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Scholar: Jesus cites wife in an ancient script 11 Senate confirms Associate Judge for High Court 3 the Warriors now the No. 1 seed in H.S. Football B1
FUMBLE!!! Vena Umu dropping a carry, and trying to recover it during their dominating win over the Sharks last week Friday, in a 36 - 6 blow out — that put THS at the top of the heap with an undefeated record in this year’s ASHSAA football league — so far. See Sports Section for “Huddle” coverage of the 2012- 13 ASHSAA football season brought to you by Coca-Cola and Powerade, distributed exclusively by GHC Reid & Co. Ltd. ‘Oloa O Leala’, Your Family of [photo: TG] Fine Beverages.
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Molimau Dr. Olosega i le pagatia o feagai ma tagata Manu’a 17
Daily CirCulation 7,000
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
Caught between rock and hard place, BoH files for interpleader
High Court takes Save-Sandra challenge “under advisement”
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamnu Samoa News Staff reporter
Faced with possible new legal action by both the American Samoa Government and Marisco Limited, the Bank of Hawai’i has filed with the federal court in Honolulu a motion for “interpleader”, which requests among other things, to order BoH to deposit the more than $800,000 in ASG frozen funds with the clerk of the federal court. Interpleader is an equitable proceeding brought by a third person to have a court determine the ownership rights of rival claimants to the same money or property that is held by that third person, according to legal-dictionary thefreedictionary.com. The new BoH motion filed Monday at federal court, comes just days after the High Court of American Samoa denied the bank’s motion for reconsideration of an earlier order to release some $811,000 in ASG money frozen by the bank, pursuant to a federal court’s writ of execution ordering the bank to pay this money to Marisco, who alleges that ASG had failed to pay for services rendered. BoH attorneys say the motion was necessary as both ASG and Marisco are threatening to proceed with new legal actions against the bank if it fails to comply with the High Court and the federal court orders. ASG tO bANK The High Court on Sept. 13 denied the bank motion for reconsideration and the following day, the Attorney General’s Office wrote to the bank’s local attorney to “comply with the High Court’s order to restore ASG’s unlawfully frozen bank deposits” required by the preliminary injunction relief order date July 11, 2012. The High Court ruled that it sees no reason to the stay the preliminary injunction. “With the High Court’s decision, there is absolutely no reason why BoH should ignore the Preliminary Injunction and continue to retain ASG’s money,” wrote Assistant Attorney General Eleasalo V. Ale on behalf of attorney general Fepuleai A. Ripley Jr. in the Sept. 14 letter, which BoH included in its new motion at the federal court. ASG requests that BoH restore the frozen funds by 5 p.m. Sept. 17th (Monday) “or ASG will be forced to seek appropriate remedies from the High Court, including any possible sanctions that may result,” the letter says. (Samoa News was not unable to immediately confirm at press time if ASG did file a new action with the High Court.) “I hope that you will encourage your client to comply with the laws of American Samoa and the valid orders of the High Court,” it says. (See yesterday’s edition for details of the High Court decision denying the bank’s motion to stay the injunction.)
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The Appellate Division of the High Court heard oral arguments in the appeal by candidate for governor Save Liuato Tuitele and candidate for lieutenant governor Sandra King Young over the chief election officer’s decision to deny their challenge of the eligibility of four candidates for governor or lt. governor, yesterday morning. The challenged candidates are candidates for governor Lolo Letalu Matalasi Moliga and Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau and candidates for lieutenant governor Le’i Sonny Thompson and Taufete’e John Faumuina. The main gist of the challenge is these candidates didn’t resign from their government jobs prior to active campaigning, and points to 4.0102 Qualifications of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, subsection (f) of the American Samoa Annotated Code, which reads: Candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor who are employees of the government in whatever capacity and for either the executive, or judicial branches, must resign their position with the government before commencing active campaigning. “Active cam-
paigning” includes but is not limited to: the acceptance of a petition from the election official charged with that responsibility; any effort whatsoever that is designed to influence or obtain votes from qualified electors; and any activity that would cause a conflict of interest at the candidate’s position of employment with the government. In any event, candidates must resign no later than 60 days prior to the election date even if the events above have not occurred. Chief Justice Kruse and the Appellate panel did not render a decision yesterday but took the petition under advisement saying the court would render a written decision at the earliest possible time. RICHMOND RECUSES HIMSELF Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond recused himself from the Appellate panel prior to hearing briefs filed by the challenged candidates. Richmond told the court that he was the Chief Election Officer back in 1977 and was very much involved in the election process back when the laws were written. Richmond noted that after reading documents before the court on this matter, he decided he should recuse himself.
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Members of the National Park Service-American Samoa firefighting crew posing in a photo with members of their Redding Hot Shot crew. The 16-member firefighting crew returned home this week after 30 days of fighting wildfires in Northern California. (See story inside.) [courtesy photo]
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Staff reporter
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 6.0105 of the Revised Code of American Samoa that a claim of succession which has been filed with the Territorial Registrar’s office for the registration of the Matai Title FALETAGOA’I (TAGOA’I) of the village of POLOA by IATI S. TAGOA’I TUIOLEMOTU of the village of POLOA, county of ALATAUA, WESTERN District. THE TERRITORIAL REGISTRAR is satisfied that the claim, petition by the family and certificate of the village chiefs are in proper form. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that anyone so desiring must file his counterclaim, or objection to the registration of this matai title with the Territorial Registrar Office before the expiration of 60 days from the date of posting. If no counterclaim, nor any objection is filed by the expiration of said 60 days, the matai title FALETAGOA’I (TAGOA’I) shall be registered in the name of IATI S. TAGOA’I TUIOLEMOTU in accordance with the laws of American Samoa. POSTED: SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 thru NOVEMBER 9, 2012 SIGNED: TAITO S.B. White, Territorial Registrar O le fa’aaliga lenei ua faasalalauina e tusa ma le Maga 6.0105 o le tusi tulafono a Amerika Samoa, e pei ona suia, ona o le talosaga ua faaulufaleina mai i le Ofisa o le Resitara o Amerika Samoa, mo le fia faamauina o le suafa matai o FALETAGOA’I (TAGOA’I) o le nu’u o POLOA e IATI S. TAGOA’I TUIOLEMOTU o POLOA faalupega o ALATAUA, falelima i SISIFO. Ua taliaina e le Resitara lea talosaga, faatasi ma le talosaga a le aiga faapea ma le tusi faamaonia mai matai o lea nu’u, ma ua i ai nei i teuga pepa a lea ofisa. A i ai se tasi e faafinagaloina, ia faaulufaleina sana talosaga tete’e, po o sana faalavelave tusitusia i le Ofisa o Resitara i totonu o aso e 60 mai le aso na faalauiloa ai lenei fa’aaliga. Afai o lea leai se talosaga tete’e, po’o se faalavelave foi e faaulufaleina mai i aso e 60 e pei ona taua i luga, o lea faamauina loa lea suafa matai i le igoa o IATI S. TAGOA’I TUIOLEMOTU e tusa ai ma aiaiga o le tulafono a Amerika Samoa. 09/19 & 10/19/12
Notice for Proposed Registration of Matai Title
Fa’aaliga o le Fia Fa’amauina o se Suafa Matai
LAGA tUI JAILED FOR 40 MONtHS IN MACHEtE AttACK CASE Laga Tui while intoxicated struck a man whom he’s related to with a machete, and has been sentenced to 40 months in jail in the High Court for doing so. Originally charged with firstdegree assault and public peace disturbance, a plea deal between the defendant and the government had him plead guilty to first degree assault, which is punishable by 10 to 30 years in prison. Prior to sentencing, the defendant apologized to the court for his actions and noted he’s remorseful for what he did, saying that his actions have brought shame to his family name. Chief Justice Michael Kruse who handed down sentencing noted that from the presentence report, the defendant may have been consuming ‘Tausala’ beer. Kruse recalled the Public Defender Ruth Risch Fuatagavi making a note to the Fono to look into laws regarding the high volume of alcohol in some beverages. Assistant Public Defender Mike White, who represented Tui, told the court that the PD’s office has had discussions about this same issue, given the many alcohol-related cases they handle. He added that there are certain beer brands that have a high alcohol content level and could pose damage to brain development. Kruse noted from the presentence report that Tui went to the victim’s home in the early morning hours of December 3, 2011 looking for food, while under the influence of alcohol. The victim scolded the defendant for coming to his home while intoxicated, and he may have said something about the defendant’s father. Tui went home and retrieved the machete, then went to the victim and struck the victim on his head and shoulder. The victim was hospitalized for a week as a result, with a medical bill of $715. Kruse sentenced Tui to ten years in jail, however execution of sentence was suspended and the defendant placed on probation for ten years under the condition that he serves 40 months in jail, departs the territory and remains outside the territory throughout the period of his probation. He must also pay restitution of $715 and remain a law abiding citizen while in the territory. MANUMALO tEACHER ENtERS GUILty PLEA Manumalo science teacher accused of inappropriately touching a female student has entered into a plea agreement with the government. Dave Tupua was initially charged with false imprisonment and two charges of third degree assault for offensive touching, however in a plea deal with the government, the teacher
pleaded guilty to third degree assault, a class C misdemeanor. During the plea hearing last Friday, Ward accepted the agreement and scheduled sentencing for the defendant on October 15, 2012. Ward also ordered a pre-sentence report prepared by the Probation officer for this matter. According to the government’s case, the 13 year old victim, a student at Manumalo Baptist School, told police she had gone into the school’s science lab when the defendant approached her and stated “come here sweets”. Court filing goes on to say the defendant made small talk with the victim while he was still holding onto her which prevented her from leaving. It’s alleged the defendant asked the victim for a second time to “come here” and he allegedly pulled the victim closer to him and allegedly kissed her on the cheek. Victim told police that she could feel the defendant’s saliva on her face. It’s alleged then the victim pulled away and the defendant patted her buttocks. Victim told police that a similar incident happened with the defendant back in December 2011 before the Christmas break. The defendant is represented by Barry Rose while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Camille Philippe. PLEA DEAL FOR MAN FACING MANSLAUGHtER CHARGE Iuliano Tavale, a local firefighter, facing charges of manslaughter and homicide by vehicle in connection with the death of his oneyear old son has reached a plea agreement with the government in this matter. Assistant Public Defender Leslie Cardin, lawyer for the defendant, told the court that the plea offer from the government has been accepted by the defendant. However it has not been written and filed with the court as yet, and Cardin asked the court to schedule a change of plea date in this matter. Chief Justice Michael Kruse granted the request noting the continuance was for the purpose of ongoing discussions between the parties. A Manslaughter count is a class C felony that carries a jail term of up to seven years, a fine of up to $5,000, or both. A Homicide by Vehicle count is punishable by up to five years in jail, a fine up to $5,000 or both. Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Hyde did not object to another continuance in this matter given that the defendant has taken the plea offer. According to the government’s case, Tavale took his son to the hospital and told the doctor that he and his son were in a pickup truck when his son fell and hit his head on the dashboard and passed out.
