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ASG: boH violated local law with interpleader request 2 ASG launches its Open Government Initiative today 3 ASHSAA HIGH SCHOOL FOOtbALL ACtION B1
In this undated photo provided by the National Park of American Samoa, Fagasa Elementary students participate in an in-class experiment about ocean acidification and climate change. The NPS is now accepting reservations for free rangerled programs throughout the school year. See inside story [photo: NPS] for details.
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talosaga Faipule i le ASPA taofi a latou si’itaga fou… 10
Daily CirCulation 7,000
WEdNESdAy, SEPtEMbER 26, 2012
A full House calls on ASPA to refrain from rate hikes, pass savings to customers…
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
Warden tries to solve the dog problem at TCF with his rifle
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Staff reporter
All 21 members of the House signed a resolution, approved Monday, calling on the American Samoa Power Authority to re-evaluate its existing rate structure, refrain from scheduled rate hikes and pass achieved cost savings on to customers. The resolution accuses ASPA of making empty promises of passing on savings to customers while presenting a budget hike in the millions of dollars. The resolution comes two weeks after ASPA chief executive officer Andra Samoa told the Fono joint budget committee that the authority is moving ahead with the next rate hike set for Oct. 1 this year. The increases affect monthly customer service charges, base water rate, ground water contamination abatement charges, plus solid waste collection fees. According to the House resolution, the new rate hike will impose additional financial burdens on both residential and commerce ASPA customers. It also states that ASPA’s 2009 rate plan, with its automatic increases, does not consider or provide for effects of potential economic events. Specifically, said the resolution, the plan: ➤ did not anticipate the impact on American Samoa of the 2008 global economic collapse; ➤ did not factor in the ripple effect of the loss of the territory’s second largest private employer (referring to COS Samoa Packing, who closed production in 2009); ➤ does not consider the expiration of several major federal financial programs which provided temporary relief; and ➤ does not factor in the reality of increases in basically all categories of the cost of living, while employee’s wages remain generally static. The House claims that the existing rate plan is singularly designed to increase revenues, or profit, for ASPA operational expenses, without consideration of the hardship placed on residential and commercial customers who ASPA is supposed to be serving. “...the result of such a plan is that customers must bear the burden of a utility bill which is disproportionate to their incomes and makes it extremely difficult, and, in many cases, impossible to meet other basic obligations of providing for their families, meeting cultural obligations, and continuing their business enterprises,” the resolution pointed out. It also states that ASPA continues to justify increases by stating to the public that its business plan and alternative energy programs will result in savings, which will be passed on to its customers but “ASPA has failed to deliver on these promises.” For example in 2009, ASPA “guaranteed” that its move to become a fuel supplier would result in savings which will benefit its customers — but to date, “the only result seen is a $30 million increase in ASPA’s budget, with zero benefit for customers.”
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Police Warden Lumana’i Maifea has responded to calls to Samoa News that he allegedly discharged a firearm, in the front gate of the Tafuna Correctional Facility and inside his office. Warden Maifea explained that he was trying to eliminate the problem of stray dogs inside the jail premises. “The stray dogs come into the jail and go through the rubbish and also dig up the plantation where the inmates work on a daily basis and it was just getting out of hand,” he said. Responding to Samoa News queries, Warden Maifea said this happened several weeks back, where he looked for a solution to stop the stray dog problem at the TCF and came up with the solution to eliminate the stray dogs by shooting them with his personal rifle. The Warden said he took his personal rifle to the TCF once and now the rifle is back at his residence. Samoa News asked if the rifle was registered and the Warden declined to respond to the question. He added that dogs are not allowed inside the jail, which is a policy of the Department of
Health, so he as the Warden had to act to eliminate the problem by shooting the stray dogs. Samoa News asked the Warden how many dogs were killed in the alleged shooting on the day in question and he responded, “Only one dog; the other stray dogs got away, and I don’t see anything wrong with what I was doing.” The warden said he shot the stray dogs in front of the TCF gate, not inside the TCF compound, because weapons are not allowed inside the TCF. The Warden also confirmed reports that the rifle allegedly went off inside his office, leaving a hole on the wall. Warden Maifea told Samoa News he was trying to clear the bullets from the rifle and suddenly the rifle went off, leaving a hole in the wall. “I was trying to clear the bullets from the rifle and next thing you know it went off, but no one was injured. The bullet hit the wall inside my office, not the main lobby where TCF officers are posted,” he said. Deputy Commissioner Leiseau Laumoli told Samoa News that he was not aware of any alleged open shooting outside the TCF by the Warden.
A white dog was seen here just inside the Territorial Correctional Facility fence around 2 p.m. yesterday. It wasn’t immediately clear if “man’s best friend” was a pet of one of the TCF officers or [photo: FS] inmates. Just across the street from the TCF were two other dogs roaming around.
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012
ASG insists BoH violated local law with interpleader request
by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News Correspondent
Mo lau susuga Patolo Mageo
E faia lenei fa’aaliga ma le ava tele e tatau ai, i lau susuga i le faifeau, Patolo Mageo. Ona ua a’e se manatu mo le talanoaina o le suafa, o le aiga sa Mageo, e fia talosaga atu ai i lau susuga, ina ia fa’amolemole faafeso’otai mai Mao Mageo Maaele Uele, i le telefoni 770-6708, mo le talanoaina muamua o ni mataupu taua. Ua faia ma le ava tele e tatau ai, Mao Mageo Maaele Uele
The American Samoa Government says the Bank of Hawai’i has no one to blame but itself for the current legal situation it is faced with: two conflicting orders — one by the federal court in Honolulu and the other by the High Court of American Samoa — over ASG funds the bank froze following a writ of execution per request by Marisco Limited. Both ASG and Honolulu-based Marisco, which provided services for the government, filed their responses Monday afternoon at the federal court in Honolulu in response to last week’s interpleader motion by the bank. BOH wants the more than $811, 000 of ASG funds it froze due to the ongoing legal battle between the two parties, deposited with the clerk of the federal court. ASG ARGUMENt ASG, through its Honolulu-based attorney Mark S. Hamilton with the law firm of Frame & Nakano, contends the interpleader failed on several fronts. The first is that the Aug. 23 federal court order for BoH to pay Marisco the $811,000 was appealed by ASG on Sept. 11 with the federal appeal court in San Francisco. ASG said the appeal questions whether the Honolulu federal court had jurisdiction over the funds on deposit with the American Samoa branch of BoH, and thus, whether it could legally issue the writ of execution order to garnish those funds. ASG argues that this case is now in the hands of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the lower court no longer has jurisdiction in this matter. ASG also dismissed claims by the bank that it was acting as a neutral stakeholder, arguing that BoH is “advocating the removal of the funds from the American Samoa branch of BoH to the Clerk of the Court, and subsequently, distribution to Marisco.” In addition, although the High Court of American Samoa clearly has jurisdiction, neither BoH nor Marisco availed itself of the jurisdiction and authority of the High Court to file their actions to seize and distribute the funds. “BoH did not file an interpleader in American Samoa. Marisco did not seek a writ of execution in American Samoa. BOH and Marisco are forum shopping,” said ASG. “...given the generally applicable rule barring federal injunctions of state court proceedings, the [federal] Court should defer to and not
interfere in parallel proceedings in American Samoa that pre-date the interpleader,” it said and added, “where a moving party has caused the controversy, an interpleader should not be granted.” ASG insisted that “BoH violated American Samoa law and waited for nearly three months before seeking a remedy. Its acts and/or omissions led to the conflicting court orders of which it complains. Thus, BoH caused its dilemma and BoH’s Motion should be denied.” MARISCO ARGUMENt According to Marisco, it “can empathize” with the bank’s “frustration” with ASG, who filed for injunctive relief in the High Court “in a flagrant disregard of its prior acceptance of this [federal] court’s jurisdiction.” Marisco said ASG Attorney General Fepuleai A. Ripley Jr., executed the Agreement to Arbitrate this matter with the Honolulu federal court. Additionally, ASG submitted to the federal court jurisdiction by agreeing to ‘sue and be sued’. Marisco also pointed out — in a footnote in the motion — that BoH had stated in its interpleader motion that Fepuleai is a member of the Hawai’i State Bar Association and therefore held to be conversant with jurisdiction and the Hawai’i Rules of Professional Conduct. Marisco said BoH should follow the federal court’s order last month to release the $811,000 frozen by the bank in ASG’s account. “Alternatively, Marisco will reluctantly agree to the BoH interpleader of the funds due to Marisco and request that the federal court include amounts for accrued interest and for post judgement attorneys’ fees and costs,” according to the motion. Marisco agrees with BoH that the Honolulu federal court “retains continuing jurisdiction in order to maintain a status quo between the parties.” Marisco disagrees with ASG’s argument that the matter is now in the hands of the appeals court. “It is well settled that following a Notice of Appeal, the [federal] District Court retains jurisdiction ‘to preserve the integrity of this court’s judgements in general, and specifically to protect the court’s final judgement’...,” Marisco argued. According to Marisco, the bank is not seeking to alter the status of the case on appeal but merely to preserve the status quo. The hearing on BoH’s interpleader motion is set for tomorrow morning in Honolulu.
ASG launches its Open Government Initiative today…
by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News Correspondent
samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Page 3
Memorial Service
There will be a Memorial Service for the 34 Tsunami Victim’s Immediate Family members this Saturday, September 29, 2012, at the Tsunami Memorial Picnic Shelter south of the tennis courts. The program will begin at 11:30 am. This is the third year anniversary of this tragic event. Please come and join the program in remembrance of your lost family member.
This is being brought to you by the Rotary Club of Pago Pago along with Hawaiian Airlines.
