California Girls and Am. Samoa Boys record Samoa Bowl IX Champs title

A look at the Champions of this year’s Samoa Bowl Volleyball action, the American Samoa Boys All Star team consisting of some of the best players from different high schools all over the island. [photo: TG]

The closing of the Samoa Bowl IX Volleyball action at the American Samoa Community College gymnasium, was an eye catcher, as they played out the finals in what was a very challenging day for all teams.

American Samoa’s girls All Star team that was said to have been eliminated from the round ups, had a chance to fight for second and third place, as they recorded their first win of this year's Samoa Bowl events against Hawaii, in a very determined match up.

Opening up the last day of competition for the Volleyball level, was the Hawaiian Girls All Star team who faced off with the American Samoa team to see a very upsetting loss to the American Samoa team, as they were totally surprised when they saw the Championship title match slip out of their hands, after American Samoa stole victory in front of Hawaii’s eyes with a best out of three sets with a very close second set that American Samoa claimed with a 25 - 24 victory, setting themselves up for a surprising outcome to facing California in the Championship game that followed immediately, after their win over Hawaii.

Then, for the Women’s Championship match up between American Samoa and California, the crowd was on their feet from the first set, all the way down to the final set of their championship game. A game well executed, California came out on top to dominate in the first set with 14 - 25. The second set saw American Samoa coming back hard to winning the second set with a 25 - 9 lead.

Then, closing down the third set was California who was led by Samantha Epenesa, to fighting a tough battle in the third set, California closed off the third with a 25 - 20 lead. Finally, California coming down to try and shut out the game early to record a best out of five, were totally disappointed when they saw the American Samoa team coming back and claiming the fourth set with a 23 - 25 lead. Heading into the final set, both teams were hot and on fire, that they tied at game point 14 - 14, sending them to play two more points, which saw American Samoa unable to hold on to their momentum, as their mistakes on their side of the court, cost them the Championship title this year, sending California back home with their second Samoa Bowl “Undefeated Championship” title, after a 19 - 17 victory in the final set.

As for the boys final match up of this year’s Samoa Bowl Volleyball competition, American Samoa came onto the court yesterday with a loss to their record after being defeated by Hawaii on Thursday, which held both California and American Samoa to one loss each and one win each for record of 1 - 1 - 0 for both teams.

Then, during their final yesterday, American Samoa came in the game with a hot hand that sent California home with a loss, as our local boys All Star team led by Gaisoa, totally dominated California within the first three sets, recording a best out of five record, as they beat California in the third set with a 25 - 17 victory, recording American Samoa’s first ever win in the first ever Samoa Bowl Boys Volleyball Competition.

The Defensive Player of the Game was awarded to Fetaui Tiatia of American Samoa, and Offensive Player of the Game going to California’s Samantha Epenesa. The Most Valuable Player of the Game was awarded to the California team captain, Janelle Hudson.

For the boys, the Defensive Player of the Game was awarded to California’s Leia Lotulelei, with the Offensive Player of the Game going to American Samoa’s Fiasili Afalava, and the Most Valuable Player of the Game going to Sovala Gaisoa.


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