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by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
Senate unanimously confirms Associate Judge for High Court
SOFIAS Outreach
“Empowering Fa’afafine’s to become better Citizens” Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 6:00am - 2:00pm - Lyon’s Park
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 3
In a unanimous vote of 15-0, the Senate yesterday confirmed the administration’s nomination of High Chief Muasau Tasina Tofili as the new associate judge of the High Court. Muasau , 61, of Faleniu, will fill the seat left vacant late last year when then Associate Judge Save Liuato Tuitele retired to become a candidate in this year’s gubernatorial race. According to local law, there are to be no less than five associate judges of the High Court, who shall be appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the Chief Justice and who shall be confirmed by the Senate only. In his nomination letter, Gov. Togiola Tulafono said Muasau’s exemplary record of service to his family, village and the territory make him a “superb candidate” to fill the vacant associate judgeship on the High Court. Muasau’s experience as an educator of the JROTC cadets and as an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance officer with the Human Resources Department “and his knowledge of Samoa language and culture lead me to believe that he will be thorough in his research, evenhanded in his decisions, and culturally informed when he considers matters which come before the court,” the governor wrote. The nominee appeared yesterday morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Lualemaga Faoa, for his confirmation hearing. Several members of Muasau’s family were in the Senate gallery during the 40-minute hearing and stayed on during the Senate session when the vote was carried out. Sen. Alo Dr. Paul Stevenson told the nominee that as a judge, there are no politics involved and “you become a loner”, which was supported by other senators. And as a Samoan judge, Alo said, Muasau’s important role as an associate judge is to be fair in decision making as well as protecting the Samoan culture. Sen. Lemanu Peleti Mauga noted that during Faleniu’s village curfew, Muasau is seen along the road to accompany the village aumaga and wanted to know why Muasau, who is a high chief, also stands alongside the aumaga during the curfew time. Muasau said that this same question has being asked of him before, and said he believes that it’s his duty as a matai, or chief, to serve the community as well as working along side with the aumaga. In the summary of Muasau’s professional experience, it states that he has been a senior ranking matai for the Mausau family since 1998. Additionally, he is very active matai in the family, village and community. “As a result of that, the village curfew of over 10 years, has been a strong attribute to the village/community and the territory since becoming a leader/matai,” the resume states. Several senators who spoke at the hearing, commended the governor and the chief justice for the nomination and called on Muasau to remember his duty as a judge when he is on the bench. Muasau has been serving as a board member of the Development Bank of American Samoa since last year, an EEO officer since 2003, and was a JROTC instructor for the local Education Department between 1996 and 2002, according to the resume. Samoa News understands that Muasau will now step down from his DBS board member post and as a compliance officer with EEO. Prior to returning to American Samoa and working in the territorial government, Muasau served in the U.S. military for 24 years before his retirement. Among the extracurricular activities that he enjoy, is golf, volleyball, fishing and cricket, and he is the team captain of the Faleniu men’s cricket team, “Tama o le Mua’au”.
6:00 Walk from Avau to Lyon’s Park Pick-a-thon at Lyon’s Park Zumba at Lyon’s Park 7:30 Light Breakfast 8:00 Presentations Begin 11:00 REFLECTION & SHARING 11:30 Lunch 12:00 Games 2:00 Closing
Calling out all Young and Old Fa’afafine’s to join us for this very important outreach, For more information pls contact 256-9030, 770-0694
Legal Notice
If You Purchased Municipal Derivative Transactions from January 1, 1992 to August 18, 2011
You Could Get a Payment for a Class Action Settlement.
A proposed Settlement has been reached with Wachovia Bank, now called Wells Fargo, defendants in a class action lawsuit that alleges price-fixing in the sale of municipal derivatives transactions by Wells Fargo and other companies. The case, In re Municipal Derivatives Antitrust Litigation, MDL No. 1950, No. 08-02516, is pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Who Is Included in the Settlement? This Settlement includes all state, local and municipal government entities, independent government agencies and private entities that purchased: (1) Municipal derivative transactions through negotiation, competitive bidding or auction, directly from any Alleged Provider Defendant or Co-Conspirator or brokered by any Alleged Broker Defendant or Co-Conspirator, (2) Any time from January 1, 1992 through August 18, 2011 in the United States and its territories or for delivery in the United States and its territories. The Defendants and Co-Conspirators are listed in the detailed notice available on the Settlement website. What Does the Settlement Provide? Wells Fargo will pay $37 million as follows: $20 million has already been paid into an escrow account and the remaining $17 million will be paid later. This Settlement is only a partial settlement of the lawsuit because it only affects the claims against Wells Fargo. The lawsuit is continuing against other Defendants. Morgan Stanley has already settled. Wells Fargo will cooperate with the Class Representatives in the litigation that will continue against the other Defendants. What Do I Do Now? Remain in the Settlement. To remain in the Settlement Class and participate in the Settlement, you do not have to do anything now. If the Court approves the Settlement, you give up the right to sue Wells Fargo for the claims in this lawsuit and you are eligible to receive a payment. Claim forms are not available now. Register on the Settlement website to receive a claim form when it becomes available. If you remain in the Settlement Class, you still have the right to exclude yourself from any other Settlements reached in this lawsuit. Exclude yourself from the Settlement. If you do not want to remain in the Settlement Class, you must exclude yourself. You must send a written request for exclusion by first-class mail, postmarked no later than October 19, 2012 to the Settlement Administrator. If you exclude yourself, you cannot participate in the Settlement, but you retain your right to sue Wells Fargo on your own for the claims in this lawsuit. Object or Comment on the Settlement. If you remain in the Settlement Class and want to object to or comment on the Wells Fargo Settlement or any part of it, you must file an objection with the Court and deliver a copy to Class Counsel and Wells Fargo no later than October 9, 2012. When Will the Court Decide Whether to Approve the Settlement? The Court has scheduled a hearing on December 14, 2012, at 2:00 p.m. at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, United States Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10007, to consider whether to finally approve the Wells Fargo Settlement as fair, reasonable and adequate, whether to approve Class Counsel’s request for reimbursement of litigation expenses, and to consider any objections. The Court has appointed the law firms of Hausfeld LLP; Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP; and Susman Godfrey L.L.P. to serve as Class Counsel and represent all Class Members. If you want to be represented by your own lawyer, you may hire one at your own expense. You or your lawyer may ask to appear and speak at the hearing but are not required to. If you want to be heard by the Court, you must file a written notice of your intention to appear with the Court and deliver a copy to the Class Counsel and Wells Fargo no later than October 9, 2012. The Court may change the time and date of the hearing. Any change will be posted on the Settlement website. Get More Information For more information on this lawsuit, your rights, or to obtain a list of defendants, call or visit the Settlement website listed below or write to Municipal Derivatives Settlement, c/o Rust Consulting, Inc., PO Box 2500, Faribault, MN 55021-9500.
In this Sept. 18th photo inside the Senate gallery at the Fono building, High Chief Muasau Tasina Tofili of Faleniu village had just completed his Senate confirmation hearing as the new associate judge of the High Court. The Senate unanimously [photo: FS] confirmed the nominee in a vote of 15-0.
For more information: 1-877-310-0512 www.MunicipalDerivativesSettlement.com
Faleomavaega commends our firefighters after battling wildfires in Northern California
Page 4
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
(BASED ON A PRESS RELEASE) September 18, 2012 — Congressman Faleomavaega today offered his congratulations and appreciation to the 16-member National Park Service (NPS) firefighting crew from American Samoa who returned home last night after 30 days of fighting wildfires in Northern California. The crew departed American Samoa on August 13th and journeyed to Redding, California where they joined forces with the U.S. Forest Service – Redding “Hotshot” Crew, an elite wild land fire crew trained specifically to undertake the most difficult, dangerous, and stressful assignments. The American Samoa crew comprised of members of the community, including employees from NPS, the local government, and local businesses, paired up with four members of the Californian team to make up the standard 20-member fire crew. Their mission was coordinated in partnership with the Department of the Interior Northern California Coordination Center. During their mission, the American Samoa team worked eight different fires, including fire line construction, mop-up, and fire line repair. The last fire on their mission was an initial attack on a fire that they along with the Redding Hotshot Crew were instrumental in stopping. They accomplished this mission by constructing and holding a key piece of fire line under heavy fire conditions. In order to qualify for the NPS crew, firefighters completed pre-requisite firefighting courses through the National Park of American Samoa’s annual certification training course for both park employees and local members of the community. They were then trained by the NPS through the assistance of Pacific Island Fire Management Officer Joe Molhoek. The National Park of American Samoa fire crew was established in 2000. Since then, NPS has sent out fire crews from American Samoa to combat fires 8 out of 9 years between 2000 and 2008. The last mission took place in 2008 until this most recent deployment on August 13, 2012. Firefighters are on call year-round awaiting orders by the NPS to assist with fires nationwide. “I would like to extend my congratulations and sincere gratitude to all of our brave firefighters of the National Park of American Samoa fire crew for their sacrifice and selfless act of service. I thank them for taking time out of their personal lives and responsibilities to attend to the needs of others. Their heroic efforts are something that all Samoans can be proud of and I thank them for representing our people admirably,” Faleomavaega stated. “I would also like to extend my appreciation to all who made this mission possible, including Pacific Island Fire Management Officer Joe Molhoek and DOI Emergency Operations Coordinator Ken Hood who trained and managed the American Samoa team in their mission. I also extend my appreciation to Acting Superintendent for the National Park of American Samoa, Steve Gibbons, and NPS Public Information Officer Michael Larson for sharing with my office the fire crew’s great achievements in Northern California,” Faleomavaega concluded. The following is a list of the men who represented American Samoa in the fight against Northern California’s wildfires. Members of the NPS Firefighting Crew Tominiko Fialua (NPS) Tamafaiga Sagapolutele (NPS) Kitiona Osotonu (NPS) Seugatalatasi Toloa (NPS) Anthony Wyberski (NPS) Salamanesa Eliu (NPS) Ikenasio Sagaga (NPS) Venisala Sopoaga (ASG) Foimai To (ASG) Tau Thompson (ASG) Puipui Faiva (ASG) Emerson Taiepisi (ASG) Faafetai Suani (McDonald’s Corporation) Maloloto Faleafaga Pouono Lomiga Lafaele Suafoa
Letter to the editor
