Auckland's Santa branded world's creepiest

The Whitcoulls Santa on the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets in Auckland city has been named the creepiest Christmas ornament in the world. Photo: NZ Herald/Dean Purcell.

Auckland's iconic giant Santa has been branded the world's creepiest Christmas ornament by a popular American website.

The 20 metre Santa, which used to feature a winking eye and beckoning finger, has been a feature of Auckland Christmases since it first appeared in downtown Auckland in 1960.

Website cracked.com today told the rest of the world what many Aucklanders already knew: The giant Santa is creepy.

It beat out a "Godzilla Santa" perched atop a Dallas store and several unsettling dolls and decorations to claim its place as the most unintentionally creepy Christmas ornament in the world.


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