The American Samoa Government is launching today the “Open Government Initiative” (OGI) overseen by the Department of Information Technology, whose director Easter Bruce is also the territory’s chief information officer. In a Sept. 24 memorandum to government agencies about the OGI, Gov. Togiola Tulafono said the electronic age and the Internet has provided a medium to access government information through websites, portals and electronic document repositories. He said a few executive branch agencies are providing their services and programs online today. “Under the guise of OGI, government information must be accessible, available and reliable when accessed from the Internet,” he pointed out. “Further, accesses must be approved and controlled to protect government information from negligence [innocent misrepresentation], malicious intent to deceive [fraud], and cyber threats.” Since the appointment of the chief information officer to oversee the IT department, Togiola said this department has been charged with developing solutions to protect, safeguard and secure all government information in the executive branch, regardless of the agency. The governor said today’s event will kick off the IT department’s role with developing an information security framework to help agencies protect and secure their information before effectively implementing a culture of an open and transparent government. “The launching of this initiative is to promote the main principles of OGI: transparency, participation and collaboration,” the Togiola said. He noted that many agencies are exercising some form of OGI through current mediums today, such as the ASG weekly newsletter from the governor’s office called Tapuitea (which will also be officially relaunched today). In closing the governor encouraged departments’ attendance and participation in this event as the IT department “collects and gathers requirements for inclusion into their transition report to be presented to the new administration transitioning this critical initiative into a government-wide plan and policy.” The IT department was established last year by executive order and the bill to create this department by law remains pending in both the Senate and House — which has already held at least two hearings on the proposal. It remains to be seen if lawmakers will take any final action on the bill as the current Legislature officially ends next week Wednesday. Of note, the governor had twice submitted the annual budget for ASG with the IT department as a stand alone agency, and twice the Fono placed it under the Governor’s Office annual budget.
by Samoa News staff
REPEAL dEAtH PENALty HEARING IN HOUSE Attorney General Fepuleai A. Ripley Jr. will be among three witnesses to testify this morning before the House Judiciary Committee on the Togiola Administration’s proposal to repeal the current death penalty statute. Two other witnesses who were asked to testify are Public Defender Ruth Risch-Fuatagavi and the American Samoa Bar Association president. The administration bill was introduced last Friday in both the Senate and House. By removing the death penalty, the only penalty proposed under a conviction of murder in the first degree is that the person will be sentenced to imprisonment for life and is not eligible for probation or parole until he has served a minimum of 40 years of the sentence. Gov. Togiola Tulafono has said that the death penalty in American Samoa has “not become a deterrent to heinous crime or a punishment at all.” Instead, he said, it has become “‘tough talk’ and merely an empty threat.”
NEW COURt JUdGEMENt tO bE PAId An appropriation bill to pay a new High Court judgement was introduced Monday in both the Senate and House. Funding source for the $95,000 judgement comes from the Claims and Damages Account, overseen by the Attorney General’s Office. In his submission letter to the Fono that included the proposed judgement bill, the governor said the settlement agreement in this case “contains a confidentiality provision and as such the Office of the Attorney General will best be able to answer any inquiries or concerns” that the Fono may have. This appropriation is for full payment of the settlement reached by the parties in High Court in the case against ASG by a Saneterini and Lagimaina Amosa, over the death of their son following a surgery at LBJ Medical Center in 2007. All suits against LBJ are handled by the Attorney General’s Office and therefore any court judgement against the government is paid for by ASG.
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This ad was paid for by the committee to elect Lolo & Lemanu for Governor and Lt. Governor
(PRESS RELEASE) — PAGO PAGO, American Samoa — The National Park of American Samoa is now accepting reservations for free ranger-led programs throughout the school year. The national park provides an outstanding outdoor classroom that can support and enhance teacher’s learning objectives in the classroom. The education staff at the national park conducts programs that use this remarkable landscape as a tool to teach a variety of disciplines that meet the territory’s education standards. In-class and field trip activities encourage students to explore, experience, and engage in the learning process. Immersing students within the national park provides them with real-world examples of what they learn in the classroom. Field trips take place along trails in the national park as well as historic sites— inspirational backdrops for learning. “We encourage teachers to partner with us to create programs that are tailored to their curriculum,” said Chief of Interpretation and Education Michael Larson. “There is no limit to the number of times we’ll visit classrooms or lead field trips to present programs—all free of charge to local schools.” A small sampling of the current program topics include coral reefs, rainforest, wildlife, and the Samoan culture. During the 2011/2012 school year, the national park reached over 5,000 youth in the public and private schools on Tutuila, Ta’u, Ofu, Olosega, and ‘Aunu’u islands. For more details about the national park’s education programs, visit www.nps.gov/npsa/forteachers. To schedule a program, please contact the national park education staff at 633-7082, extension 22.
Free Ranger-led programs offered to schools by NPS
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012
SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A human finger found inside a fish at Idaho’s Priest Lake has been traced to a wakeboarder who lost four fingers in an accident more than two months earlier. Fisherman Nolan Calvin found the finger while he was cleaning the trout he caught Sept. 11. He put it on ice and called the Bonner County, Idaho, sheriff’s office, the SpokesmanReview newspaper reported. Detectives were able to get a fingerprint off the severed digit. They matched it to a fingerprint card for Haans Galassi, 31, of Colbert, Wash., and called him Tuesday morning. Investigators learned that Galassi lost four fingers from his left hand in a June 21 accident on the same lake where the fish was caught. “The sheriff called me and told me he had a strange story to tell me,” Galassi said Tuesday. “He said that a fisherman was out on Priest Lake, and I pretty much knew exactly what he was going to say at that point. “I was like: Let me guess, they found my fingers in a fish.” The fish was caught about eight miles from where Galassi had lost his fingers, the sheriff’s office said. Galassi had been on a camping trip at the scenic lake when he decided to go wakeboarding. He told the newspaper his hand got caught in a loop in the towline, and he couldn’t pull it out before the line tightened behind the boat that was going to pull him. When he finally broke free, he didn’t feel much pain. But then he looked at his hand. “I pulled my hand out of the water and it had pretty much lopped off all four fingers,” he said. “It was a lot of flesh and bone, not a lot of blood.” He was taken by helicopter to a Spokane hospital. Galassi has been undergoing therapy twice a week for his injured hand. He still has half of his index and pointer fingers on that hand. “I can still grip things and grab and hold the steering wheel with it,” Galassi said. The sheriff’s office offered to return the finger, but Galassi declined. “I’m like, ‘uhhh, I’m good,’” he said. Detective Sgt. Gary Johnston of the sheriff’s office said the agency will keep the digit for a few weeks in case Galassi changes his mind. “There’s still three more, too,” Johnston said. “It’s hard to say where those are going to end up.”
Human finger in ID trout belongs to wakeboarder
NEW YORK (AP) — In a split-screen race for the presidency, Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama were on their best campaign behavior in public Tuesday, all the while slashing away at each other in paid television ads. In separate appearances in New York, they swapped criticism on foreign policy. But they did it politely, without mentioning each other by name. Romney found fault with Obama’s approach to education, but did so after paying a public compliment to Arne Duncan, who has the administration’s Cabinet portfolio for the subject. There was an outbreak of self-deprecating humor from Romney, as well, as he received a glowing introduction from former President Bill Clinton before speaking to the annual Clinton Global Initiative. “If there’s one thing we’ve learned this election season, it’s that a few words from Bill Clinton can do any man a lot of good,” joked the Republican candidate for the White House, referring to the former’ president’s strong speech on Obama’s behalf at the Democratic National Convention earlier this month. “All I got to do now is wait a few days for that bounce to happen,” Romney quipped. Joking or not, it was as close as the Republican challenger has come to publicly acknowledging recent polls showing Obama moving ahead in several battleground states and gaining ground in national surveys. Cut to the television ads, and the political reality both campaigns are trying to create for voters in battleground states. Of the five commercials the Obama campaign says it is airing most frequently, one accuses Romney and running mate Paul Ryan of backing a plan for Medicare that would raise out-of-pocket costs for seniors. Another says the Republican challenger favors tax cuts for millionaires that could be paid for by reducing existing tax breaks for education expenses. A third says Obama, not Romney, has pushed back against China’s unfair trade policies. A fourth asserts that part of Romney’s personal fortune is invested in China and says he’s never stood up to the country. “All he’s done is send them our jobs,” it says. The Romney campaign listed six ads currently airing, four of which criticize Obama. “Dear Daughter. Welcome to America,” says the announcer in a commercial that shows a young baby. “Your share of Obama’s debt is over $50,000.” Two spots feature coal miners accusing the administration of pursuing policies that go after their industry. “Obama said he was going to bankrupt any new power plants that opened up ... He’s keeping his promise,” says a miner shown in one. “I’ve got two young grandsons. I’m scared for their futures, let alone mine.” A fourth accuses Obama of failing to “stand up to China” and asserts, “His policies cost us 2 million jobs.” In the world not made up of television commercials, one report released during the day showed consumer confidence climbing to the highest level since February. A second report said home prices increased in July as sales rose and foreclosures fell. Taken together, that amounted to encouraging news for the president, given that the slowgrowing economy and 8.1 percent national unemployment are the public’s top issues in the race for the White House. Whatever the economic news itself, voters increasingly say the country is heading in the right direction. In an Associated Press-GfK poll taken at mid-month, 48 percent of registered voters said they expect the economy to improve in the next 12 months, compared to only 41 percent who said so in a survey in August. Additionally, 41 percent of registered voters said in this month’s poll that the nation is heading in the right direction, up from 34 percent saying the same in August. Obama’s handling of the economy, still tepid, is better than it has been. The latest AP-GfK poll finds 48 percent of registered voters approve of the president’s handling of the economy, while 49 percent disapprove. In June, 56 percent disapproved and 43 percent approved. Romney spoke first during the day, speaking to Clinton’s organization.
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Presidential campaign is nice, and then again not
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown rode to Google headquarters in a self-driving Toyota Prius before signing legislation Tuesday that will pave the way for driverless cars in California. The bill by Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla will establish safety and performance regulations to test and operate autonomous vehicles on state roads and highways. “Today we’re looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow’s reality — the self-driving car,” Brown said. “Anyone who gets inside a car and finds out the car is driving will be a little skittish, but they’ll get over it.” Google Inc. has been developing autonomous car technology and lobbying for the regulations. The company’s fleet of a dozen computer-controlled vehicles has logged more than 300,000 miles of self-driving without an accident, according to Google. “I think the selfdriving car can really dramatically improve the quality of life for everyone,” Google cofounder Sergey Brin said. Autonomous cars can make roads safer, free commuters from the drudgery of driving, reduce congestion and provide transport to people who can’t drive themselves, such as the blind, disabled, elderly and intoxicated, Brin said. “I expect that self-driving cars will be far safer than human-driven cars,” Brin said. Brin predicted that autonomous vehicles will be commercially available within a decade. He said Google has no plans to produce its own cars, but instead plans to partner with the automobile industry to develop autonomous vehicles. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers expressed concern that California is moving too quickly to embrace selfdriving cars and needs to first sort out liability issues. “Unfortunately this legislation lacks any provision protecting an automaker whose car is converted to an autonomous operation vehicle without the consent or even knowledge of that auto manufacturer,” the trade group said in a statement. Autonomous cars use computers, sensors and other technology to operate independently, but a human driver can override the autopilot function and take control of the vehicle at any time. With smartphone-wielding drivers more distracted than ever, backers say robotic vehicles have the potential to significantly reduce collisions and traffic fatalities, noting that nearly all car accidents are a result of human error. The legislation requires the California Department of Motor Vehicles to draft regulations for autonomous vehicles by Jan. 1, 2015. Currently, state law doesn’t mention self-driving cars because the technology is so new.