Mo le Fa’atonu Ua ou tusi atu ona o le tulafono fou po’o se i’ugafono na faia fa’atopetope I le aso tofi 14, Setema 2012; e fa’asaga i le “TINT” o ta’avale la’u pasese laiti. O le fesili tupito! O a ni mafuaaga tatau ua a’e ai se tofa i le ofisa o le DOC po’o le ofisa fo’i o Leoleo e fa’asaina ai ona Tint o ta’avale la’upasese laiti? O a ni solitulafono o “Tint” o ta’avale laiti la’upasese ua fa’amaonia fa’aletulafono? O a ni a’afiaga ogaoga o le malo ua fa’amaonia ona o “Tint”? O ai o le malo ua maumau sona soifua ona o Tint? E maua ai ni tupe a le malo e fa’aleleia ai auala pe a aveese a matou “Tint” Fa’amolemole toe sasa’a le fafao, po’o le “Tint” e solitulafono, po’o le tagata soifua e solitulafono? Fa’amolemole silasila muamua po ua i ai se tulafono e fa’asaga i “Tint” ua pasia e le maota fono, ona fa’ato’a alu lea o tou pulega fa’aikila i luga o le ea ma le T.V. aua le silafia e le atunu’u. Aua o lo’u talitonuga, e fa’avae tulafono mo tagata uma, ae le mo na’o matou e ona tavale laiti la’upasese. Mo lo tou silafia, e i ai mafuaaga tatau o le a taua i lalo, e mafua ai ona “Tint” ta’avale laiti la’upasese. (a) A malosi le la ae ki le ‘ea o le ta’avale, e lagona lava e le aveta’avale le faitio o le pasese i le vevela e ui ona o lo’o ola pea le ea. (e) O le tele o galuega, e muamua fesili mai pe i ai se ta’avale “Tint”? A tali atu ioe, ona fa’apea lea; tuli mai la lena e lelei e malulu manaia le ea. (i) O le aoga foi o le Tint, e le sao i ai se pefu i totonu ma e mama fa’asoloatoa le tavale i taimi uma. (o) E tolu pisinisi “Tint” o lo’o i totonu o le Teretori o lea oute iloa. O le a la so tou finagalo i pisinisi a nai ia uso? O pisinisi na fa’asavali lelei a latou laisene e tusa ai ma ala o tulafono; a’o lea ua outou toe faaleaga e ala ia matou “Tint”. (u) E tele fo’i se vaega tupe a le malo o le a toesea mai le ofisa o lafoga i tausaga taitasi, ona o lea fa’aitiitia tupe maua a nai ia foi pisinisi. O LE UPU FA’ASAMOA “E A ULU LE TAFE AE SELEFUTIA AI VAISIGANO” O lona uiga, e a matou Tint ae afaina ai fua le malo ma isi pisinisi laiti. Fa’amolemole toe filifili tupe toa ma le manoa se tofa loloto mase utagao’o mo se manuia tutusa lautele mo tagata uma o Tutuila ma Manu’a ae le na’o ni nai tagata. Faia ma le ava tele, Soifua, TUITAMA’I EMANUELE
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 5
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
BEIJING (AP) — A car carrying the U.S. ambassador to China was mildly damaged after becoming the target of boisterous antiJapan demonstrators who were expressing outrage over a territorial dispute and marking the 81st anniversary of Japan’s invasion of China. The State Department said in a statement Wednesday that Ambassador Gary Locke was unhurt in Tuesday’s incident, and that diplomats have expressed concerns to the Chinese Foreign Ministry. The statement said around 50 protesters surrounded Locke’s car as he tried to enter the embassy and were eventually removed by Chinese security personnel. The incident comes amid heightened vigilance for American diplomats following violent attacks on U.S. embassies in Libya, Yemen and Egypt. The statement said embassy officials have asked the Chinese government to do everything possible to protect American facilities and personnel. People across China have engaged in days of furious protests over some East China Sea islands, claimed by Beijing and Tokyo, that Japan purchased last week from a private owner. The U.S., a close ally of Japan, has said it is staying out of the dispute, but it also been the target of Chinese anger. On Tuesday the dispute mixed with remembrances of a 1931 incident that Japan used as a pretext to invade Manchuria, setting off a brutal occupation of China that ended only at the close of World War II. China marks every Sept. 18 by blowing sirens, but demonstrations such as those seen Tuesday are not routine. Thousands of protesters marched in front of the Japanese Embassy, with some burning Japanese flags and throwing apples, water bottles and eggs. The daylong demonstration periodically spilled over to the nearby U.S. Embassy. The islands are tiny rock outcroppings that have been a sore point between China and Japan for decades. Japan has claimed the islands since 1895. The U.S. took jurisdiction after World War II and turned them over to Japan in 1972. The disagreement escalated last week when the Japanese government said it was purchasing some of the islands from their private owner. Japan considers it an attempt to thwart a potentially more inflammatory move by the governor of Tokyo, who had wanted not only to buy the islands but develop them. But Beijing sees Japan’s purchase as an affront to its claims and its past calls for negotiations. Beijing has sent patrol ships inside Japanese-claimed waters around the islands, and some state media have urged Chinese to show their patriotism by boycotting Japanese goods and canceling travel to Japan.
Demonstrators damage U.S. ambassador’s car
Obama: As president you represent entire country
NEW YORK (AP) — Rebuking Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama said Tuesday that Americans are not “victims” and that voters want to make sure that their president is “not writing off big chunks of the country.” Obama’s remarks came after a secretly taped and newly released video showed the Republican presidential nominee describing “47 percent of the people” as Obama supporters who depend on government and believe they are victims. “My expectation is that if you want to be president, you have to work for everyone, not just for some,” Obama said in a taping of the “Late Show” with David Letterman. It was Obama’s first response to the Romney video, which roiled Romney’s campaign and put him on the defensive about his views about nearly half the nation. The president appeared on the TV show before a night of fundraising in New York City. In the video, taken during a May fundraiser and posted online Monday, Romney said it is not his job “to worry about those people.” He was referring to what he called Obama’s lockedin supporters who believe they are “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.” Romney has since said he made his point inelegantly in trying to describe differing visions for the nation. “There are not a lot of people out there who think they are victims” or simply entitled, Obama said. Obama said people understand that the presidential candidates will make mistakes on the campaign trail. He said that includes one he regrets from 2008, when audio from one of his own private fundraisers had him saying that some residents of depressed rural areas get bitter and “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” Having said that, Obama added: “One thing I’ve learned as president is that you represent the entire country.” The president and Letterman also bantered over lighter subjects, with Obama joking about the Florida pizza restaurant owner who lifted him off the ground in a bear hug last week. “I think he fixed something in my back,” Obama said. The two men exchanged compliments on their appearances. “You look good,” Obama said. “You haven’t seen me naked,” Letterman said. Obama replied: “We’re going to keep it that way.” Later, Obama spoke to about 200 people at a fundraiser at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Tickets for the event started at $12,500 per family. He ended the night at a fundraiser hosted by pop star Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z at the rap mogul’s 40/40 Club. About 100 supporters paid $40,000 per person to attend the party, which was expected to raise about $4 million for Obama’s campaign and Democratic Party organizations. Beyonce, dressed in a red dress, said she and her husband support Obama because he shares their vision for America. She said the two were “pleased and proud” to host the event. Obama praised “Jay” and “B’’ and said first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia were upset with him because they were unable to go on the trip. Normally they are just as happy to skip campaign events, he said. Obama called Beyonce a role model for his daughters and other young people, and said she and Jay-Z are “generous” supporters of his campaign. Obama said he and Jay-Z share a special bond, beyond interest in basketball: “We both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are.”
Panetta: New Asia focus is not aimed to contain China
BEIJING (AP) — U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Chinese troops Wednesday that America’s new military focus on the Asia Pacific, including plans to put a second radar system in Japan, is not an attempt to contain or threaten China. Delivering his message directly to the young Chinese officers and cadets coming up through the ranks, Panetta tried to put to rest fears that the U.S. move to add forces, ships and a missile defense system in the region is aimed at the communist giant. Ever since the plan was unveiled by the Pentagon earlier this year, the U.S. military’s shift to the Pacific has fueled worries of increased tensions or conflict with China and its 2.3 million-member People’s Liberation Army. While the broad sentiments expressed in the speech were not new, Panetta laid out a more pointed argument that the growing American presence in the region includes an effort to build a stronger relationship with Beijing. “Our rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region is not an attempt to contain China. It is an attempt to engage China and expand its role in the Pacific,” Panetta said in remarks prepared for delivery at the Engineering Academy of PLA Armored Forces. “It is about creating a new model in the relationship of two Pacific powers.” He acknowledged that improving relations and building trust will take time and that, “despite the distance we have traveled over the past 40 years, it is clear that this journey is not yet complete, particularly for our two militaries.” Tensions between the U.S. and China have reverberated across the region, often focused on America’s support of Taiwan, which China regards as a breakaway province and threatens to use force to block any Taiwanese bid for formal independence. In recent weeks, territorial disputes between China and Japan over a string of uninhabited islands have inflamed the region and raised worries that the U.S. may back the Japanese. The U.S. also has been very vocal in blaming China for cyberattacks that emanate from the country and steal critical data from U.S. government agencies and American companies. “We must be clear-eyed about the challenges and difficulties that we face as two major powers,” Panetta told the military crowd. “We will not agree on every issue that comes before us. But we cannot let those disagreements and challenges blind us to the great opportunities that exist.” While Panetta’s meetings with Chinese leaders this week touched on many of the disagreements between the two countries, his address to the academy stressed the need for each nation to trust the other and try to cooperate and communicate more. It is time, he said, to stop focusing on areas of dispute and suspicion and see the potential in areas where the two nations can work together. Panetta’s message to the Chinese troops built on his speech at the security conference in Singapore earlier this year where he introduced America’s new military focus on the Pacific to Asian nations. He told the academy gathering Wednesday that America’s future security and prosperity would be linked to Asia more than any other place in the world, but that it also is a region threatened by terrorism, nuclear proliferation, piracy and natural disasters. This is Panetta’s first visit to China as defense secretary, and he is the first Pentagon chief to visit the academy. And while he did not specifically mention the new planned radar system in Japan that he announced earlier this week in Tokyo, Panetta issued a broader declaration that any such missile defense move by the U.S. was aimed directly at North Korea. Pyongyang’s moves to enrich uranium and test ballistic missiles are a direct threat to the security of Asia and the United States, he said, adding that “ballistic missile defense systems are designed to foster peace and stability in the region.”
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 7
Happy 7th Birthday
September 19
Princess Luapi Miracle ViialeAlii Sio
To a very special little girl on her very special day. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you with many more years to come. We love you Princess!!!
Love Always: Dad & Mom - Lyno & Cleopatra Sio Grandpa & Grandma - Kamilo Sape & Leilua Sio Aunty - Darlene Aumua Gibbons, Starline Samana Sio Brothers - Dee Jay Kamilo Sio & Raymon Sio And all your family in Leone
Legal Notice
If You Purchased Municipal Derivative Transactions from January 1, 1992 to August 18, 2011
You Could Get a Payment for a Class Action Settlement.
