Bail granted for Fiji’s Samisoni in conspiracy-charged quartet

The former Fiji politician Dr Mere Samisoni who was arrested by the military last Friday has been granted bail.

Her lawyer, the New Zealand QC Peter Williams, says Dr Samisoni, who has been charged with conspiracy, is in the process of being released on an assureity of almost three thousand US dollars.

He says bail conditions include reporting to police and a curfew but that’s usual for such cases.

Mr Williams says the 73-year-old business woman is amazingly strong.

“She has been through five days of being in custody and being interrogated everyday, without a lawyer present. And to my mind she has come through that remarkably well. I think a very strong will and she has got a lot of grit and determination.”

Peter Williams says the other people arrested at the same time as Dr Samisoni, Mataiasi Ragigia, Apete Vereti and Semisi Lasike, have also been released on bail with similar conditions.

Dr Samisoni is due back in court on the 25th of this month.


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