California governor signs new “driverless cars” bill
The regulations would allow vehicles to operate autonomously, but a licensed driver would still need to sit behind the wheel to serve as a backup operator in case of emergency. The legislation also is aimed at keeping California at the forefront of the autonomous car industry since Stanford University and Silicon Valley companies have been working on the technology for years. In February, Nevada became the first U.S. state to approve regulations spelling out requirements for companies to test driverless cars on that state’s roads. Carmakers such as Audi AG, BMW AG, Ford Motor Co. and Volvo have been working on autonomous car technology for years. In recent years, automakers also have been introducing autonomous functions such as self-parking, lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise-control,
samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Page 5
Village of Vaitogi Tutuila American Samoa
which allows vehicles to automatically accelerate and decelerate with the flow of traffic. Outside a cafe in Mountain View, customers said they looked forward to a day when their cars could drive themselves, as long as they could do it safely. “It would make our streets safer,” said Barrett Howard, 33, an auto technician. “We wouldn’t have to worry about people texting or getting sidetracked. The computer will take over, and it will make life easier.” Abraham Eshel, a retired mechanical engineer who has vision problems, said selfdriving cars would make his life easier, too. “If I could tell my car, ‘OK, you take over when it’s dark,’ and I don’t have to worry about it, that would be fantastic,” said Eshel, who lives in nearby Los Altos. “It’s a good idea. Why not make progress if it’s possible?”
Reasonable Rates for Federal and Military per diem Daily / Week / Monthly Room Lodging
Please inquire at 684-699-3131 or reservations@turtleandshark.com
American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Tel: (684) 633-5155 FAX: (684) 6334195
September 13, 2012
The business community is hereby reminded that all 2012 business licenses will expired on December 31, 2012. The renewal period starts on October 1, 2012 for all existing businesses in the Territory. Any business that fails to renew its license by January 30, 2013 is required to cease all business operations or will be subject to prosecution pursuant to Section 27.0211(b) of the American Samoa Code Annotated. Furthermore, the business community is hereby reminded that it is illegal to relocate or transfer your business to a new location without obtaining a new business license for the new location. Pursuant to ASCA §27.0212 and ASCA §27.0213 that every (business) license issued…is personal and shall be issued to the person or persons making the application therefore, and may not in any circumstances be transferred to any other person….Any license conditioned upon the fulfillment of any qualification or prerequisites pertaining to the premises wherein the licensee conducts his business, trade, or profession may not be transferred to another location. In addition, when one person operates or conducts businesses in 2 or more locations in American Samoa, the person is required to obtain a license for each location. The public is hereby informed that the Department of Commerce will be conducting regular on-site inspections of all businesses for CY 2013business licenses. Business owners are advised to post their 2013business license certificate(s) in a conspicuous place on the premises. In the event that the Revenue Office has not yet issued a business license certificate, business owners are asked to present their receipt as proof of payment. Department of Commerce (DOC) officials are authorized to enter any building or premises for the purpose of conducting an inspection with respect to business activities. Interference with DOC officials in the performance of these duties can result in arrest or prosecution. For further information regarding this notice, contact the Economic Development Division of the Department of Commerce at 633-5155. Thank you for your cooperation.
Lelei Peau Acting Director
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012
President Barack Obama steps to the microphone after being introduced by former President Bill Clinton, Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012, at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.
(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Project Notification & Review System
PNRS BOARD MEETING October 3, 2012
Notice is hereby given that the Department of Commerce/American Samoa Coastal Management Program has received a Land Use Permit Application from the following individuals. 1. ASPA c/- Lomitusi Tyrell 12-1455-L Federal Consistency Certification; extension and excavation for underground utilities Faganeanea 2. DMWR C/- Ray Tulafono 12-1371-L Federal Consistency Certification; new construction and repair old floating dock Fagatogo 3. Development Bank of American Samoa c/- Jason M. Betham 12-1464-L Federal Consistency Certification; extension and excavation for underground utilities PagoP ago 4. SonnyT ui 12-1460-LVB Proposal for installation of utilities (electric and water) - Pago Pago 5. La’inei Leatio’o 12-1360-L Proposal for construction of a new residential with utilities and sewer line - Nu’uuli 6. JosephI oane 12-1435-L Proposal for excavation, retaining wall, filling and utilities (water meter) - Avau 7. Tautolitua Ho Ching 12-1448-LVB Proposal for clearing, extension, and utilities - Atu’u 8. Hedy Dadfar 12-1453-LVB Proposal for new construction with utilities and sewer line - Tafuna 9. Levu Solaita & Papali’i Afoa 12-1461-LVB Proposal for clearing and new construction with utilities - Tafuna 10. G.H.C. Reid c/- Archie Soli’ai 12-1457-LVB Renewal of land use permit #09-0614-LVB (new warehouse) - Tafuna
Legal Notice
WASHINGTON (AP) — Airline passengers can expect fewer carriers to choose from, fewer flights to smaller cities and more baggage and other fees as the industry continues to grapple with high fuel prices and a weak economy, according to a government report released Tuesday. The airline industry is still in transition after a tumultuous decade in which bankruptcies and mergers cut the number of airlines accounting for the bulk of domestic flights in half, to just five: American, Delta, Southwest, United and US Airways, the report by the Department of Transportation’s inspector general said. If US Airways and American — which are in merger discussions — were to combine, that would drop to four. There are dozens of other airlines in the U.S., but collectively those smaller carriers account for less than 15 percent of total passenger traffic. Twelve years ago, there were ten major U.S. airlines accounting for 90 percent of domestic flights. But high fuel prices, the 2008 recession and a slow economic recovery have taken a toll, the report said. In 2000, fuel costs were just 10 percent of airline operating expenses. Fuel costs peaked at 40 percent of expenses in 2008, outdistancing payroll as the airlines’ biggest expense. Last year, fuel accounted for 35 percent of expenses. Less competition has enabled airlines to try to offset higher costs by eliminating less profitable flights to smaller cities, the report said. Airlines cut the number of scheduled domestic flights by 14 percent between June 2007 and June 2012, the report said. As a result, flights have fewer empty seats and airlines have been able to increase fares, especially on short-haul flights. Last year, the industry attempted 22 fare increases, of which 11 were successful, the report said. Airfare increases are considered successful if competitors also adopt an increase. If there’s not widespread matching by other airlines, the result is usually a withdrawal of the original increase. So far this year airlines have attempted eight fare increases, four of which have been successful, the report said. Since 2008, airlines have also supplemented their fares by charging a wide range of fees for services that in most cases used to be free. Baggage fees alone contributed $2.7 billion in added revenue to airlines last year. Besides fees for checked bags, at least two airlines — Allegiant and Spirit — now charge passengers for carry-on bags. As a result of these trends, the industry in general has become profitable again after years of red ink. And having fewer flights has resulted in a drop in flight delays and cancellations. “The good news is that the (carrier) consolidation and ancillary fee revenue stream have stabilized the airline industry,” said Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition, which represents corporate travel managers. “The bad news is airlines can disregard consumers’ interests much more easily when there are fewer carriers.” John Heimlich, vice president and chief economist for Airlines for America, a trade association representing major airlines, said one reason airlines have cut back on flights is that more passengers traveling less than 700 miles are choosing other forms of transportation such as cut-rate intercity buses and Amtrak’s higher-speed Acela trains in the Northeast. He said some people would also rather drive than hassle with security checks in the post-9/11 world. “Airlines have been more cautious about avoiding a glut of seats in the marketplace relative to the demand, and such caution has helped the industry get back on more solid financial footing,” Heimlich said.
Report: More fees & less choice for airline travelers
1. SonnyT ui SWO-0009 Violation of conditions of Lup#12-1403-L (Deviating from the approve permit) - Pago Pago Persons interested in or affected by a proposed project, are invited to review the project file and provide comments based on environmental issues, by contacting Marvis Vaiaga’e at 633-5155, at the Department of Commerce in Utulei during regular ASG hours. Public comments must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 02, 2012. Interested individuals are also invited to attend a Public Hearing at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday Oct. 03, 2012 at DOC Conference Room, on the 2nd Floor of the Executive Office Building in Utulei. O lo’o iai i le Ofisa o Fefa’atauaiga ni talosaga mo Pemita e Fa’atagaina ai le Fa’aaogaina o Fanua ma Laueleele e tusa ma ala o le Tulafono. A i ai se tasi e Fa’asea pe fia tusia se molimau i ni Afaina o le Si’osi’omaga pe a galueaina nei Galuega, telefoni mai Marvis Vaiaga’e i le 633-5155. E mafai fo’i ona e auai i le Fono a le Komiti Fa’afoe ia Oketopa0 3, 2012, i le itula e 9 i le taeao.
Gunman shoots four people in car, 1 dies
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man is dead and three other people are wounded after a gunman opened fire on their car in a Los Angeles suburb. Police say the four victims were in a gold Lexus that had pulled over to the curb in Northridge early Tuesday when a man walked up and began shooting. KTTV-TV says a man in the car has died and three others are hospitalized in critical condition. The car was peppered with bullets and stray bullets shattered the windows of a nearby home. There are no other details.
AP Interview: Ahmadinejad ASIAN pushes “new world order” MASSAGE CENTER
Facial SPA
NEW YORK (AP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday that a new world order needs to emerge, away from years of what he called American bullying and domination. Ahmadinejad spoke to The Associated Press in a wideranging interview on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly — his last as president of Iran. He was to address the assembly Wednesday morning. The Iranian leader also discussed solutions for the Syrian civil war, dismissed the question of Iran’s nuclear ambition and claimed that despite Western sanctions his country is better off than it was when he took office in 2005. “God willing, a new order will come together and we’ll do away with everything that distances us,” Ahmadinejad said, speaking through a translator. “I do believe the system of empires has reached the end of the road. The world can no longer see an emperor commanding it.” “Now even elementary school kids throughout the world have understood that the United States government is following an international policy of bullying,” he said. President Barack Obama warned Iran earlier Tuesday that time is running out to resolve the dispute over its nuclear program. In a speech to the General Assembly, Obama said the United States could not tolerate an Iran with atomic weapons. Ahmadinejad would not respond directly to the president’s remarks, saying he did not want to influence the U.S. presidential election in November. But he argued that the international outcry over Iran’s nuclear enrichment program was just an excuse by the West to dominate his country. He claimed that the United States has never accepted Iran’s choice of government after the 1979 Islamic revolution. “Everyone is aware the nuclear issue is the imposition of the will of the United States,” he said. “I see the nuclear issue as a non-issue. It has become a form of one-upmanship.” Ahmadinejad said he favored more dialogue, even though negotiations with world powers remain stalled after three rounds of high-level meetings since April. He said some world leaders have suggested to him that Iran would be better off holding nuclear talks only with the United States. “Of course I am not dismissing such talks,” he said, asked if he were open to discussions with the winner of the American presidential election. Israeli leaders, however, are still openly contemplating military action again Iranian nuclear facilities, dismissing diplomacy as a dead end. Israel and many in the West suspect “Today’s conditions in Iran are completely different to where they were seven years ago in the economy, in technical achievement, in scientific knowhow,” Ahmadinejad said. “All of these achievements, though, have been reached under conditions in which we were brought under heavy sanctions.” Iran has called for the U.S. and its European allies to ease the sanctions that have hit its critical oil exports and left it blackballed from key international banking networks. Ahmadinejad said he had no knowledge of the whereabouts of Robert Levinson, a private investigator and former FBI agent who vanished in Iran five years ago. He said he directed Iranian intelligence services two years ago to work with their counterparts in the U.S. to locate him. “And if any help there is that I can bring to bear, I would be happy to do so.” He also claimed never to have heard of Amir Hekmati, a former U.S. Marine who is imprisoned on espionage charges in Iran. Hekmati was arrested while visiting his grandmother in Iran in August 2011, and his family has been using Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York to plead for his release.
samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Page 7
• Shiatsu
Phone no: 699-4936
• Reflexology
• Oil Massage
Build your future in the Build your future in the Business of Wellness Business of Wellness
Location: Beside Brenda’s Photoshop in Nuuuli Business Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
that Iran is seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, and cite its failure to cooperate fully with nuclear inspectors. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. Ahmadinejad also proposed forming a new group of 10 or 11 countries to work to end the 18-month Syrian civil war. Representatives of the nations in the Middle East and elsewhere would meet in New York “very soon,” he said. Critics have accused Tehran of giving support to Syrian President Bashar Assad in carrying out massacres and other human rights violations in an attempt to crush the uprising against his rule. Activists say nearly 30,000 people have died. He said the so-called contact group hopes to get the Syrian government and opposition to sit across from each other. “I will do everything in my power to create stability, peace and understanding in Syria,” Ahmadinejad said. Earlier this month, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi announced the formation of a four-member contact group with Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. But Saudi Arabia so far has not participated. He denied Iranian involvement in plotting attacks on Israelis abroad, despite arrests and accusations by police in various countries. He also vehemently disputed the U.S. claim that Iranian agents played a role in a foiled plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States last year. Ahmadinejad will leave office next June after serving two four-year terms. He threw out numbers and statistics during the interview to show that Iran’s economy and the lives of average Iranians have improved under his watch. Since his 2005 election, he claimed, Iran went from being the world’s 22nd-largest economy to the 17th-largest; non-petroleum related exports increased sevenfold; and the basic production of goods has doubled. Median income increased by $4,000, he said.
TO Members of the TAUFETE’E Family and to all whom these present may come! NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that FUAMOLI TAUFETEE AH MU of NUUULI has offered for recording in this office an instrument in writing which seeks to separate a certain structure which is or to be erected, on land FALETEINE allegedly belonging to TAUFETE’E FAMILY of the village of NUUULI. Said land FALETEINE is situated in or near the village of NUUULI in the County of ITUAU, Island of TUTUILA, American Samoa. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that any interested person may object to the recording of such instrument by filing in the Territorial Registar’s Office in Fagatogo, a written objection to the recording of said instrument. Any objections thereto must be filed with in 30 days from the date of posting of this notice. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that if no such objections are filed within the said 30 day period, the instrument will be recorded and shall be valid and binding on all persons. The said instrument may be examined at any time at the Territorial Registrar’s Office. POSTED: AUGUST 29, 2012 thru SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 SIGNED: TAITO S.B. White, Territorial Registrar I tagata o le aiga sa TAUFETE’E, ma i latou uma e silasila ma lauiloaina lenei fa’aaliga! O le fa’aaliga lenei ona o FUAMOLI TAUFETEE AH MU o le nu’u o NUUULI ua ia fa’aulufaleina mai i lenei ofisa se feagaiga tusitusi e fa’ailoa ai se mana’oga fia tu’u’eseina o se fale ua/po o le a, fa’atuina i luga o le fanua o FALETEINE e fa’asino i le aiga sa TAUFETE’E, o le nu’u o NUUULI . O lenei fanua e totonu pe latalata ane i le nu’u o NUUULI, itumalo o ITUAU, ile motu o TUTUILA, Amerika Samoa. O le fa’aaliga fo’i e fa’apea, so o se tasi e iai sona aia i lenei mata’upu e mafai ona fa’atu’i’iese ile fa’amauina o lenei feagaiga pe a auina mai i le ofisa ole Resitara o le Teritori of Amerika Samoa i Fagatogo, sana fa’atu’ese tusitusia. O fa’atu’iesega uma lava e ao ona fa’aulufaleina mai i totonu o aso e 30 faitauina mai i le aso na faíaalia ai lenei fa’aaliga. Afai ole a leai se fa’atu’i’esega e fa’aulufaleina i totonu o aso 30 e pei ona ta’ua i luga, o le a fa’amauina loa lenei feagaiga e taualoaina ma ‘a’afia ai tagata uma. 09/12 & 09/26/12
The Boys & Girls Clubs of American Samoa will hold a “PARENT MEETING” on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. BGCAS Clubhouse, Tafuna. All club member parents are encouraged to attend this very important meeting. Please call 699-2222 for more information. Management & Staff
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Ten-year old Adele Anhalt inspects the mouth of a model of a dinosaur in the exhibition ‘World of Dinosaurs’ in Hohenfelden near Erfurt, central Germany, Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012. From Sept. 15 up to the Nov. 4, 2012 the exhibition shows 65 models of 56 species of dinosaurs reproduced under scientific instructions in natural size. Among them are stegosaurs, diplodocus, triceratops, archaeopteryx, tyrannosaur, and other (AP Photo/Jens Meyer) representatives of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Indonesia is circulating among Southeast Asian nations a draft code of conduct for the South China Sea, hoping for progress before a regional summit in November, its foreign minister said Tuesday. Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa has been trying to patch up differences among Association of Southeast Asian Nations members on how to manage the maritime territorial disputes that pit China against several of its neighbors in a region where sea lanes are crucial to world trade, rich fishing grounds and potentially major reserves of natural gas and oil. He said that the situation in the region — also rattled by a separate island dispute between China and Japan — is very troubling, but countries including China appreciate they have much to lose from conflict.
Indonesia seeking rules of road for S China Sea
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“There’s a recognition that the countries of the region have prospered and have developed precisely because there’s been very benign, stable conditions,” Natalegawa told The Associated Press on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly’s annual gathering of world leaders. “This is something we don’t want to be tinkering with. It could become like a Pandora’s box.” China claims most of the South China Sea. In July it upped the ante in its sharp disagreements with the Philippines and Vietnam over who owns what by establishing a military garrison, which Beijing claims will administer a vast area of sea and tiny islands scattered across it. Beijing wants to settle conflicting claims with individual nations rather than through a multilateral mechanism that will give the smaller members greater clout in negotiations. Natelagawa, who met with his Chinese counterpart Tuesday, said there had been some adjustment in China’s position. He said China recognizes “as much as anyone else” the need for diplomatic progress, including implementing a declaration of conduct — the nonbinding agreement that Beijing signed up to with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, in 2002. The code of conduct on peacefully resolving the South China Sea sovereignty disputes is intended as the mechanism for putting that declaration into practice. “What we are looking for is a basic rules-of-the-road type of arrangement for the South China Sea,” said Natelagawa, “so that countries behave in a manner that is expected of them in maintaining stability.” In his speech to the General Assembly on Tuesday, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the disputes had been festering for the better part of a century and ASEAN was engaged in “earnest negotiations” for a legally binding code of conduct. Natelagawa said “we will begin to test the waters” on the draft code in consultations with Southeast Asian governments this week in New York, hoping for progress before a summit of East Asian leaders to be held in Cambodia in November. He said that was needed so the disputes don’t run “out of control.” Indonesia, by far the largest of ASEAN’s 10 member states, is not itself a claimant in the South China Sea, although as a sprawling island nation it has a major stake in the region’s stability. In recent years, Jakarta has assumed a more prominent leadership role within the grouping, and remains on good terms with both the U.S. and China, which are increasingly at odds over how to handle the South China Sea disputes.
BUNNELL, Fla. (AP) — A man was intoxicated while riding his horse as he led police on a half-hour chase through a northeast Florida town, authorities said Tuesday. Charles Larkin Cowart, 29, was arrested Monday afternoon in the city of Bunnell, about 60 miles south of Jacksonville. A police officer was responding to a report of “an intoxicated male riding a horse” when he turned on his emergency lights to stop traffic as Cowart crossed the street, according to the charging affidavit. Cowart said he was on his way to his grandmother’s house in nearby Flagler Beach, but refused officers’ order to dismount and “in an aggressive manner reared the horse back” and took off running. Officers did not immediately chase after him, the report said, citing the public and the horse’s safety. Cowart continued to ride through town, “causing a crowd of people to come out of their homes” and a train to slow down as Cowart crossed over a set of railroad tracks. Police kept their emergency lights on, but did not use their sirens to prevent the horse from being frightened and “potentially making the situation worse.” Cowart ignored several verbal commands to get off the horse, which after more half an hour, became exhausted. Cowart eventually jumped off and took off running. He was captured a short time later. The horse returned to Cowart’s family and is doing fine, police said. Cowart was booked into the Flagler County Jail on charges that included disorderly conduct, resisting arrest without violence and cruelty to animals. He was being held Tuesday on $7,000 bond. A message was left Tuesday at a phone listing for Cowart in Bunnell, about 60 miles south of Jacksonville. It was not immediately known if he has an attorney. Cowart was arrested for petit theft on Sept. 9 and on a DUI charge in October 2010. The disposition of those charges wasn’t immediately known.
Cops claim drunken man riding his horse arrested after chase
samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Page 9
Fa’amuamua Tagata
People First
Ua o tatou lalata nei i le se’ui o le fa’amoemoe, ua toe o le masina ma nai aso ona tatou taunu’u lea. Atonu fo’i ua sitai ma lau fa’afofoga’aga le fa’amalaulau atu e sui tauva o fa’afitauli i totonu o lo tatou Malo ma alafua o le a fa’aaogaina e fofo ai nei fa’aletonu. Ua outou silafia ma o tatou iloa o le galuega o le Kovana ma le Lutena kovana e le o ni galuega faigofie, ae peita’i, e tatou te talitonu o le soifua galulue o Lolo ma Lemanu i totonu o le Malo, fa’atasi ma le tomai o Lolo i le fai-pisinisi, Lemanu i totonu o le militeri a tu’u fa’atasia uma nei agava’a, ua tatau ona tatou talitonu, ua i o la ‘a’ao a’upega e ta’ita’i ai lo ta atunu’u. Omai, tatou opogi Lolo ma Lemanu –FA’AMUAMUA TAGATA.
We are in the last month of campaigning and you are probably becoming exhausted with all the messages from the candidates. Everyone has a message of what problems the government has, what’s important to them as leaders, and where or how we can resolve all our concerns. Lemanu and I know the job ahead of is not easy. However, we believe that with our experience in government, our experience in the private sector, and with Lemanu’s experience in the military, American Samoa will be in good hands. We pledge to renew our commitment to the future, with new and effective leadership. We invite you to join us and take a stand for a better tomorrow - together, we can make a difference. PEOPLE FIRST!