A proposed Settlement has been reached with JPMorgan Chase & Co., J.P. Morgan Securities, Inc. (n/k/a J.P. Morgan Securities LLC) and Bear Stearns & Co. (n/k/a J.P. Morgan Securities LLC) (collectively, “JPMorgan”), defendants in a class action lawsuit that alleges price-fixing in the sale of municipal derivatives transactions by JPMorgan and other companies. The case, In re Municipal Derivatives Antitrust Litigation, MDL No. 1950, No. 08-02516, is pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Who Is Included in the Settlement? This Settlement includes all state, local and municipal government entities, independent government agencies, quasi-government, non-profit and private entities that purchased: (1) Municipal derivative transactions through negotiation, competitive bidding or auction, from any Alleged Provider Defendant or Co-Conspirator or brokered by any Alleged Broker Defendant or Co-Conspirator, (2) Any time from January 1, 1992 through August 18, 2011 in the United States and its territories or for delivery in the United States and its territories. The Defendants and Co-Conspirators are listed in the detailed notice available on the Settlement website. What Does the Settlement Provide? JPMorgan agreed to a settlement amount of $44.575 million to be paid as follows: $24 million has already been paid into an escrow account and up to $20.575 million will be paid later. This Settlement is only a partial settlement of the lawsuit because it only affects the claims against JPMorgan. The lawsuit is continuing against other Defendants. Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo have already settled. JPMorgan will provide reasonable cooperation, including discovery cooperation, to Class Plaintiffs’ Counsel in the litigation that will continue against the other Defendants. What Do I Do Now? • Remain in the Settlement. To remain in the Settlement Class and participate in the Settlement, you do not have to do anything now. If the Court approves the Settlement, you give up the right to sue JPMorgan for the claims and issues in this case. The Settlement Agreement, specifically Paragraph 1(ee), which is available at www.MunicipalDerivativesSettlement.com, describes in more detail the legal claims that you give up if you stay in the Class. Claim forms are not available now. Register on the Settlement website to receive a claim form when it becomes available. If you remain in the Settlement Class, you still have the right to exclude yourself from any other settlements with other defendants reached in this lawsuit. • Exclude yourself from the Settlement. If you do not want to remain in the Settlement Class, you must exclude yourself. You must send a written request for exclusion by first-class mail, postmarked no later than October 19, 2012 to the Settlement Administrator. The detailed notice available on the Settlement website describes the information you are required to include in your request for exclusion. If you exclude yourself, you cannot participate in the Settlement, but you retain your right to sue JPMorgan on your own for the claims in this lawsuit. • Object or Comment on the Settlement. If you remain in the Settlement Class and want to object to or comment on the JPMorgan Settlement or any part of it, you must file an objection with the Court and deliver a copy to Class Counsel and JPMorgan no later than October 9, 2012. When Will the Court Decide Whether to Approve the Settlement? The Court has scheduled a hearing on December 14, 2012, at 2:00 p.m. at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, United States Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10007, to consider whether to finally approve the JPMorgan Settlement as fair, reasonable and adequate, whether to approve Class Counsel’s request for reimbursement of litigation expenses, and to consider any objections. The Court has appointed the law firms of Hausfeld LLP; Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP; and Susman Godfrey L.L.P. to serve as Class Counsel and represent all Class Members. If you want to be represented by your own lawyer, you may hire one at your own expense. You or your lawyer may ask to appear and speak at the hearing but are not required to. If you want to be heard by the Court, you must file a written notice of your intention to appear with the Court and deliver a copy to the Class Counsel and JPMorgan no later than October 9, 2012. The Court may change the time and date of the hearing. Any change will be posted on the Settlement website. Get More Information For more information on this lawsuit, your rights, or to obtain a list of defendants, call or visit the Settlement website listed below or write to Municipal Derivatives Settlement, c/o Rust Consulting, Inc., PO Box 2500, Faribault, MN 55021-9500.
Vt. man accused of crushing cruisers is charged again
NEWPORT, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont man charged with driving a tractor over seven police vehicles and crushing them is facing another charge. The Orleans County court says Roger Pion (PEE’-on) was arraigned Tuesday on a charge of driving with a suspended license. Pion already faced 14 criminal counts after police say he drove his dad’s tractor over six cruisers and a van at the county sheriff’s department in Derby on Aug. 2. Police say he then drove the tractor toward downtown Newport before they stopped him. They say he had been angry over a previous arrest for marijuana possession. Pion has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He received financial support from people worldwide after his arrest. He thanked them when he left a correctional facility last month and said he had no regrets. His lawyer says the latest charge “seems gratuitous.”
For more information: 1-877-310-0512 www.MunicipalDerivativesSettlement.com
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KOKUHON RICE To ensure continuity E X T R A FA C Y in transition years, LBJ set to hire COO
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by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News Correspondent
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
California Grown Product of the USA
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Top LBJ management officials are ending their contracts this year and for continuity a new two-year temporary chief operating officer position has been created. This was revealed by LBJ chief executive officer Mike Gerstenberger in last week’s budget hearings, where he and chief financial officer Viola Babcock fielded several questions from lawmakers in a hearing that lasted for more than an hour. At the beginning of the budget hearing, Gerstenberger explained that the FY 2013 budget proposal is close to $40 million and the largest single hike of $1.6 million in the new fiscal year is funding
allocation for the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) which was migrated back into LBJ in January this year from the Department of Public Safety. tRANSItION PERIOD Gerstenberger told lawmakers that the FY 2013 budget does not have any new permanent positions, but includes three temporary new positions. “Because this is a transition year for the hospital as well as for the ASG government. My contract ends this year, the CFO’s contract ends this year, and there will be a new chief of medical staff this year,” he pointed out. “So we’re having the same leadership transition as the rest of the government is. To make sure there is continuity, we have created a new twoyear temporary chief operating officer position, which will essentially be a number two position to the CEO and we anticipate filling that with a long term hospital employee, who’s familiar with the island and the hospital operation, so we’ll have continuity during those leadership changes,” he said. CARE MANAGEMENt Gerstenberger also revealed that there are two new programs included in the FY 2013 budget and one of them is the Care Management Program. “This really is a much needed…new initiative on the island,” he said. “As you know, we’ve long talked about the epidemic of non communicable disease” he’s said, adding, “ It’s getting worse, it’s not getting better.” “And we’ve seen large problems with non compliance of patients — patients don’t get their medication, their prescriptions filled — they don’t make their clinic appointments, they don’t get their laboratory testing,” he said. “We know who those people are. We have the unfilled prescriptions in the computer, we have the schedules for the clinics for people that make their appointments. We have not done anything with that information in the past. “We are setting up this year a separate department that will follow up on each and every one of those cases. So if you fail to get your prescription filled, a nurse or doctor will call you and inquire why. “And if we need to, we will come to your house and help you understand why you need to be taking that medication or getting that lab work done. We feel, we’ve got to make some dramatic intervention on the island in order to turn those numbers around, because they’re all moving in the wrong direction.”
(Continued on page 9)
➧ LBJ set to hire local COO…
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 9
He added that he personally thinks this program “could very well be a game changer for the health status of the folks on this island.” The LBJ CEO said there are a lot of reasons why patients don’t fully comply with what they need to do. For example, sometimes it’s financial issues — the person cannot afford to get all the required prescriptions filled. Sometimes, it’s a transportation problem, and sometimes there is no one to care for a child when the visit to the doctor is required. “...but none of those [problems] should be unsolvable” and this new program will assist patients, Gerstenberger said. HyPERbARIC CHAMbER The second program, which started in May is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Wound Care program, through the hyperbaric chamber, donated by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said Gerstenberger. He said the hospital now has two physicians and two registered nurses — all certified in hyperbaric medicine. “So we are up and ready to go. We have yet to find the first patient who meets the criteria for the therapy but we are ready and when we find those patients, we now have the tools and the smarts to be able to address
them,” he added. INFORMAtION SyStEM FUNDING “Also this is an important year for us in terms of information systems” Gerstenberger said and pointed out that LBJ is aware of the usefulness of an incentive program that the federal government has been offering as part of the Obamacare plan in which the territory “could receive up to $5 million in incentive money for demonstrating what they consider meaningful use of electronic medical records.” “In order to do that, we need to purchase a new medical record [computer] system” because the current system is not a certified system and does not qualify for the incentive program,” he said. “So we will need to select, install, and bring up trainers that have electronic medical records system this year. That requires lots of leadership and expertise in the Information system department that we do not currently have in our information system department.” So in the new fiscal year budget, the medical center has two temporary two-year contract positions of off island staff to bring here “to train our staff, to train our information service staff and our clinical staff on the use of the new electronic medical record system,” he said.
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Fa’amuamua Tagata
People First
O le fofo o fa’afitauli e pei ona fa’amalaulau atu, e faigofie pe afai e tula’i mai le kovana e FA’AUTAUTA ma fa’amaoni, o le kovana e AGAVA’A ma le kovana e LOTO TELE. O le ta’ita’i FA’AUTAUTA ma le fa’amaoni i le tau’aveina o ona tiute, a va’aia se fa’aletonu, e tu ma fesili, pe aisea. E le liliu ‘ese ma fa’ataga leiloa le mea ua tupu. E le fa’ailoga tagata po o le tagatanu’u, po o lona aiga, po o le faife’au, po o se matai, po o se tasi e maualuga lona tulaga i le Malo. Ia manatua pea i taimi uma, o le tofi kovana na tu’uina atu ma le fa’atuatuaga o le atunu’u, e ta’ita’i lona Malo ma le fa’amaoni. Ia “FA’AMUAMUA pea TAGATA.”
The solution to these complex problems is very simple but they require a leader who must be SINCERE and caring, must be COMPETENT and is COURAGEOUS. A SINCERE and caring leader is honest. When he sees that something is wrong or people are complaining, he stops to find out WHY. He does not look the other way because he is a relative or because he is a minister, a chief or a high official in the government. A SINCERE and caring leader must always remember that you the people entrusted him with the power to lead the government and do the right thing.
