will include a visitor center with exhibits, a classroom and auditorium, and office space for its employees.

Since the 2009 tsunami, the National Park has been operating out of a former used car dealership in Ottoville.

National Park Superintendent Mike Reynolds said the new facilities will provide for a quality visitor and education experience as well as allow the park staff to be more efficient and effective at their jobs.



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