ASHSAA Football MVPs of the Week


This year, the 2011-12 ASHSAA Football Most Valuable Players of the Week are selected by the newly formed Polynesian Football Coaches Association.

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In Week No. 5 of the second round of ASHSAA football play and features shared MVP honors, with a surprise from the co-defensive MVP from Fa’asao Marist High School, who is a sophomore and plays Junior Varsity; but doubled up last Saturday, and had his debut Varsity game against the Fagaitua Vikings.

In Week No. 6, the MVP honors go to the Sharks and the Vikings, with Senior games featured — highlighting senior class men — who are playing in their last ASHSAA football season.


Co- Defensive MVP of the Week

Round No. 2 - Week #5

Name: Desean Migo

School: Fa’asao Marist High School

Position: Defensive tackle

Player of the Week for ASHSAA Week No. 5, is Fa’asao Marist High School’s Desean Migo, the sophomore out of the Crusaders JV squad, who doubled up last Saturday, and played at the Varsity level for the Crusaders. That’s playing, one game right after the other!

Migo, who anchors the Crusaders secondary and their offensive unit in the Junior Varsity division, totally surprised the crowd during their match up against the Fagaitua Vikings in the Varsity Division, as he played two games in one day — JV and Varsity — and came out successful.

In his debut game at the Varsity level, last Saturday, Migo recorded his first touchdown, along with three tackles for loss, along with numerous defensive efforts that helped out the Crusaders against the Vikings, even though they lost.

Co- Defensive MVP of the Week

Round No. 2 - Week #5

Name: Foma’i Paepule

School: Tafuna High School

Position: Linebacker

Selected out of the Tafuna Warriors Varsity Defensive unit as the Co - Defensive Player of the Week for ASHSAA’s week No.5 is Foma’i Paepule, the Linebacker out of Nu’uuli, who stung lead the Warriors in defeating the Wildcats in Week No.5, with a decisive victory.

Foma’i, who is recording his first Player of the Week title, has managed to stand out tremendously throughout this season. For his MVP title, Foma’i recorded 2 sacks, 8 solo tackles, and numerous assists in their match up against the Wildcats.


Co-Offensive MVP of the Week

Round No. 2 - Week #5

Name: Atufili Misi

School: Samoana High School

Position: Fullback

Co - Offensive Player of the Week for ASHSAA’s Week No. 5 is Samoana High School’s unstoppable fullback, Atufili Misi, who has been an eye catching player since the opening of this season. Atufili has recorded numerous rushing yards this season, including TDs. It is his first MVP title. He continues to be one of Samoana’s most threatening key players, and the MVP title pays tribute to his talent.

Misi is selected co-MVP after leading the Sharks to defeating the Stallions in a unanimous game. Even though he didn’t record a single touchdown in their victory over the Stallions, Atufili played the backbone of the offense in this game, and recorded numerous first down situations, along with over a hundred rushing yards.


Co-Offensive MVP of the Week

Round No. 2 - Week #5

Name: Mikaele Nansen

School: Fagaitua High School

Position: Running back

Selected as the Co - Offensive Player of the Week for ASHSAA Week No. 5, Mikaele Nansen, the Senior running back out of Fagaitua High School led the Vikings to defeat the Crusaders, two weeks ago. Then, this past weekend, Nanse__n again delivered a great performance, recording three touchdowns and numerous rushing yards against the Stallions. This is Nansen’s first Player of the Week title this season, and it won’t be a surprised if he collects another one before the season closes with the way he’s been playing.


Defensive MVP of the Week

Round No. 2 - Week #6

Name: Fa’au Levi

School: Samoana High School

Position: Defensive end

Defensive Player of the Week for ASHSAA’s Week No. 6, was the Junior Defensive End out of Samoana High School Fa’au Levi, who lead the Sharks defensive unit against the Warriors this past weekend.

Although the Sharks lost to the Warriors, they lost by only one touchdown — which could be viewed as a loss to the Warriors —their offensive play was dismal.

Levi records his first Player of the Week title for the first time, after leading Samoana’s defensive unit in stopping most of Tafuna’s running game. Levi recorded a sack, 4 solo tackles for losses, and numerous amounts of assist that held Samoana to just a touchdown short from Tafuna. He will most likely be the Sharks most threatening weapon come his senior year.


Co-Offensive MVP of the Week

Round No. 2 - Week #6

Name: Lomitusi Ta’ala

School: Fagaitua High School

Position: back up quarterback

Lomitusi Ta’ala of Lomitusi Ta’ala of Fagaitua High School won MVP for ASHSAA’s Offensive Player in Week No. 5, Round 2. The Junior back up quarterback for the Vikings, really caught fans’ eyes this past weekend.

Ta’ala’s stunning efforts in their previous match up against the Stallions, as he came onto the field in the second quarter to play his first offensive series as a quarterback, saw his perform like a first string quarterback, as his passing game was very precise and on point. Ta’ala completed every pass he sent out to his receivers, as he too recorded a TD hand off, in the Stallions match.

He is the younger brother of former Vikings, Semika Ta’ala, who lead the Vikings to a 3 Peat Championship record, back in 2005. Semika is now back on island, and is helping out with the Vikings coaching staff, along with tutoring his little brother Lomitusi, as he is really turning out to be the next Semika for the Vikings.


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