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Southwest needs power lines to become solar hub
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Pick any stretch of road slicing through the American Southwest. The sun beats down on the asphalt like nowhere else and heat waves distort the landscape. It’s here, in these open expanses, that experts say is a massive untapped source of energy that could meet the nation’s growing needs. But only if developers can get it out of the desert. Even as renewable power projects get a boost from the federal government, a lack of transmission lines prevent states such as New Mexico — where the sun shines more than 300 days a year — from converting the obvious potential into real watts that can charge smartphones and run air conditioners thousands of miles away. Aside from Phoenix, the nation’s sixth largest city, and Las Vegas, which glows around the clock, the region’s rural stretches — the ideal places for acres of solar panels — have few energy demands. And sending solar power from there to population centers isn’t as simple as loading coal into boxcars and shipping it cross country. “We have incredible renewable energy resources,” U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said during a visit earlier this year to a solar research lab in New Mexico. “The bad news is they’re where there are not many people. We need a distribution system that can accommodate that.” Transmission lines are key to developing the region’s solar resources. The problem is existing lines are maxing out, especially as the push intensifies to bring online more renewable energy. Building new lines can take years or even decades of cutting through a tangle of bureaucracy. Spanning some 200,000 miles, much of the nation’s existing transmission system is aging and will need replacement before 2030, according to preliminary findings of a new Department of Energy study on transmission congestion. President Barack Obama reminded the nation during the Democratic National Convention that renewable power sources will play a key role in his “all of the above” energy plan. And nearly 5 gigawatts of solar and wind projects — enough juice to run about 3 million homes — were fast-tracked this summer by the federal government. The Obama administration has also sped up permitting and construction of seven proposed transmission projects in 12 states, but industry experts say reaching into rural areas to tap more renewable resources remains a big hurdle. Transmission gridlock is looming on the horizon in sunny Arizona, where the state’s transmission capacity would be overloaded by just half of the proposed projects currently in the works. In the Northeast, wind generation has already been curtailed due to a lack of transmission capacity, according to DOE researchers. Utilities such as PacifiCorp., which serves more than 1.7 million customers in six Western states, are already pouring billions of dollars into transmission projects. Hundreds of miles of lines are planned from Wyoming south to New Mexico and west to Arizona and Nevada, where nearly 7,500 megawatts of renewable energy requests are already in the queue. By 2015, the industry nationwide is expected to spend around $66 billion on improving transmission reliability and building capacity, according to the Edison Electric Institute, an association of electric companies. But more would be needed to meet all of the nation’s needs. In New Mexico, there were 18 utility-scale solar projects in the pipeline during the last fiscal year compared to none in 2010. But major transmission proposals that would crisscross the state are still in the permitting phase. Some progress has been made in the last two years, but the lofty goals set years ago by former Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson to develop megaprojects and make New Mexico the “solar capital” of the U.S. have yet to be realized. Part of it has to do with competition. “There are projects being developed in Arizona. There are projects being developed in California. And the states that have an interest in developing solar tend to have their own resources,” said Jason Marks, a New Mexico public regulation commissioner. “They’re wanting to keep the money that they’re spending in their own economies,” he added. Making solar power into a reliable export to populated states is “the biggest game in town,” according to Abbas Ghassemi, an energy expert at New Mexico State University. “For most of these states, they’re looking at it for economic development and job creation,” Ghassemi said, underscoring the reasons why solutions such as cost incentives and utility quotas haven’t helped states like New Mexico catch up to California and New Jersey, an unlikely solar leader. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer recently said the success of the industry is a key asset to her state’s economy. Her comments came after learning Arizona moved up in the national rankings, becoming second only to California for the number of photovoltaic panels installed at homes and businesses during the second quarter this year. Nationally, the Solar Energy Industries Association reported more than 20 utility-scale photovoltaic projects were completed during the second quarter, marking the largest quarter ever for solar panel installations. At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, scientists have modeled what the U.S. would look like in 2050, and they say it’s possible for renewable energy to make up 80 percent of the electricity generated, even with existing technologies. Whether that comes to pass will depend on the price of technology, transmission capacity and policies and regulations that encourage renewable energy development. With more polls showing Americans favoring renewable energy and politicians looking desperately for ways to boost the economy, Adam Browning, executive director of the California-based nonprofit Voter Solar Initiative, said the will seems to be shifting. “Renewables provide a powerful solution that’s really about tapping into great American values of self-reliance, of technology mastery, of creating new industries that put people to work,” he said. “I really feel there’s a great political narrative to this.”
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
WHEN: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 WHERE: Rex Lee Auditorium, Utulei TIME: 9:00 – 12:00 pm
The TRI-agency Network: Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC), Protection & Advocacy (P&A), and the University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) in collaboration with the Advocacy, Inclusion, and Governance for All (A.I.G.A.) Self Advocacy project is hosting a Gubernatorial Forum on Disability Issues. All are welcomed to attend. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Parents People with disabilities Policymakers Educators Veterans Service Providers General Public TOPIC ISSUES Health ADA/Accessibility Employment Education Voting Rights and Access Entitlements
TIME: 1:00 – 4:00 pm
The TRI-agency in collaboration with Amerika Samoa Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) is hosting a Gubernatorial Forum on Family Violence: WHO SHOULD ATTEND Parents People with disabilities Policymakers Educators Attorneys Case Managers Public Safety TOPIC ISSUES All aspects of abuse Child Pornography Local law vs Cultural means Sex Offender Registration Notification Act (SORNA)
This ad is paid for by the Advocacy, Inclusion & Governance for All (A.I.G.A.), a project funded by the AS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council.
Mass. scholar: TSM MART Telephone No: 699-6312 Jesus cites wife in ancient script
BOSTON (AP) — A Harvard University professor on Tuesday unveiled a fourth-century fragment of papyrus she said is the only existing ancient text quoting Jesus explicitly referring to having a wife. Karen King, an expert in the history of Christianity, said the text contains a dialogue in which Jesus refers to “my wife,” whom he identifies as Mary. King says the fragment of Coptic script is a copy of a gospel, probably written in Greek in the second century. King helped translate and unveiled the tiny fragment at a conference of Coptic experts in Rome. She said it doesn’t prove Jesus was married but speaks to issues of family and marriage that faced Christians. Four words in the 1.5-by-3-inch fragment provide the first evidence that some early Christians believed Jesus had been married, King said. Those words, written in a language of ancient Egyptian Christians, translate to “Jesus said to them, my wife,” King said in a statement. King said that in the dialogue the disciples discuss whether Mary is worthy and Jesus says “she can be my disciple.” Christian tradition has long held that Jesus was unmarried even though there was no reliable historical evidence to support that, King said. The new gospel, she said, “tells us that the whole question only came up as part of vociferous debates about sexuality and marriage.” “From the very beginning, Christians disagreed about whether it was better not to marry,” she said, “but it was over a century after Jesus’s death before they began appealing to Jesus’s marital status to support their positions.” King presented the document at a six-day conference being held at Rome’s La Sapienza University and at the Augustinianum institute of the Pontifical Lateran University. While the Vatican newspaper and Vatican Radio frequently cover such academic conferences, there was no mention of King’s discovery in any Vatican media on Tuesday. That said, her paper was one of nearly 60 delivered Tuesday at the vast conference, which drew 300 academics from around the globe. The fragment belongs to an anonymous private collector who contacted King to help translate and analyze it. Nothing is known about the circumstances of its discovery, but it had to have come from Egypt, where the dry climate allows ancient writings to survive and because it was written in a script used in ancient times there, King said. The unclear origins of the document should encourage people to be cautious, said Bible scholar Ben Witherington III, a professor and author who teaches at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Ky. He said the document follows the pattern of Gnostic texts of the second, third and fourth centuries, using “the language of intimacy to talk about spiritual relationships.” “What we hear from the Gnostic is this practice called the sister-wife texts, where they carried around a female believer with them who cooks for them and cleans for them and does the usual domestic chores, but they have no sexual relationship whatsoever” during the strong monastic periods of the third and fourth centuries, Witherington said. “In other words, this is no confirmation of the Da Vinci Code or even of the idea that the Gnostics thought Jesus was married in the normal sense of the word.” These kinds of doubts, King said, should not stop scholars from continuing to examine the document. Those who conducted initial examination of the fragment include Roger Bagnall, a papyrologist who’s the director of the New York-based Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, and AnneMarie Luijendijk, a scholar of the New Testament and early Christianity from Princeton University. They said their study of the papyrus, the handwriting and how the ink was chemically absorbed shows it is highly probable it’s an ancient text, King said. Another scholar, Ariel Shisha-Halevy, professor of linguistics at Hebrew University and a leading expert on Coptic language, reviewed the text’s language and concluded it offered no evidence of forgery. King and Luijendijk said they believe the fragment is part of a newly discovered gospel they named “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” for reference purposes. King said she dated the time it was written to the second half of the second century because it shows close connections to other newly discovered gospels written at that time, especially the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary and the Gospel of Philip.