This ad was paid for by the committee to elect Lolo & Lemanu for Governor and Lt. Governor
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012
talosaga Faipule i le ASPA taofi a latou si’itaga fou
tusia Ausage Fausia
O se va’aiga i le vasega o tama’ita’i mai le St Theresa ua tatala le latou Vaiaso mo le Coastweek i le asiasiga i le Tauese Sunia Marine Center ina ia mafai ona tusia ata mo le latou tauvaga, lea [ata: Leua Aiono Frost] e lauina togi i le aso i le Matafaga i Utulei.
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
FA’AI’u ‘COAStweek’ I Se tu’uGA FAutASI
O totonu o se iugafono malilie faatasi, o lo o tauala atu ai se talosaga a le Maota o Sui mo le Faalapotopotoga o le Eletise ma le Suavai (ASPA) ina ia tafi a latou siitaga fou ua fuafua mo le amataga o le masina fou, faapea le toe iloilo o auala o lo o faatulaga ai totogi o a latou tautua i le taimi nei, ma ia tuuina atu i le atunuu O le iugafono malilie faatasi a le maota o sui, o lo o sainia uma ai suafa o alii faipule e to’a 21 na pasia i le Aso Gafua na te’a nei, ma ua faamoemoe e tuuina atu i le Senate mo sa latou faaiuga. Fai mai faipule, o le fuafuaga fou i totogi o lo o faaaoga e le ASPA, e le gata e lei iloiloina ai ni aafiaga o le tamaoaiga mo le lumana’i, e lei iloiloina ai le pa’u maualalo o le tamaoaiga o le lalolagi i le 2008, e lei iloiloina ai le faafitauli ina ua tapunia le isi kamupani i’a i le atunuu, e lei iloiloina ai foi faafitauli ogaoga o lo o tulai mai pea i le taimi nei, o le siitia maualuga lea o le tau o le soifuaga ae o loo tumau pea totogi o tagata i tulaga maualalo o loo i ai. “O fuafuaga mo totogi o tautua a le ASPA, sa faia mo le manaoga e tasi, ia siitia ai ana tupe faasili, ma ia mafai ai ona faatupe ana tautua o lo o faia, e aunoa ma le iloiloina lea o le pagatia o le a tuuina atu i tagata o le atunuu faapea ai pisinisi o loo totogi pili uma i le ASPA,” o se vaega lea o le iugafono a faipule. “O le faaiuga la o le a oo i ai, o le a faaopoopo ai le avega i tagata totogi pili, ma tulai mai ai loa faafitauli i tupe maua a tagata ma le mafai ai loa ona faamalie isi manaoga e pei o le tausiaina o le aiga, faapea ai le faamalieina o isi manaoga masani.” Fai mai faipule, o lo o finau mai pea le ASPA, o le polokalama lea ua latou faaaogaina nei o le a mafai ai ona latou faasaoina mai se vaega tupe, latou te toe tuuina atu mo tagata totogi pili, peitai o lo o faatamala i latou i le faataunuuina o lea folafolaga. O se faataitaiga, i le 2009, ina ua aumaia e le ASPA le suauu i totonu o le atunu’u, sa o latou folafola mai, o le a manuia ai tagata totogi pili, peitai o le mea o lo o maitauina e pei ona i ai lenei tausaga, e na o le $30 miliona lea o lo o faaopoopo i le paketi a le ASPA, ae leai ma se penefiti o faasoa mai mo tagata totogi pili.
O le aoauli o le aso, lea ua faamoemoe e tapunia aloaia ai le ‘Coastweek 2012’ a le Ofisa o Fefaatauaiga, e ala i se Tu’uga Fautasi. O le tu’uga Fautasi, lea ua fa’ailoa mai e 4 Sa o le a auai, e aofia ai le Paepaeulupoo mai Aua, o le Aeto mai Pago Pago, o le Matasaua mai i le Manuatele ma le Fetu o le Afiafi mai i Faga’alu. Sa i ai le sao o le Fealofani na fa’atulaga mai le amataga mo lea tu’uga, peita’i, ua toe fa’ailoa mai, o lo’o i ai se fa’aletonu le ma’alofia ma o le a le pa’au mai ai i le tu’uga le Sa o Fagasa. O le Sa o fo’i o Nu’uuli ma Fagatogo, ua tuai ona fa’aulu mai, ae ua sopoloa le aso atofaina mo nei Sa e auai ai. O le a amatalia le tu’uga i le itula e 4:00 i le afiafi nei, ma e amata mai i Pago Pago le Tu’uga, toe fa’ai’u i Pago Pago pe a mae’a ta’amilo mai pole o lo’o ua fa’atulaga e o’o i ai i lo tatou gataifale. Pe afai o le a mae’a to’ai Sa e fa o le tu’uga i fanua, ona auai mai lea o auva’a ma Tautai i le Matafaga i Utulei mo le toe sauniga o le tapunia aloaia o le Coastweek 2012. Ua fa’ailoa mai, e i ai fo’i nai fa’ailoga mo auva’a, ae i ai lana ‘galuega fa’atino’ e fa’aaoga patino ai nei fa’ailoga tupe o le a taua’aoina. O le a tufatufaina ai foi fa’ailoga i vaega ta’itasi sa faia o latou sao mo lenei tausaga i le Coastweek 2012. Ua aofia i nei fa’aeaga, o le polokalama tusiga ata a le fanau a’oga sa tauva ai mo so latou fa’ailoga. Na amata mai i le Aso To’onai, Setema 15, 2012 seia o’o mai i le aso, Setema 26, 2012, lenei polokalama faaletausaga, o le ‘Coastweek’, e pei ona faatautaia e le Matagaluega o Fefaatauaiga i tausaga uma, ina ia atili ona so’ofa’atasi ma fa’ataua le galulue fa’atasi o le Malo i ana matagaluega ta’itasi ma afio’aga ina ia mautinoa ua fa’atumau le agava’a o le gataifale e sapaia le soifua laulelei o nu’u ma matafaga. O se manulauti matagofie, ma e ao ina galulue fa’atasi i ai tagata lautele i afio’aga ta’itasi, ma vaega o le Malo o lo’o latou tima’i mo ni fesoasoani e fa’aleleia ai sosia o le tatou gataifale. O nu’u tu matafaga fo’i, ia latou fa’asao nei sosia ma puna’oa o le tatou gataifale, ia mautinoa o tumau mo isi tupulaga faia’e o le atunu’u. O lo ua mataituina nisi o afio’aga e le Coastweek i lenei tausaga, e aofia ai, Aua, Pago Pago, Fagasa ma Faga’alu, ona ua matauina, e tetele atu lo latou afaina i le tulaga o lapisi i gataifale talu mai le Tsunami tele i le 2009, a’afia le apitagalu ona o le si’isi’i o le suasami aua e maulalo lo latou apitagalu. Na fa’atino nisi o galuega e lavea’i mai ai le nu’u mai nisi fa’afitauli ona o lapisi lafoa’i i le gataifale, ma sa fa’atautaia ai Galuega Tapena ma Fa’amama lea sa amatalia i le aso 15 Setema, 2012 i le Paka Liona, fa’asolo ai i Fagasa, Aua ma Pago Pago. O isi galuega sa fa’atino o le afaina o afio’aga mai le tafega o vaitafe e aga’i atu i le sami, e aofia ai Faga’alu, Matu’u ma Pago Pago fo’i. O nei galuega, ua tima’i ai lava afio’aga ina ia galulue fa’atasi mai ma le Matagaluega o Fefa’ataua’iga, ia le motusia le va’ava’ai toto’a o tatou gataifale ma ona puna’oa. E le gata i lea, ae sa faia fo’i semina tau le soifua maloloina, ma fa’amatala i tagatanu’u i afio’aga le aoga o le fa’apemitaina o so’o se galuega e faia ai galuega eseese i totonu o afio’aga.
tusia Ausage Fausia
Sulufai aiga i le kovana ina ua le lelei le fausaga o fale e le FeMA
(Faaauau itulau 12)
Ua sulufa’i atu nei ni isi o aiga sa faamanuiaina i le polokalama lea na fausia ai e le FEMA maota ma laoa sa fa’aleagaina i le galulolo 2009, i le kovana, ona ua ta’ua e nei aiga, le tulaga faaletonu o latou fale, e pei o le liki o paipa i totonu o fale. O nei mafatiaga na faaleoina e ni isi o le atunuu i luga o le polokalama a le alii kovana i le faaiuga o le vaiaso na te’a nei. E tusa ai ma se ripoti sa faalauiloa e le Vaega a le Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) i le tausaga na te’a nei e faapea, e 55 fale o le a fau e le FEMA, o lona uiga e le alu le tupe i le aiga, ae o le a gafa lava le FEMA ma le faatinoga o le galuega. O le itumalo e aofia ai Fofo ma Alataua o lo o tele i ai lenei fesoasoani a le FEMA, ona o nisi ia o nofoaga sa mafuli i ai aafiaga i maota ma laoa o aiga ina ua osofaia le teritori i le galulolo i le aso 29 Setema 2009. O le Aso Toona’i o le vaiaso nei e atoa ai le 3 tausaga o lenei faalavelave mata’utia. Na taua e tootoo na valaau atu i le kovana mo se fesoasoani e faapea, o lea faatoa latou iloa ina ua tulai mai le faaletonu, le aofai o le tupe na faaalu e le FEMA e fausia ai o latou fale. Na taua e le isi tootoo, ua maea ona oo atu sui o le konekarate sa latou fausia le fale ma taumafai e toe faaleleia le faaletonu, peitai e foliga mai ua le mafai lava ona toe faia i ai se isi galuega, ua atili ai ona liki paipa vai ma ua fiu foi lo latou aiga e faatau meafale, ona o meafale tuai sa i ai ua faaleagaina uma. “O le talosaga e taoto atu i lau afioga a le kovana, afai ua le mafai e le konekarate sa fausia le fale ona foia le faafitauli, pe mafai ona matou sailia se auala e foia ai le faafitauli o lo o matou faafeagai, ae a uma le galuega ona tuuina atu lea o le pili e totogi mai e le konekarate poo le FEMA fo’i,” o le talosaga lea a le isi tootoo sa ia taua o lona fale e tu i Amanave.
(Faaauau itulau 12)
samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Page 11
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Tusia: Akenese ilalio Zec
Agelu A le Ali’i
O le ulugalii fou ia Edward Charles Jr. Eary ma Otille Selma Loia Tuaemafua i le pati o le la aso fiafia, Aso Lulu, Setema 19, 2012, e pei ona sa fa’ataunu’uina i le Nite Hawk Club & Restau[ata foa’i] rant i Iliili.
