On back of a pickup— legal or not in Samoa?

This photo was taken yesterday in Apia. These passengers obviously didn't know they were breaking the law. [Photo: T. Enoka]

The Ministry of Police is unaware about a law that prohibits passengers from sitting at the back of flatbed dynas and pick-up trucks. Assistant Police Commissioner, Le’aupepe Fatu Pula yesterday disputed claims by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) that it’s illegal to sit in the tray of a moving truck.

Instead, Le’aupepe says their concern has more to do with the safety of passengers who sit there.
“This is when you sit in a position that endangers your life as a passenger,” he says. Such circumstances also put the driver at risk, since he is liable to
be charged.

During an interview earlier this week with the Land Transport Authority Road Use Manager, Tamaseugogo Leo Bartley, he was adamant that “the law states very clearly that the flat bed truck and pick-ups should not be used for carrying passengers.”

The law he referred to is the Road Traffic Ordinance, 1960, which falls under the LTA Act of 2007. Le’aupepe said he had never heard of it before.

“When was it illegal?” he asked. “As far as I know, I am not aware of that LTA Act or any changes to the [current] law.”


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