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 11
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Melvin Jungblut Mika Kaisa SusanaP K aisa Niveleti Kalala Leilagi Potogi Kamu Lia Kaulave JanetK ereti Paul Kiliona MargaretK ing Rebecca Kneubuhl Tanumaleu Koria Fofo Krietzer Foealii Kulika Julie Kunkel SukiK uresa Lemalu La’apui Lemalu La’apui Erving Lacambra ChevonneL afaele John L Lafaele Tuaoi Lafovale Tapuni Lagai Alataua Lago’o Yolanda F. Laie SamT avitaL am AlesanaL amY uen Samalaulu Lam Yuen EpatiL ang RockyL auina PotofuaL aulu Siaosi Laulu SamueluL aumea Vaolele Lauofo WilliamL auofo Tauapai Nuu Laupola Anufe Lavata’i Ane Lealaimatafao Malia Lealao Iteiteane Leaoa Penitila Kesi Leapaga Anastacia Leau Mainaivasa Leavai Junior Lefeiloa’i Frank Lefiti LanuL eiato Va’a Lelevaga TanieluL emau Sega Lemoe Televise Leo AimauL eota Garnet Leota Kirisimasi Leota Lupega Lepolo Anacta Lerma Faafetai Lesa PuaL etoa Fetapa’i Letua Puputi Letuli Wai Jerry Leung PenelopeL evaula Vaovai Levi SoomaloL evu Steven Lin Vaimaga Loa Perry Logo Tavita Lole Tiitiatalaga Lolotai MainifoL onetona FaimasasaL umana’i ToleafoaM abel JuliannD .M ackenzie Alafaga Maga Chadron Mageo IetiT M ageo Arona Maiava Matina Maisu Elisapeta Malaia MichaelM alala Falepule Malau’ulu Tafa’i Malepeai Nita M alu Faleasi Malufiti Atama Mane Jennifer Oi Manini Junior Manu Laufa Manu Ruby Manu Tina Manu Byrne Manumaleuna Faumuina Mapu Lusi Mapu Teresa S. Mapu Jean Mareko Janice Masau Naomi Masei Pone Matatia Wadiwadi Matatia Lepani Matavai Maotua Mati Peni Matia Sepetaio Matila OctoberU .M atua Tiana Maua Talitiga Mauai EdwardR M auga Petelo Mauia EdwinaM auigoa Leleo Maulolo Lotofa’atasi Maulupe Marsha May James Meaole DeepaM enon Fagaimanu Meredith Popoai Mika Koreti Mikaele Lopeti Misa Asaga Misaalefua Lopeti A.Moala MarkM oana AlbyL eeM oananu KussA .M oeai Faifaipea Moefono Lepelea Moenoa Tapunia Tinitali Moeolo Vili Moeolo Falelua Moi Taiu Moi Mareta Moli Damien Silia Moliga Deiya Moliga GwendolynM oliga Sainima Moliga Sau Moliga Eseneiaso Momaaea Lotofuatiaifo Morash Fa’agase Mose Togi Naosusuga Benjamin Navaro Emma Neru Renee Neufeldt Setefano Nila Moe Niu Fia Niuelua Fa Noa NickyN ofoa RichardP N omura OgeN ua Berger Nu’usa Japeth Iofisa KaleopaO i Fa’ateletala Olo SeeseeiO lo Tovia Olomua GaryO lson Inoke Otuhouma Seuea Paga Toetu Paga Sitailoto Palaita Julie Paleeaae PalemeneS helleyF ariss PalmE laineR egina Paopao Mose M PaopaoF a’apaia Papatu Livi PatiO papo Pati Malia Pato Ta’ele Folau Paun Nehemiah Tima Peau Joseph Pecorado Patrick Paul Pedro Sam Pedro Ainuu Peioataataoletaeao Sapina Pele Leusu Pelupelu Kuka Penitito Naolegutu Penu Tinou Pereira Susana Pese SamueluP eters Raymond Phelps NeilM orresP ilcher OnosaiL eoP ili Pine Pine Simona T Pittman Siua’i Piula SilaP oasa Pola Pola RobertP olk Tu’umafuaP oloai Merina M Pomale IlasaP P orotesano MirandaP orotesano Elaine Price ApaP ritchard SarahJ aP ritchard Fagaoleve’aP uaina Tuipala Pulalasi Va’asaP ulega Fa’amanatuP ulou GogoP ululipano Mau’u Puni RobertR eykal Susana Robberson Leli’aR oberts Duanne Rodman Marc Rosen PateaS Tu’ugafueS agaia Marcus Sagapolu LuckyS agapolutele BeverlyS ai Sealiitu Salaivao SimoemoeS alamo Doreen Sale Emanuel Sale Fua Sale Lealofi Salu EddieS amuelu Mindy R Samuelu LoteS anchez BenjaminS ao Patuitui Sao TS aofaigaalii Timothy Saole Billy Satele MalupeauaS atele SalamasinaS atele-Gabriel LusiS au PeteruS auilemanu MealofaS auni OlaitalosagaS auvao IoasaS avaii AnetereaS ave FaaaluS avea AnaS avelio MariaS canlan SandraG .S canlan WilliamS canlan Soonalote Schmidt Fred Schuster LawrenceS chuster AltonS eaver Fuanuu M Segi MafuaS eigafo HenryS eiuli Sofeni Seiuli Tafaifa Seiuli Kuinileti TAI Sele VenasioE .S ele Mele Semo Vevesi Semu Pua Sene AdrianB enjaminS erna IereM Setefano NikolaoS etefano Pavela TuaS eumanu Pusi Seumanu Michael Sexton SakaioS iagatonu Fetuli Siaosi DavidB S iatunuu Robet Fredic Sibley Lotomau Sifa Fa’aiviivi Si’imalevai MarcusS ilafau PeterK S ilao Vainuu R Sili Moetoto Silulu Fa’apepegutuS imeta TuiS imi CarolineS inavaiana Auauli Sinei Dammy Sio Tanoi Jr. Siope Sipoloa Sipoloa Si’ufua Si’ufua Filipo Sofara IoaneS olaita Tanielu Solaita Robert S. Soliai Luaiva Solomuli Ben Solovi Agnes Soonaolo FrancineS padaro WilliamE naS ptzenburg Lynn Stansbury LishaS teffany RudyS teffany Esther Sua LoketupeS ua ImerinaS uafo’a MelvinS uani MekotagivaleS ue Faapio S ui Rousie Sui Rousie Sui Laveitiga T. Suiaunoa SolomonaS uisala MarieS ului AgnesS unia Mereane Sunia PooaiS unui Pina Taale TagiT aamai PioT aape Elia Taase PaulT aele Loretta Taesali LeagavaaT T afaoa Saitumua Tafaoialii KalepoT afea RachaelT afua PalepaT agaloa Tuatagaloa Tagaloa VaioaT ago Tu’ugasala Tagoa’i FinesiT aimasa TemukisaT alafu SemoT alaoauau PepeT aleni Iose Tali Leuluai Tali TumemaT alia Tuiileva Taliau Sosaiete Taliiloa Fagogo Talili Tuulina Talili SamueluT alo Diana Tamasese PeteloT amatimu MuainaT anielu Taitoa Tanielu IosefaT anuvasa Sonny Taomia IoasaT aotoai Kirisimasi Tapasa Julia Tapu Tauva Tatupu Tafesilafa’i Tau TautalaT au AfaeseT auala Lopati Tauanuu Katerina Taufa’asau Silia Taugavau Falaga Tauiliili Philip Tauiliili RuthT auiliili-Mahuka Ruth Tauiliili-Mahuka TupuolaT aula Anoke Taupau Pili Taupolo MereaneR opeti T ausili TavitaK imona Tautai SaneleT autolo PorotesanoT autu Lagia Tautua Pai Tavares DavidT aylor AngelaT echur Penieli Tela Tufele Teleni BarbaraT ellef Malala Te’o Saofaiga Teofilo PepeT eva Sivia Thompson Lemoelefili Tia’i Setogo Tigilau Mary H. Time Iakopo Timoteo Ioane Tinoga Tagaiivasa Tipa Tina Tiumalu Rosalina Tivoa Tae’i Toalii PepeT oelupe Aulalo Jr.Tofilau HeidiI maT ogafau Talamoa Togia NofoaigaT ogiaso GraysonT ogilau FuatinoT oia Pi Toilolo Segio Toilolo MalotumauT olai Saiaiga Toleafoa Riki Tone Salote CT oo Sakaria Tua Tavita Tuaau FakauaT uafale PauloT uala Tufa Tueli Berd Tufele Fa’aso’o Tufele VioletT ufuga Faamalie T. Tui Siliva Tui Oliana Tuia RuthT uiai LarryT uiala Tuiala MeridianaT uiasosopo SaluT uigamala Nu’usoliaT uimoloau TyroneT uinei NeilT uioti Fuanuu Tuisalia Simanuali’iT uisamoa JohnT uitele HelenT uiteleleapaga NeoT uiteleleapaga RuthT uiteleleapaga WaitT ukumoeatu FaagauT ulei SaleT unoa NinivaT upua Tuaua Tupua LabanT urner Tauva’a Tusialofa TuuaT uua RebeccaU anitola TaupaoloU elese FaitoloU eligitone UluolaM aluU hrle AtapanaU iagalelei Roman Uili RemoniU la PatrickU lberg Litoleone Ulukita Kirisitina Umaleava KonelioU ti PemitaU ’u Tapuali’i Vaeauluga Lepaga Va’i Foini Vaifanua LonetonaV aina Ioane Vaita SalomeV aitoa MalagaooV aitului Galu Vala GeoffreyV ankirk Edward Vaovasa ChristinaV V asa AgigaV asaga Tusipa Vavae TufagaV avao Joseph P Ve’a Hiva Vili Liutoa V. Vili Vili Viliamu Paul Wells WilliamH enryW hite Talanoa Willams Roberta Wills Jimmy Yandall Seung-KwonY oo AnapogiS Y oung Karen Yuen
The following people have been recorded as inactive participants in the ASG Retirement Fund system and still have funds that are owed to them. If your name is on the list, please come to our office at the Centennial Building, 3rd floor with a valid form of identification such as a driver’s license, passport or CI in order to make your claim. We will not release any information over the phone. Thank you.
Aab, Atina May Aaitui, Lauliifou Afualo, Pago Pago Afuola,S imona Ah Ching, Michael Ah Hing, Filoi Ah Kuoi, Barbara Ah Kuoi, Rachel AtinaM ay Aab Lauliifou Aaitui Pago Pago Afualo Simona Afuola Michael Ah Ching Filoi Ah Hing Barbara Ah Kuoi Rachel Ah Kuoi Saia Ah Loe HenryJ.A iava NatashaA iavao Sina Ainu’u AkapoK A kapo OsemaR oland Akapo Flora Alailima Fuifuilotu Alaivanu Jonathan I. Alefaio TomaA leki PotoA lesio Panin Aliilua AlexanderM .A llen Venetta F.H. Allen MapuA lofaae AuvaleA lofipo Puaelo Amituanai Seepa Amituanai Saneterini MA mosaJ r Joseph Anderson Cathy Aolaolagi Tailua Apaisa Iosefa Ape Apelu F. Apelu Mary Aseta Lega Asiata Faialofa Asifoa Saitaua Asuao Elaine Asuega Etevise Asuega Oliolevao Asuega Vave Atafua Amose Atanoa VailaveaA tau RobertA timalala Ioane Atofau Reti Atualevao SamsonA tuatasi AnnawettaA tutuvanu AlapasaA uelua SakariaA uelua Lemauga Auimatagi PenititoA ukusitino RimoniA ukuso Puataunofo T. Aumavae Malia D Aumua Mikaele F. Aunoa GloriaS amanaA usage Laupolatasi Availepule David Banack Veronica Barbee Filomena Bartley Natasha Bartley Bruce Barton MarilynM aleuB artsch Peter Beales Reynold Belford Simoe Benn JacobB ernard Mikaele Bob Susuga Bourne Fa’alanu Brown FaalatauaB rown Roderick Brown Situa Brown To’aivaB ryce Naomi Burgess MarioE nriqueC airo Nam Soo Cho Bella C hoi Sina Church Ana Cramer FaamasinoD anieL Julia Davidson James Dillard ElenaD rewelow TaylorA .E aton Talalelei Edwards Faletolu A Ekeroma Soga Eli Falefa Elia Kenape Eliapo Oto E lisapeta Faataitai Ese Faatafuna TE sene EseraE sera Saofai Esera Fareti Eti PauloE tuale Vave Fa’aete Graeme Fa’afuata McCluskyF aagata MoliaF aagu Faigame Faalevao Fa’aliga Fa’aliga Malu Fa’alogo Poutoa Fa’alogoifo PusaF aaoso Faatili Faatili IakopoF aatoaga Leagafaia Fa’atoalia Fa’akomiti Fa’atulu Ali’itama Fagafaga Leuea Fagafaga Esther Fagasa FagavaoM artha Faiai Eric Fai’ivae SekoneF ailauga TagilumaF ainuulelei Aiga Faisiota Herbert A. Falani Pito Falaniko Dorothy Fale Merieni Gutu Faleao Jermain Falefia Tu’u Falefia Fagauli Faletolu Faletufuga Faletufuga Moimoi Fanene Lemapu Fanoga Feliuai Faoa Marsha Farrow Mataolo Fatu Pu’a Faumui Ailini Faumuina AlainaF aumuina Jame Faumuina Kalie Feagai Afatasi Feiloaiga Mele Silika Feiloakitau Maelega Feleti SarahL F epuleai Nu’u Fereti Fagota Fetui Malelega Fetui Ariana Fiame SioP elesasaF iame Suga Fihaki Leiloa Filipo Tana’i Filipo SamueluF ilivaa Nio S Filo Alii Filoi John Filson Waikiki Fitiaumua Mary-Jane Flora Fiapule Fola AmandaF oster Sopoese Foster Melinda Frederick Elia Fretion MartinA muelJ rF ruean FuaauF uaau Fuefue F Fuefue Darnall Fuiava Jay M Fuiava Feaualii Fuimaono Gafatasi Fuimaono Katherine Gabriel Albert Gaea Kitiona Gago Pat Michael Galeai Alfonso Galea’i Celeste S Galea’i Lemafaufau Galea’i Mafutaga Galea’i Pulefano Galea’i Aniseto Galo Taimata Galo CarmenG alumalemana Toaia Galumalemana Ann Marie Ga’opo’a Gilda Garcia Simoa Gatai Joan Gillis Akata Godinet Sherri M. Gray JovitaS G ulapa Bernard Gurr CatherineA liitasi Harmon FaapaiaH aro Michael Harrington Lisa Hart PisaN .H irata Murphy Ho Chee Maria Ho Ching Karen Hopkins Herman Hudson Faamalu Hunkin Taulalo Hunkin Francis Hunt TaaloloiseugaH unt Sauione Iakopo Shantel M. Iatala Folole Ieremia Shirley Ieremia Loleni Ierome Frederik B. Iese Theresa Ili Puniloa Imo Lisa Io Ioane E Ioane JewelI oane John Ioane Lemoa Ioane Paratisa Ioane Richard Ioane Tuli Ioapo Iona Iona Vai Iosefa Ieremia Isaia Mary Isaia Papa Isaia Konelake Jennings