Tala ‘oto’oto o le Pasefika
SN/Le Lali
FAAtALI FAAIUGA LOIA SILI SAMOA I SUESUEGA SA FAIA FAASAGA OFISA LEOLEO MA LE FALEPUIPUI I tAFAIGAtA Ua i luma nei o le Loia Sili ia se ripoti, i su’esu’ega na faia e faatatau i ni tuuaiga i solitulafono o lo o tutupu i totonu o le Ofisa a Leoleo ma le falepuipui i Tafaigata. O nei moliaga na aofia i totonu o se tusi na faaooina atu i le Komesina o Leoleo ma le Minisita o Leoleo, faapea ma se kopi na fa’ao’o atu i le palemia. Na fa’aalia e le sui komesina o Leoleo, le susuga Leaupepe Fatu Pula, e to’atele ni leoleo sinia o lo o aofia o latou suafa i totonu o lenei tusi, lea na mafua ai ona fa’ao’oina atu le tusi i le Loia Sili, le susuga Aumua Ming Leung Wai, mo sana faaiuga. Na fa’aalia foi e Leaupepe le faatonuina o se tamaitai leoleo, lea na tuli mai i se aoaoga na auai atu ai i Fiti, ina ia fa’ao’o atu sana tusi faamavae mai i lana galuega. O lo o tu’ua’ia lenei tamaitai leoleo i lona ulufale i totonu o se potu sa fa’aaogaina i nei a’oa’oga ma gaoia ni mea totino a se tagata na i ai i totonu. FAAFEFEINA SE LOIA O LO O SUESUEINA MAtAUPU O LE FASIOtI tAGAtA Na fa’aalia e se fa’alapotopotoga ua ta’ua o le “Amnesty International” e faapea, ua i ai se loia i totonu o Indonesia ua faamata’uina e ni isi, ona o lona tula’i mo ni alii o lo o molia i le fasioti tagata, i se faalavelave na tula’i mai i se nofoaga o fa’amautu ai tagata Papua, i totonu o lea lava atunu’u.
Ua tula’i ai nei ni atugaluga i le malu pupipui o le tamaitai loia o Olga Hamadi, lea o lo gafa ma su’esu’ega e faasaga i ni leoleo o le itumalo o jayawijaya, lea o lo o masalomia i lo latou fasia tigaina o ni alii se toalima, o lo o molia i le fasioti tagata. I le vaiaso ua mavae na poloka ai e le aiga o le ua maliu ia Hamadi, mai i lona ulufale atu i totonu o le fale faamasino. Na faafefe e nei tagata ia Hamadi, i le oti, ma aveina ai o ia e leoleo i le ofisa a leoleo. Ae peitai, ina ua toe taumafai Hamadi e toe ulufale atu i le fale faamasino, ae toe fa’alavelave atu foi aiga o le ua maliu, na leai se fesoasoani na mafai ona maua e Hamadi mai i leoleo. tO’A 3 ALII tONGA MOLIA I LE FASIOtIA O SE LEOLEO NIU SILA E toatolu ni alii Tonga, o lo o ua fuafua e tutula’i i luma o le fa’amasinoga i le Aso Gafua o le vaiaso fou, e tali i ni moliaga e faatatau i se faalavelave na tula’i mai, na maliu ai se leoleo Niu Sila. O le masina o Aokuso na tupu ai lenei faalavelave, lea na maliu ai Kali Fungavaka ma e pei ona ripotia, o le amataga o le vaiaso, na tula’i ai luma o le fa’amasinoga ia Semisi Manu e tali i moliaga o le fasioti tagata le fuafuaina. O Salesi Maile ma Fatai Faletau, o ni alii leoleo, o lo o molia i le fa’ao’olima. O lo o taofia pea i le falepuipui ia Manu, ae o Maile ma Faletau, ua mae’a ona toe tatala i tua. [radio new zealand international]
VAEGA: 35 Fa’atalofa atu i lenei taeao fou, malo le soifua manuia i le mamalu o le atunu’u. E i ai le fa’amoemoe o lo’o aoina pea le masina i lo outou soifua laulelei, ae alo maia, o le toe fa’aopoopoga fo’i lenei o la tatou tala fa’asolo e pei ona masani ai. Na muta mai la tatou tala ina ua feiloa’i Kapilielu ma le Atua, ma ua fa’afofoga fo’i le Atua i manatu o Kapilielu e uiga i lana Amepasa numera tolu lea ua matua’i silisili ona ulavale. Tatou toe taliu mai i lalo nei ma le tulaga ua o’o i ai le ta’avale la’ititi lea na o ai le fa’afafine ma tama’ita’i e to’alua i le po, lea na seu ‘ese e le Agelu ulavale i tua mai le auala. Na ona seu lava e le Agelu numera tolu le ta’avale, tete’i ma le au malaga i lea taimi. O le aveta’avale ua pei e pula foliga, ua le iloa po’o le a le mea ua tupu. O lea na tali e, nei lava ma fai a latou tala, a’o lea ua oso i tua le ta’avale. O le mea e sili ai ona lelei, ona e leai se tasi o i latou sa manu’a, e leai fo’i se tasi na savali i talane o le auala i lea taimi o le po. Ua pupuni mata o Agelu e to’alua i lea taimi ma lulu o la ulu, ae ua na o le fa’apuiti ane i ai o mata o le Agelu ulavale i lea taimi ma ‘ata’ata. O le taimi lea, ua tau fai feosofi mai nei i fafo o le pasese ma tilotilo solo po’o le a le mea ua tupu. Ua mave’u uma le ulu o le fa’afafine i lea taimi, ae ua le toe kea lava i se mea, ua na o le u’u nei o puimanava ma tilotilo solo pe i ai nisi o iloa mai le latou ta’aale lea ua tupu ai le fa’alavelave. Na alu loa ma le ‘ote a le fa’afine, “Ou te ofo a’u sole ia te oe, po’o fea e va’ai i ai ou mata, ua la le na lou tilotilo mai fua ia te a’u, ae le tilotilo lelei i luma o le auala, ia o lea la.” Ua le tautala le aveta’avale ae ua na o le lulu o le ulu ma tilotilo solo. Na fa’ateia ina ua va’ai atu ua ‘emo mai moli o le ta’avale a Leoleo. Ua le mautou le aveta’avale pe o le a le mea o le fai i lea taimi. Na ona liliu ae lava o le aveta’avale fa’apea ane lana tala i lana pasese, “Su’e le mea e ola ai le initia latou.” E le i toe fa’atali le fa’afafine i lea taimi, ua tu’u loa i tua le leo fa’aii na i ai, fa’atasi ai ma lona ofu feilafi solo, ae ua selau maila loa e le i toe i ai lava ni upu. E le i umi lava ona fa’ai’ila le taleni a le fa’afafine, ae ona manatua loa le ‘ato tupe a le aveta’avale lea sa ia iloaina lelei lava le mea o lo’o tu’u ai. Na toe mimilo fa’atopetope lava le fa’afafine ma toe selau maila mai i le mea na i ai le ta’avale. Na ona matala lava o le faitoto’a, a’apa loa i totonu ma le lima o le fa’afafine, na tau muamua lava le lima o si mea i le ofuae la’ititi o le aveta’avale lea e afifi lelei ai lana atotupe. E mamulu ‘ese loa le ofuae la’ititi o le aveta’avale, ae fa’alogo atu loa le fa’afafine, ua fa’apea mai le tala a le Leoleo, “Tu’u i luga ou lima, ma e savali lemu ‘ese mai le ta’avale.” Na muamua lava lele i luga le ofuae o le aveta’avale ae mulimuli atu i tua lima o si fa’afafine. Na fa’apea le pese a le Agelu ulavale, “Oi, au e, ua maua le fa’afafine… soso’o ane ai ma le isi pese a le Agelu e fa’apea, “i lalo o le lagi ma fetu….e ‘eli ai lou tu’ugamau…” E faia pea…
➧ Sulufai aiga i le kovana…
Na atagia i le tali a le alii kovana lona le fiafia i le vaega a le FEMA, ona o latou lea na mafua ai ona manatu le malo e see ese ae taoto atu galuega latou te fausia, ina ua i ai nisi o aiaiga i le faatinoina o le galuega sa le taliaina ai e le FEMA se fautuaga a le malo. Saunoa Togiola, o le isi faafitauli na mafua ai ona alo ese le malo mai le faatinoga o le galuega lenei, ina ua tulai mai lona le fiafia i le tele o le tupe sa ave e le FEMA i le konekarate e fausia ai fale nei. “Sa avatu i ai le fautuaga a le malo i le tulaga lea peitai latou te le’i talia, ma mafua ai loa ona ou manatu e sili ai loa le see ese o le malo ae tuu pea le galuega e gafa ma le FEMA, peitai o lea la ua aliali mai ai faafitauli e pei ona auala mai ai faasea i luga o le polokalame,” o le saunoaga lea a le alii kovana, ma ia tautino ai loa i aiga sa valaau atu mo se fesoasoani, e onosa’i ae se’i ona fafesoota’i muamua sui o le FEMA lea ua faamoemoe e malaga mai i le teritori i le vaiaso nei mo nisi o a latou fonotaga, e faailoa i ai le faafitauli ua tulai mai ma vaai pe o
➧ faipule i le aSpa…
Mai itulau 10
Mai itulau 10
le a sa latou tali e tuuina mai. Fai mai Togiola, na pau lana faafinauga lea o le a tuu atu i sui o le FEMA o le a malaga mai, e sili ai pe a toe o mai e toe fai faalelei fale o aiga o loo faaletonu, aua afai e faamaonia o le fausaga o le fale o loo faaletonu, lona uiga o le matafaioi tonu lea a le FEMA e tatau ona fai. Na taua e le afioga i le alii Senatoa ia Fuamatu J.V Fuamatu i luma o le maota maualuga i le vaiaso na te’a nei, o lea ua agai atu le atunuu e faamanatu le atoaga o le 3 tausaga talu ona tuana’i le galulolo, ae o lea lava e vaaia le faaaoga pea e nisi o aiga ma aoga i lona itumalo o faleie sa tufatufa mai e le FEMA i le taimi o le galulolo, e oo foi i auala ma taligalu sa folafola e lei maea lava ona faatinoina ia manaoga taua. O le fesili o loo faatula’i e le alii Senatoa, “o afea ea e maea ai ona faaleleia faaletonu na mafua mai ona o le galulolo i le 2009?”. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
O le isi mea ua maitauina i le ASPA, o lea foi ua faalauiloa mai le isi a latou polokalame fou o loo faatupe mai e le feterale, e faaaoga ai le malosi o le la e maua ai le eletise ma le latou faamatalaga, e faaitiitia ai i le 197,391 kalone kiso latou te faaaogaina, ma faasao mai ai le tupe e tusa ma le $790,000. I le maea ai ona iloilo e le Fono o folafolaga uma ma tautinoga sa tuuina mai e le ASPA i le atunuu, ua manatu ai le Fono, talu ai o le ASPA o le lala tumaoti o le malo o Amerika Samoa, o lo o i ai lo latou tiute e iloilo ma toe vaavaai ai i a latou fuafuaga ua tuuina mai mo le totogiina o pili a tagata, ina o gatasi ma le tulaga o loo i ai le tamaoaiga o le atunuu i le taimi nei, faapea ai le agai atu i le lumanai. E le gata foi i lea, e tatau ona toe faasoa mai i le atunuu a latou tupe faasili o loo maua mai i a latou tautua, ma faaagafua ai le totogiina o tagata totogi pili o isi totogi ua latou faatula’i, aemaise ai o le faaitiitia lea o le tau o le eletise ua i ai nei. Na taua e le Pulesili a le ASPA o Andra Samoa i le taimi na fesiligia ai e le Fono la latou Paketi mo le tausaga fou 2013, talu ai na talia muamua e le ASPA se talosaga a le Fono ina ia faatelegese a latou siitaga i le tausaga na te’a nei, ua latou manatu ai e le toe i ai se tulaga faapena e faia i a latou siitaga fou ia ua fuafua i le amataga o le masina fou. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A surprise ruling by a federal appeals court that lets the Army Corps of Engineers off the hook for paying compensation for Hurricane Katrina’s catastrophic flooding isn’t going over well on the streets of New Orleans. People in southern Louisiana have long taken for granted that the flooding in the wake of the 2005 storm was a manmade disaster — one caused specifically by the corps — and they have wanted the agency to pay up for lost homes and property. But on Monday, a threejudge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed its earlier opinion and shot down the only argument that had succeeded so far in holding the corps accountable. The ruling also could make it extremely difficult to force the government to pay damages for future mishaps. In March, the appellate court panel upheld a 2009 ruling by U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval that had found the corps liable for the flooding of New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward neighborhood and St. Bernard Parish because the agency failed to properly maintain a shipping channel. That channel, dug in the 1960s, funneled Katrina’s storm surge into the city. Thousands of homes were destroyed, about 1,400 people died in the flood and much of the city was left under water. Then on Monday, the same panel did a legal backflip and said its new ruling “completely insulates the government from liability,” leaving lawyers and residents baffled. “There are certain criteria where the federal government can be sued, and I think the levee breaches is a perfect example because the Corps of Engineers is the one that developed the levee system,” said Alvin Alexis, 62, who had two female cousins die in the flood. His home was flooded, and he moved his family across the Mississippi River to an area he considers safer. Because he was a renter, he said he got only $10,000 in federal aid. In the Lower 9th Ward, one of the areas hit hardest by Katrina, restaurant owner Henry Holmes said he was disappointed. He said he has struggled to keep his restaurant open in an area that is now a mere shell of what it was before the storm. “I feel like somebody should be held liable,” Holmes said. Neither Holmes nor Alexis were plaintiffs. Despite the tens of billions of dollars in reconstruction money spent so far in New Orleans, some 500,000 people, businesses and government agencies have sought additional compensation by filing claims
