AYFS kicks off its 3rd season with better competition

Uluao Letuli [#2] of last year's undefeated Bengals taking off with the ball in their matchup against the Bucc’s. Named the Most Valuable Player of last year’s AYFS Season as a running back, Letuli will pose a major threat in ASHSAA JV Football's running game. [photo: TG]

The American Youth Football of Samoa (AYFS) kicks off its third annual football season today, with eight teams playing four matches per weekend at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Last year, eleven teams registered for the AYFS season which featured some of the longest weekends of AYFS Football. AYFS' first season anchored only four teams playing two games, every weekend.

Today's opening ceremony starts this morning at 9a.m. with the Chargers, kicking off against the Chiefs for the season opener followed by the Steelers and 49ers.

The Buccaneers and Bears, who will be bringing in a very different change up from last year, play at noon.

Last year's champions, the Bengal’s, play the Raiders in the last game of the day, in what is expected be an action packed recap of last year's championship game.

Next weeks match up on Saturday, the Steelers and the Bengals will be our game opener, followed by the Raiders and 49ers. Finishing the day will be the Buccaneers and the Chargers followed by the Chiefs and the Bears game.

During the third week of this year's season, on Thursday, January 19, 2012, and Saturday, January 21, for the first time an AYF team from Hawaii will participate in AYFS' last meet of the season.  In the past, Hawaii brought down only a Youth Flag Football Team to join in the Summer Program of 2010.

During AYFS's first season in January of 2010, the Steelers took home the championship. Last year, the Bengals went undefeated.

Some very strong players are returning this year, more seasoned and ready to play improved games with newly acquired skills.

Updates will be provided in the Samoa News' Monday issue featuring today's opening ceremony and the first action games of this AYFS season.


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