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 13
$5.25 - Bargain Matinees All Shows Before 6pm $5.25 - Senior Admissions All Day $4.25 - All Day For Kids $6.75 - Adults
Topless photos ruling — 1st battle in privacy war
LONDON (AP) — Prince William and Kate Middleton’s aggressive legal strategy over topless photos of Britain’s likely future queen is the first salvo in what could be a decades-long tugof-war over their family’s privacy. A French court ruled in favor of the royal couple on Tuesday in their fight over the photos, but the scope of that ruling will be limited. The unauthorized topless photos of Kate have already been widely published in France, Italy, Ireland and on the Internet — lessening the impact of Tuesday’s court injunction against future publication inside France. The royals’ strong stance also included a bid to persuade French prosecutors to launch a criminal inquiry to target the offending photographer. The wealthy royal couple did not gain much on paper — the court-imposed fine was about $2,500 — but legal experts and royal watchers say the action was designed to demonstrate their willingness to use all legal means to prevent future press intrusion. That will become even more important when the couple have a child, who would become third in the line of succession to the British throne, said Joe Little, the managing editor of Majesty magazine. “This was done because they want to set a benchmark for the future,” he said. “They want to send a warning to anybody who might think of doing something similar in the future.” The fast legal intervention, which developed within hours of the publication of the photos Friday in a French gossip magazine, represents a break from Queen Elizabeth II’s traditional policy of using legal action only as a means of last resort. It also reflects William’s determination not to let the press harass Kate as it did his late mother, Princess Diana, Little said. Still, the case shows the unlikelihood of controlling photos through legal means once they have been published. Closer magazine was ordered to turn over all of its digital copies of the photos, but that has little meaning in a world where millions of copies can be made and distributed in the blink of an eye. The revealing pictures will follow Middleton for the rest of her life — not unlike the snapshots of her appearance in a charity fashion show wearing black lingerie and a sheer dress during her university days. “Clearly, the harm has been done,” said Christopher Mesnooh, an American lawyer working in France for Field Fisher Waterhouse. “Thousands, now tens of thousands of copies, are now in public circulation. A legal decision is a wonderful thing to obtain and the royal couple did exactly what they should have done. But you know the magazine is out there and I suspect most of you have already seen copies of that magazine, so the basic, the initial harm, has been done.” He said magazine executives had concluded in advance they had little to fear from an adverse court ruling when they decided to print the photographs, obtained by a photographer who trained a long lens on the royal couple as they sunbathed on a private estate in southern France. “Closer magazine has done a very sophisticated cost-benefit analysis,” Mesnooh said. “Whatever the amount of damages that a French court will award, it will be a fraction of the publicity that the magazine will have gained, as well as the number of issues of this particular issue of Closer magazine which will be sold.” Tuesday’s ruling only affects the French magazine branch of Mondadori, Closer’s publisher. A French court ordered it to hand over all digital copies of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge within 24 hours and blocked further publication of what it called a “brutal display” of William and Kate’s private moments. The court also stopped the magazine from republishing the pictures — including on its website and its tablet app — as well as re-selling them. Mondadori faces a daily fine of £10,000 ($13,100) if it fails to do so. “These snapshots which showed the intimacy of a couple, partially naked on the terrace of a private home, surrounded by a park several hundred meters from a public road, and being able to legitimately assume that they are protected from passers-by, are by nature particularly intrusive,” the French ruling decreed. “(They) were thus subjected to this brutal display the moment the cover appeared.” The photos showed Kate relaxing at a private villa in Provence, in southern France, sometimes without her bikini top and, in one case, her bikini bottom partially pulled down to apply sunscreen. The royal couple is also filing a criminal complaint against ‘X’ — the unnamed photographer who took the picture. The suit aims to flush out the mystery photographer’s identity and prevent him or her from spreading the photos to new locations. If the case goes forward, the photographer could face a substantial fine and a one-year prison term. But fines and prison terms won’t remove the photos from the Internet. Professor Tim Luckhurst, head of the journalism department at the University of Kent, said the royal couple has likely learned some lessons from the debacle. “The prince and his wife are going to have to think hard about what sort of conduct is acceptable for the heir to the throne and his wife in the age of the Internet,” he said.
Sgt. First Class Lisa Young of the 1048th Army National Guard Transportation Co. of Stratford, from Bristol, Conn., looks for family during a send-off at the William A. O’Neill Armory in Hartford, Conn., Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012. Nearly 230 Connecticut National Guard soldiers are headed (AP Photo/Jessica Hill) to Afghanistan to help transport personnel and supplies by air and ground.
The Campaign – Rated: R
Starring: Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, Katherine LaNasa, Sarah Baker When long-term congressman Cam Brady commits a major public gaffe before an upcoming election, a pair of ultra-wealthy CEOs plot to put up a rival candidate and gain influence over their North Carolina district. Their man: naive Marty Huggins, director of the local Tourism Center. At first, Marty appears to be the unlikeliest possible choice but, with the help of his new benefactors’ support, a cutthroat campaign manager and his family’s political connections, he soon becomes a contender who gives the charismatic Cam plenty to worry about. As Election Day closes in, the two are locked in a dead heat, with insults quickly escalating to injury until all they care about is burying each other. Because even when you think campaign ethics have hit rock bottom, there’s room to dig a whole lot deeper.
Friday: — 4:15 7:15 9:30 Saturday: 1:15 4:15 7:15 9:30 Sunday: 1:15 4:15 7:15 — “Discount Tuesday”: — 4:15 7:15 — Mon-Wed-Thurs: — 4:15 7:15 —
Sparkle – Rated: PG -13
Starring: Whitney Houston, Ceelo Green, Jordin Sparks, Mike Epps Musical prodigy Sparkle struggles to become a star while overcoming issues that are tearing her family apart. From an affluent Detroit area and daughter to a single mother, she tries to balance a new romance with music manager, Stix while dealing with the unexpected challenges her new life will bring as she and her two sisters strive to become a dynamic singing group during the Motown-era.
Friday: — 4:00 7:00 9:30 Saturday: 1:00 4:00 7:00 9:30 Sunday: 1:00 4:00 7:00 — “Discount Tuesday”: — 4:00 7:00 — Mon-Wed-Thurs: — 4:00 7:00 —
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
➧ Save-Sandra challenge…
Remaining on the Appellate panel are Chief Justice Michael Kruse, Associate Justice John Ward II, Chief Associate Judge Logoai Siaki and Associate Judge Mamea Sala Jr. SAVE AND SANDRA Representing Save Liuato Tuitele and Sandra King Young was Charles Ala’ilima who told the court that the Chief Election Officer (CEO) had denied their petition claiming that he does not have the authority to make a determination of qualifications of candidates and also citing the lack of time to make a determination. According to the brief filed before the court the petition’s appeal challenges the two reasons given by the CEO — lack of authority and lack of time — Ala’ilima said they are clearly erroneous in a view of the reliable, probative, and substantial evidence in the whole record. Ala’ilima added that Attorney General Fepulea’i Arthur Ripley issued an opinion on August 30, 2012, which clearly states the CEO has authority to review candidate qualifications challenges, and the CEO shall determine whether the nominated candidates are eligible for election. He noted that when Save and Sandra first filed a complaint about this issue, the CEO referred this matter to the Attorney General for advice, and the AG’s office chose to wait until August 30, 2012 to issue an opinion, which states that candidates included in statute must resign from their positions with the government in order to be eligible as candidates. “Resignation means a voluntary separation from employment.” He further argues that the CEO cannot use time constraints as an excuse to ignore his duty under the law. According to Ala’ilima’s brief the CEO refused to investigate, examine or rule on the challenge brought by petitioners. Ala’ilima in court quoted ASCA 6.0301(d), which says the CEO, shall determine the nominated candidates are eligible for election. He added the CEO cannot ignore his duties to determine eligibility just because he thinks he has insufficient time. Further he said, the CEO’s complaints about time constraints is undermined by his failure to address the issue in the five months after Save and Sandra raised the issue with the Election office. He noted the CEO has access to the Director of Human Resources and could easily determine the government employment status of candidates. The brief noted there is simply no excuse for the CEO’s failure to investigate and address this issue of eligibility of the challenged candidates even under the time constraints. Ala’ilima in his brief asked the court for future reference that the court must declare that the CEO must do his duty and address challenges to the eligi-
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Development Bank of American Samoa
P.O. BOX 9 PAGO PAGO, AS 96799 TEL: 633.4031 FAX: 633-1163
Attention all Section 1602 Project Owners and Prospective Tenants
Projects with 5 or more Units:
• Landlord may rent units to anyone who qualifies as low-income under the published low-income scale. • Maximum rents limits must be complied with • There is no Minimum rent required • Landlord must pay all utilities (not including phone and cable tv). • Landlord may not rent to their Spouse, Parents, Children, Grandchildren, Brothers, Sisters, or Grandparents. Landlord may rent to anyone else who qualifies under the published low-income scale. • Maximum rents limits must be complied with. • There is no Minimum rent required. • Landlord must pay all utilities (not including phone and cable tv).