Corps let off the hook for Katrina’s flooding
against the corps. But federal laws grant the corps extensive immunity against flood-related lawsuits and give the government lots of leeway in how agencies conduct their business. The small army of lawyers fighting the corps over Katrina has long lamented how difficult it is to take on the federal government, a fact reinforced by Monday’s ruling. “It’s a Herculean task,” said Pierce O’Donnell, a lead attorney in the case. “The government makes the laws — they created the immunity; it prints the money — they have unlimited funds; and the case is tried in a building called the U.S. courthouse.” Under federal law, the government cannot be sued over actions that were based “on considerations of public policy,” the appeals panel wrote. The corps’ decisions regarding the shipping channel fall under that protection, the judges wrote. Specifically, the ruling dealt with allegations that the Army Corps let a shipping channel called the Mississippi RiverGulf Outlet erode wetlands and swamp forests southeast of New Orleans. The channel was built as a short-cut between New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico, but the economic benefits never paid off, and only a few ships used it before Katrina. The corps poorly maintained the channel known locally as “Mister Go,” and the erosion and other damage has been called one of the nation’s worst environmental disasters by some. Scientists have blamed Mister Go on the loss of about 18,000 acres of marsh and 1,500 acres of cypress swamps. Wetlands are considered a crucial natural buffer to hurricanes, acting as a buffer that can help keep floodwaters at bay. Attorneys have argued the MRGO became a “hurricane highway” that funneled water into New Orleans and overwhelmed the city’s floodwalls, though the government has said the floodwalls would have failed even if the waterway had never been dug. The Justice Department and the Army Corps declined to comment Tuesday. O’Donnell said he was disappointed by the panel’s about-face, which leaves about 100,000 claims related to Katrina in limbo. On average, each claimant had expected to get about $140,000 in damages to cover property losses and other expenses and inconvenience caused by the flooding. He was not yet certain if attorneys would ask the 5th Circuit to rehear the case or appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Either way, it’s likely the case is not yet completely settled because there is so much
samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Page 13
at stake, said Mark Davis, a Tulane University law professor who specializes in water policy. Not only does this case potentially involve billions of dollars, but its outcome could set a precedent for whether the corps can be held responsible for future flooding disasters. Davis said the appeals court may have reversed itself over concerns that the previous ruling could expose the federal government to too much liability across the nation. The Army Corps has been sued before, but it always came away untouched. “And some of that is because we have asked it to do all sorts of big risky things and the deal was that if we do it, you can’t sue us,” Davis said.
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012
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Additionally, ASPA recently brought on-line its federally funded photo-voltaic project, providing solar generated energy to the electric grid, which is estimated to reduce ASPA’s diesel fuel consumption by 197,391 gallons and achieve an annual cost savings of about $790,000. As a not-for-profit government entity, the resolution says ASPA has a duty to review and reevaluate its existing rate plan in light of current economic conditions and realities, and additionally, to pass any cost savings on to its customers by suspending implementation of the new rate hikes and actually reducing its electric rates. During ASPA’s budget hearing two weeks ago, Samoa eminded lawmakers that the authority in 2010 granted the first delay following a request from the Fono. However, due to financial obligations by ASPA, the authority is unable at this time to “hold” the next rate hike, which is implemented in phases, not all at one time, in order to lessen the burden on customers, she said, adding that there are also accounts receivable that ASPA has to deal with, such as ASG’s outstanding utility bill which is edging towards $11 million. ASPA chief financial officer Susana Fai’ivae said the authority estimates to collect about $440,000 under the new fee hike with trash collection the highest rate hike at about $1.44. Fai’ivae points out that $440,000 is a small amount to be collected compared to the many financial needs of ASPA as well as the many projects it needs to carry out to further improve utility service.
Report: Americans feel much more confident in economy
WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans are more confident in the economy than they have been in seven months, an encouraging sign for President Barack Obama with six weeks left in the presidential race. A new survey of consumer confidence rose Tuesday to its highest level since February on expectations that hiring will soon pick up. And a separate report showed home values rising steadily, signaling sustained improvement in housing. “This is like an opinion poll on the economy without the political parties attached,” said John Ryding, chief economist at RDQ Economics, a consulting firm. The confidence survey “says people are feeling better. If so, they are less likely to vote for change.” The Conference Board’s index of consumer confidence shot up in September. The jump surprised many economists because the most recent hiring and retail sales figures have been sluggish. The increased confidence could help explain recent polls that show Obama with a widening lead over Mitt Romney in some battleground states. The consumer confidence index is closely watched because consumer spending drives nearly 70 percent of economic activity. The index jumped from 61.3 for August to 70.3 for September. It remains well below 90, the level that is thought to signify a healthy economy. Among those feeling more optimistic about the economy is Darlene Johnson of Silver Spring, Md., who works for the National Institutes of Health. The value of Johnson’s 401(k) account has risen. Home sales in her neighborhood have ticked up, too, and are commanding higher prices. “I feel like things are stabilizing,” she said. “I don’t feel as uneasy as I did a few months ago.” But Johnson, who voted for Obama in 2008, remains undecided on which candidate to back. And she’s still a bit nervous about the future. Economists point to some key reasons why consumers have grown more confident. Stocks are up: The Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index has surged nearly 15 percent this year. Gas prices have leveled off after rising for several months. And the broad increase in home prices is likely giving would-be buyers more confidence. When prices rise, buyers don’t worry so much that a home might lose value after they bought it. National home prices rose 1.2 percent in July compared with a year ago, according to the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller index released Tuesday. That was the second straight month in which year-over-year home prices have increased. Some economists question whether the higher level of confidence is sustainable. They’ve seen the index spike briefly before since the Great Recession ended more than three years ago. Some say confidence could be affected by negative campaign ads that focus on the economy. But others note that even a weak economy doesn’t feel so bad to many consumers once it begins to make steady improvement. “The economy is perceived in relative rather than absolute terms,” noted St. Louis University political scientist and pollster Ken Warren. Mark Vitner, a senior economist at Wells Fargo, suggests that former President Bill Clinton might have helped boost confidence with his rousing speech on Obama’s behalf at the Democratic National Convention in early September. The Conference Board’s consumer confidence survey was conducted Sept. 1-13. Clinton “rekindled memories of better economic times” and assured voters that the U.S. economy was on the right track, Vitner said. The consumer confidence survey polled 500 people. The part of the survey that gauges consumers’ confidence in the economy now and the part that gauges their outlook for the next six months both rose. Consumers were much more optimistic about the short-term outlook for business conditions, employment and their financial situation. The rising home prices could also help Obama’s prospects. Prices are rising in many large cities in swing states such as Florida, Colorado, Michigan and North Carolina. Prices have risen 3.6 percent in Tampa, Fla., in the past year, for example. And they’re up 5.4 percent in Denver, 6.2 percent in Detroit and 2.2 percent in Charlotte, N.C. A Washington Post poll out Tuesday showed Obama leading Romney among likely voters in Ohio, 52 to 44 percent. The president also had a slight edge in Florida, 51 to 47 percent among those most likely to vote. Obama is also gaining the upper hand on which candidate is better able to handle the economy. Registered voters in Ohio preferred Obama on the economy by 50 percent to 43 percent, and in Florida by 49 percent to 45 percent.
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SUPPLEMENtAL $6.8 MILLION APPROVEd By a majority vote, the House approved on Monday its version of the fiscal year 2013 supplemental appropriation of $6.8 million to be funded with unbudgeted and unobligated revenues and funds from the Tobacco Settlement Loan proceeds. The supplemental bill restores the total $6.8 million in local revenues the Fono cut from the FY 2013 budget, due to concerns over conflicting testimonies from government witnesses during Joint Budget Committee hearings. While the Budget and Planning Office says the money is available in FY 2013, Attorney General Fepuleai A. Ripley said this money remains with the U.S. Interior Department to pay for an ASG loan from the federal government. The House version was submitted yesterday to the Senate where its version of the supplemental was introduced on Monday. Several government departments, agencies and programs whose funding was cut from the FY 2013 budget are restored under the supplemental. Meanwhile, the Senate and House are going through the last phase of approving each other’s amended final version of the FY 2013 budget, which now stands at $454.86 million, a reduction of about $42.43 million from the original version of $497.29 million from the Togiola Administration. FY 2013 begins on Oct. 1, 2012 and the Fono is hoping to send one version of the bill to the governor by tomorrow.
