AYFS Bears received their Christmas presents just in time for the holidays

A look at the early presents received by the AYFS Bear this Thursday, when new coaching staff member Sa Sauluai (far left), received this donation from his sister-in-law Sylvia Suluai Avens and her husband Corey Avens in North Carolina. He is pictured with his three other coaching staff members, Head Coach Ben Vaivao, Keith, and Pa’i. [photo: TG]

As the third annual American Youth Football of Samoa trails by with just a few more weeks to go until kick off day of the season, the AYFS Bears team which had their debut appearance last year to the season, receiving a very fortunate donation, just in time for Christmas. And these weren’t just any other christmas presents similar to most, these were some brand new sports equipments that the team received as a donation from North Carolina.

One of the new coaching staff members for the Bears this year Sa Suluai, who has coached various teams including the undefeated Champion Bengals last year, has now managed to step out to lend out a helping hand to the Bears team, not only with coaching, but for getting the sponsor of these donations to link the shipment through to the AYFS Bears team.

“As with any team, the Bears lacked basic necessities, hence it was my thought that we could help off-set some of the coaches responsibilities and worries by doing some preliminary background work. I then contacted my sister in law Sylvia Suluai - Avens and her husband Corey Avens in North Carolina.”

He added, “I told them about our needs and we decided to collaborate and try and secure some donations for the Bears team. Since she grew up here in Pago, Sylvia was quite aware of the many challenges our kids experience when playing sports and since the initial contact, Corey and Sylvia have sent football cleats, football pads, mouth pieces, running parachutes, ladders, and many other training equipments. They continue to send over more materials and are currently reaching out to various organizations for other possible donations”, added Suluai.

According to coach Suluai, the general purpose behind this venture was “to offer support to our children participating on the AYFS Bears football team.”

“Our kids want to play and they have immerse talent. Unfortunately many of them don’t have the equipment that they need to play especially during these times. Many families struggled to pay registration fee and buying additional equipments places a burden on their budget. So it was our desire to help off-set these burdens by helping provide the necessary supplies, for our players to have certain equipment that would enable them to not only play well, but also play safely.”

With the luck of having free brand new equipments for the AYFS Bears, the donors of this wonderful donation asked for the simplest task for the players who will be receiving a free football equipment, and the benefactors asked that the players write a one page essay, about the importance of character. The essays would then be sent to Mr. and Mrs. Avens to review as well as be used to show future donors. It is our desire to manage this organizing effort, so that we can sustain this venture not only for this season, but also for many seasons thereafter, because ultimately, we know that if our kids have the support they need, then they’ll be able to fully concentrate on playing football and hopefully play well.”


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