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He said the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya two weeks ago was caused by a terrorist attack, something Obama has refrained from saying. “Many Americans are troubled by the developments in the Middle East,” Romney said. “Syria has witnessed the killings of tens of thousands of people. The president of Egypt is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. ... And Iran is moving toward nuclear weapons capability. “We feel that we are at the mercy of events, rather than shaping events,” he added. Although Romney did not overtly criticize Obama’s foreign policy in the speech, as he had on Monday, his words took on a sharper edge when he suggested to CNN during an interview that the White House had misled the American people by not characterizing the violence in Libya as a terrorist attack. “The White House’s failure to acknowledge that the assassination of our ambassador was a terrorist attack, a terrorist event, suggests that they are trying to paper over the seriousness of what’s happening in the Middle East,” Romney said. In his New York speech, Romney said that if he is elected, he will create “prosperity pacts” in the Middle East, private-public partnerships designed to remove barriers to free markets around the region. He said developing countries would receive U.S. assistance “focused on developing the institutions of liberty, the rule of law and property rights.” Obama, in a speech later in the morning to the U.N. General Assembly, said the recent assaults on U.S. citizens in Libya “were attacks on America” and called on world leaders to join in confronting the root causes of the rage across the Muslim world. But in a slap at Romney, Obama said “let us remember that this is a season of progress” in the Arab World, where autocratic leaders have been deposed in several countries.
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Protestors clash with the police riots during the march to the parliament against austerity measures announced by the Spanish government in Madrid, Spain, Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012. Spain’s Parliament has taken on the appearance of a heavily guarded fortress with dozens of police blocking access from every possible angle, hours ahead of a protest against the conservative government’s handling of the economic crisis. The demonstration, organized behind the slogan ‘Occupy Congress,’ is expected to draw thousands of people. It is due to start around 1730 GMT Tuesday. Madrid authorities said some 1,300 police would be deployed. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki)
MADRID (AP) — Spain’s government was hit hard by the country’s financial crisis on multiple fronts Tuesday as protestors enraged with austerity cutbacks and tax hikes clashed with police near Parliament, a separatist-minded region set elections seen as an independence referendum and the nation’s high borrowing costs rose again More than 1,000 riot police blocked off access to the Parliament building in the heart of Madrid, forcing most protesters to crowd nearby avenues and shutting down traffic at the height of the evening rush hour. Police used batons to push back some protesters at the front of the march attended by an estimated 6,000 people as tempers flared, and some demonstrators broke down barricades and threw rocks and bottles toward authorities. Television images showed officers beating protesters in response, and an Associated Press television producer saw five people dragged away by police and two protesters bloodied. Spanish state TV said at least 28 were injured, including two officers, and that 22 people were detained. Independent Spanish media reported higher numbers that could not immediately be confirmed. The demonstration, organized with an “Occupy Congress” slogan, drew protesters from all walks of life weary of nine straight months of painful economic austerity measures imposed by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his solid majority of lawmakers. Smaller demonstrations Tuesday attracted hundreds of protesters in Barcelona and Seville. Angry Madrid marchers who got as close as they could to Parliament, 250 meters (yards) away, yelled “Get out!, Get out! They don’t represent us! Fire them!” “The only solution is that we should put everyone in Parliament out on the street so they know what it’s like,” said Maria Pilar Lopez, a 60-year-old government secretary. Lopez and others called for fresh elections, claiming the government’s hard-hitting austerity measures are proof that the ruling Popular Party misled voters when it won power last November in a landslide. While Rajoy has said he has no plans to cut pensions for Spaniards, Lopez fears her retirement age could be raised from 65 to as much as 70. Three of her seven nieces and nephews have been laid off since Rajoy ousted Spain’s Socialists, and she said the prospect of them finding jobs “is very bleak.”
Spaniards “rage” against austerity near Parliament
Spain is struggling in its second recession in three years with unemployment near 25 percent. The country has introduced austerity measures and economic reforms in a bid to convince its euro partners and investors that it is serious about reducing its bloated deficit to 6.3 percent of gross domestic product in 2012 and 4.5 percent next year. The deficit reached e50.1 billion ($64.8 billion), equivalent to 4.77 percent of GDP, through August, the government said Tuesday. Secretary of State for the Budget Marta Fernandez Curras said the deficit “is under control.” Spain has been under pressure from investors to apply for European Central Bank assistance in keeping its borrowing costs down. Rajoy has yet to say whether Madrid will apply for the aid, reluctant to ask since such assistance comes with strings attached. Also Tuesdaythe president of the economically powerful but heavily indebted Catalonia region called early elections for November, two years ahead of schedule after Rajoy last week rejected a demand to grant the the region special fiscal powers. Many Catalonia residents speak Catalan and don’t feel Spanish, and the vote was announced two weeks after a massive rally in Barcelona by Catalans seeking independence, greater autonomy from Spain or more control of tax revenue sent to the central government in Madrid. Concerns over Spain’s public finances also came to the forefront earlier Tuesday when the Treasury sold e3.98 billion ($5.14 billion) in short-term debt but at a higher cost. It sold e1.39 billion in three-month bills at an average interest rate of 1.2 percent, up from 0.95 percent in the last such auction Aug. 28, and e2.58 billion in six-month bills on a yield of 2.21 percent, up from 2.03 percent. The government is expected to present a new batch of economically painful reforms on Thursday when it unveils a draft budget for 2013. On Friday, an auditor will release the results of stress tests on Spanish banks hit hard by the collapse of the country’s real estate sector, which drove Spanish economic growth until the 2008 financial crisi hit. The government will then judge how much of a e100 billion loan it will tap to help bail out the banks. Initial estimates say the banks will need some £60 billion.
The Campaign – Rated: R
Starring: Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, Katherine LaNasa, Sarah Baker When long-term congressman Cam Brady commits a major public gaffe before an upcoming election, a pair of ultra-wealthy CEOs plot to put up a rival candidate and gain influence over their North Carolina district. Their man: naive Marty Huggins, director of the local Tourism Center. At first, Marty appears to be the unlikeliest possible choice but, with the help of his new benefactors’ support, a cutthroat campaign manager and his family’s political connections, he soon becomes a contender who gives the charismatic Cam plenty to worry about. As Election Day closes in, the two are locked in a dead heat, with insults quickly escalating to injury until all they care about is burying each other. Because even when you think campaign ethics have hit rock bottom, there’s room to dig a whole lot deeper.
Friday: — 4:15 7:15 9:30 Saturday: 1:15 4:15 7:15 9:30 Sunday: 1:15 4:15 7:15 — “Discount Tuesday”: — 4:15 7:15 — Mon-Wed-Thurs: — 4:15 7:15 —
Sparkle – Rated: PG -13
Starring: Whitney Houston, Ceelo Green, Jordin Sparks, Mike Epps Musical prodigy Sparkle struggles to become a star while overcoming issues that are tearing her family apart. From an affluent Detroit area and daughter to a single mother, she tries to balance a new romance with music manager, Stix while dealing with the unexpected challenges her new life will bring as she and her two sisters strive to become a dynamic singing group during the Motown-era.
Friday: — 4:00 7:00 9:30 Saturday: 1:00 4:00 7:00 9:30 Sunday: 1:00 4:00 7:00 — “Discount Tuesday”: — 4:00 7:00 — Mon-Wed-Thurs: — 4:00 7:00 —
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Fa’amua sa tatou fa’apolo ma se fa’asagi i le Tapa’au i le Lagi, ua talia fa’autugatagi, ua ta’o’oto peau o le sami, moe fo’i ma matamatagi. Tulou le atunu’u pele Amerika Samoa, tulou a Samoa ma lona Malo Tuto’atasi, tulou lau faigamalo Tutuila ma Manu’a i ona tafatolu, tulouna ‘au’auna a le Atua. Tulou, tulou lava. E talitonu le fa’amoemoe, ana le oloolo pitova’a le tapua’iga, e le mafai ona fa’amanuiaina fita na feagai ai ma vaiaso ua tuanai. Fa’afetai tele Amerika Samoa! Ua o tatou fa’asolosolo atu nei i le si’ui o le fa’amoemoe o le tauvaga lea mo le sa’iliga o ni ta’ita’i fou o le Malo o Amerika Samoa. O tofi ia o le Kovana ma le Lutena Kovana. Ua avatu fo’i o ma lagona ma Lemanu, i mea o lo’o fatiatama’i i totonu o le Malo, ma ua mana’omia ai se SUIGA i ona ta’ita’i. E le mafai ona tatou tumau pea i se finagalo, o lo’o lelei pea mea uma. O nei aso ma suiga o le olaga i atunu’u uma o le lalolagi, ua afaina tele le Tamaoaiga, ua leai ni galuega a le to’atele, ua taofia fanau mai i A’oa’oga ua le lava le fa’asoa, ua taugata pili a Falema’i ua le lavatia ona totogi. Ae a Amerika Samoa? IOE, e tatou te fa’afetai i le alofa o le Atua o lo’o foa’ina mai pea fua o fa’ato’aga, le fuata, o figota o le sami e taumamafa ai. Ae o le soifua atina’e aua le tausiga o aiga, totogi o le vai ma le uila, kesi ma le kalasini, talofa e, ua “noa le tanoa, ua le lia’i le fau, ua mativa le laulau.” Ia o tatou popole ma mataala Amerika Samoa ina ne’i faoa le Tofi ma i tatou ona o lo tatou fa’atamala. O Samoa lava ia, e Talatofi. O a ni afa e tatou te avatu mo tupulaga talavou ma foaga o lo’o lalovaoa e fai mo latou Tofi? Fa’ata’a le manu fanua, ua tata laumea le manuvao, aua ua suluia le malamalama, ae mapuitiga le ata, o le auamanu e felanulanua’i, aua e auamanu ae te’i ane ua auamala. Tutuila e ma Manu’a, ua fa’aopea i luma o le laolao o finagalo so ma manatu, ia ‘avea i ma’ua ma a outou ‘aua’una, e ta’ita’iina lo tatou Malo mo le fa tausaga o lumana’i. E talitonu so ma taofi pe afai e tu’ufa’atasia manulauti ua outou silasila ma fa’afofoga i ai, e pei “O le ti’a malie e fifimalie”, o le “Do it Now”, o le “Ua o’o i le taimi” po o le “To maia lau Pule”, e tasi lava lona ‘AUGA, “IA FA’AMUAMUA TAGATA – PEOPLE FIRST.” Tatou toe feiloa’i i se aso lata mai, SOIFUA ma ia MANUIA!
Lolo Matalasi Letalu Moliga
Lemanu Peleti Sialega Mauga
This ad was paid for by the committee to elect Lolo & Lemanu for Governor and Lt. Governor
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