Project with fewer than 5 Units:
For projects completed in 2011, 40% of all units must be rented to qualified tenants by 12-31-2012 For projects completed in 2012, 40% of all units must be rented to qualified tenants by 12-31-2013 ALL PROJECTS MUST BE COMPLETED BY 12-31-2012 Please report any violations of the above to DBAS at 684-633-4031 or at info@dbas.org Approved by: Jason M. Betham Sr. Acting President DBAS
bility of candidates that have been filed in a timely manner. Ala’ilima noted in his brief there are compelling reasons for the appellate court to determine the eligibility of the challenged candidates to allow testimony and evidence to supplement the record. According to the brief, since the denial of the petitioners’ challenges by the CEO arose from the Chief’s misapprehension of his duties under the law and not from adjudication on the merits of the challenge, the normal appellate remedy would be to remand with appropriate instructions. Ala’ilima noted the appellate court in this action has already heard from the CEO about the necessity for a quick resolution in order to print the absentee ballots. According to the brief, the CEO’s refusal to review these challenges if not appealed, could result in ineligible candidates appearing on the ballot. Those voting for an ineligible candidate are disenfranchised of their right to vote for an eligible candidate, and the possible disenfranchisement of votes in that circumstance is significantly greater that those few early absentee voters. CHIEF ELECtION OFFICER CEO’s lawyer Henry Kappel told the court that the statute, 4.0102 subsection (f) does not refer to the CEO, but rather to government employees who wish to run in the gubernatorial race and is a matter for the employer, not the CEO. He added that the CEO’s decision was correctly applied to the challenge and is not in violation of any law. Kappel added that the CEO and qualified absentee voters are unduly prejudiced because of Save and Sandra’s challenge. GOVERNMENt Deputy Attorney General Sale Alo noted that the government is not a real party-ininterest in this matter, but is named as a respondent in this issue. He said that the AG has issued an opinion, which is that — “just an opinion”. Alo noted the CEO could have sought and did obtain legal advice from private and other counsel rather than await the AG’s legal opinion. He added that the petitioners hinted at a candidate eligibility letter sent back in April 4, 2012 however they filed the petition on September 10, 2012. He said in his brief filed with the court, that it appears from the record that petitioners failed to follow up in their initial letter to the CEO or demand a hearing with the CEO of the board of registration. He told the court that the late-filed challenge threatens the rights of the American Samoa voters to vote for their selected gubernatorial team. The Deputy AG further stated that if petitioners prevail, four of the gubernatorial teams may be eliminated from
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➧ Save-Sandra challenge at High Court…
the race, and petitioners will potentially be placed in position to take the highest office of the land not by choice of the voters but by default. Ale urged the court to consider the impact of a strict interpretation especially when it will significantly reduce the option available to the voters this November. He added that the government wishes to point out that the practice of ASG employees campaigning prior to resignation has been the norm for many years, in consideration of the Samoan way of life, (fa’alavelave and other family financial obligations) requiring an individual to give up his job and perhaps the sole source of income for his family well in advance of an uncertain outcome is sure to discourage otherwise qualified candidates from seeking gubernatorial office. “Perhaps this is one statute that is due for revision and updating by the fono to reflect the actual practice and customs which have developed since its enactment 35 years ago.” The Deputy AG asked the court to deny the petition and uphold the candidate eligibility. TAUFETE’E Attorney for Taufete’e, Fiti Sunia told the court the CEO was correct in deciding that his determination of the qualifications as candidates for the gubernatorial candidates is limited to the qualifications. He said that ASCA 4.0102 (F) does not provide an additional qualification or eligibility requirement for candidates running for office — it is unambiguously — merely requiring the resignation of government employees before actively campaigning and that is the provision’s plain meaning. “It means’ nothing else,” said Sunia. It’s simply a personnel policy or rule for government employees, he said. Sunia added that if the Fono wanted to make ASCA 4.0102 (F) a situation that renders a candidate ineligible, it could easily have done so, however it did not. The Fono limited its ineligibility enactments to provision two, where it states that a person convicted of a felony is not eligible for election, and under subsection (E) where it states that a person separated from military service under conditions other than honorable is not eligible for election. He stated there is no doubt that the Fono did not intend for subsection (F) to be an eligibility provision. Sunia asked the court to deny the petitioner’s claim and uphold the decision of the CEO. LE’I Sharron Rancourt attorney for Le’i moved to adopt or echo arguments made by Sunia and noted that this appellate court lacks jurisdiction because petitioners failed to comply with the procedure for government appeals. She stated that Civil Appeals are government statutes that require a motion for new trial, a notice of appeal. Rancourt noted that the Appellate Court rules amplify the statutes and prescribes similar requirements for filing a motion for new trial /reconsideration and notice of appeal. She noted that the petitioners made no attempt to ask the CEO for reconsideration, and even if the appellate court were to disregard the statutory and rule requirements for filing a motion for reconsideration, petitioner still did not perfect their appeal. In her brief, Rancourt noted that if the court reaches the merits of this case, the legal interpretation of the CEO is not erroneous. SALU AND LOLO Salu and Lolo’s lawyer David Vargas argued that the Appellate Division of the High Court of American Samoa is not the proper forum to establish the record for purpose of reviewing an agency decision. The record, as a matter of administrative law, needs to be established by the applicable agency from which review is being sought. Vargas in his brief noted that the Petitioners, by chance or design, did not request a hearing to support the asserted basis for the challenge and, more importantly, made these demands at a time, which made it impossible for the challenged candidates to respond to, or meaningfully participate in a due process hearing on the merits. Additionally, the manner and timing of the challenge to the CEO on September 6, 2012 logistically precluded the creation of an adequate record for appellate review of the CEO’s decision. Vargas noted that the decision of the CEO to deny the relief requested at the agency level was appropriate under the cited statutes involved. A fair reading of the election statutes in Title 4 and Title 6 do not require the CEO to investigate or punish any candidate believed to be involved in campaign activity while still employed with the American Samoa Government. More importantly, Title 4 does not provide any guidance as to what the CEO is required to do when confronted with a situation as alleged by Petitioners. Vargas said the ASCA §4.0102 does not provide for a disqualification process, so it would appear that the challenger must not only in a timely manner inform the CEO of the charges but, at the same time, in a timely manner request an administrative hearing to allow the challengers and the challenged an opportunity to present evidence and otherwise be afforded their due process rights with regard to the allegations. Vargas argued that Salu was under contract with the ASG Department of Education as an Independent Contractor, as shown by her affidavit filed. Accordingly, she does not fall within the definition of a “government employee”.
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 15
NOTICE is hereby given that SAUITUFUGA SUIAUNOA of NUA American Samoa, has executed a LEASE AGREEMENT to a certain parcel of land commonly known as VAOVAI which is situated in the village of NUA, in the County of ALATAUA, WESTERN District, Island of Tutuila, American Samoa. Said LEASE AGREEMENT is now on file with the Territorial Registrar to be forwarded to the Governor respecting his approval or disapproval thereof according to the laws of American Samoa. Said instrument names MASEFAU & FALESA SUIAUNOA as LESSEES. Any person who wish, may file his objection in writing with the Secretary of the Land Commission before the 12TH day of NOVEMBER, 2012. It should be noted that any objection must clearly state the grounds therefor. POSTED: SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 thru NOVEMBER 12, 2012 SIGNED: TAITO S.B. White, Territorial Registrar O LE FA’ASALALAUGA lenei ua faia ona o SAUITUFUGA SUIAUNOA ole nu’u o NUA, Amerika Samoa, ua ia faia se FEAGAIGA LISI, i se fanua ua lauiloa o VAOVAI, e i le nu’u o NUA i le itumalo o ALATAUA, Falelima i SISIFO ole Motu o TUTUILA Amerika Samoa. O lea FEAGAIGA LISI ua i ai nei i teuga pepa ale Resitara o Amerika Samoa e fia auina atu ile Kovana Sili mo sana fa’amaoniga e tusa ai ma le Tulafono a Amerika Samoa. O lea mata’upu o lo’o ta’ua ai MASEFAU & FALESA SUIAUNOA. A iai se tasi e fia fa’atu’i’ese i lea mata’upu, ia fa’aulufaleina mai sa na fa’atu’iesega tusitusia ile Failautusi o lea Komisi ae le’i o’o ile aso 12 o NOVEMA, 2012. Ia manatua, o fa’atu’iesega uma lava ia tusitusia manino mai ala uma e fa’atu’iese ai. 09/19 & 10/19/12
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Similarly, Lolo Moliga is a political appointee and does not fit within the definition of an employee. Specifically, Lolo was appointed President of Development Bank of American Samoa (DBAS) in January or early February 2009 and resigned his presidency on June 30, 2012. The appointment was made under the authority of Title 28, Development Bank of American Samoa, §28.0103 (b) and, as such, Lolo Moliga serves at the pleasure of the Governor and the DBAS board of directors. Vargas asked the court to dismiss the petition on jurisdictional grounds and, if the matter is determined on the merits, it must be dismissed on the basis that neither Salu nor Lolo are employees within the meaning of A.S.C.A. 4.0102 (f). Vargas noted that the court should give serious consideration that the petitioners are to make a good faith and reasonable effort to determine the specifics of the employment relationship between Parties in Interest and the American Samoa Government. In addition, Petitioners should have provided more than mere conjecture and speculative information in their original challenge to the CEO and the subsequent letter of September 5, 2012, which was fatally lacking with regard to any evidentiary support in respect of the request for disqualification.
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American Samoa Government Consolidated Annual and Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) Program Year 2011 (July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012)
Notice is Hereby Given that the American Samoa Government will submit a Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation ReportCAPER) for Program Year 2011 to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) before September 30, 2012. The CAPER is a financial and public benefit summary of the Territory’s use and expenditures of the entitlement funds from HUD during Program Year 2011 to carry out priorities identified in the Territory’s Five-Year Consolidated Plan. Citizens and interested parties are invited to review the CAPER and Summary of Activities funded and their accomplishments toward Consolidated Plan goals. The draft CAPER is available for public comment(s) from August 31, 2012 to September 21, 2012 at the Department of Commerce and online at www.americansamoa.gov. Written comments regarding the CAPER shall be submitted to ASG’s Community Planning and Development Coordinator by letter or email to asghud@go.as.gov. A summary of public comments received will be included in the CAPER submitted to HUD. Comments may be submitted to: Petti T. Matila Office of the Governor A.P. Lutali Executive Office Building, 3rd Floor Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Page 16
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Paid for by the committee to elect AFOA L.S. LUTU & LE’I SONNY THOMPSON for Governor & Lt. Governor - 2012
➧ COUrt BriefS…
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➧ BOH fiLeS fOr interpLeader…
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The one-year old was placed on life support and died the next day. According to court documents, the autopsy performed on the victim by Dr. Ivy Clemente claimed the underlying cause of the hematoma was due to “blunt force injury” to the head. Court documents say Tavale admitted his son was injured in the car he was driving, when he accidentally hit the brakes. The one-year old was not wearing a seat belt. The defendant also admitted that he accidentally slapped his son hard several times prior to the incident. Tavale is out on bail of $15,000, and will be appearing in court for his change of plea on September 18, 2012. MR. AND MRS. MALAE DENy tHE CHARGES AGAINSt tHEM A couple held on $10,000 bail for each defendant has denied the charges against them when they appeared in the High Court Monday morning. The defendants are represented by Fiti Sunia while prosecuting is Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop. Mr. and Mrs. Malae entered not guilty pleas to the charges of tampering with witnesses and concealing the offense. The charges stem from allegations that Tau Malae and his wife Miracle Malae removed two girls from the territory who are alleged victims in a sexually related case that is pending in the High Court against Tau Malae. Each charge is a class D felony, punishable by imprisonment up to five years, a $5,000 fine, or both. The government’s first case against Tau Malae was scheduled to go to trial earlier this month, however the government moved to postpone the jury trial given that the government has charged the defendant and his wife with new criminal charges, alleging that the couple had removed the victims from the territory and relocated them in Samoa. The government’s first case against Mr. Malae accuses him of performing sexual acts with his wife’s two nieces last year where he’s facing charges of sodomy, two charges of first degree sexual abuse, two counts of deviate sexual assault and rape in the first matter. In the new case against Mr. and Mrs. Malae, court filing says Mrs. Malae paid for two one-way tickets for the victims. Court affidavits state that despite the fact that the government had in their possession the travel documents of the victims, new travel documents were applied for and had been obtained for them. Pre-trial conference date for this new case has been set for October 15, 2012.
MARISCO UNHAPPy Marisco, through its attorneys, sent an e-mail last Friday to the bank’s Honolulu attorney saying that the company had agreed to allow BoH an opportunity to have the High Court reconsider its prior order. “We were dismayed that the High Court’s denial did not even mention the recent order” by U.S. District Court Judge Leslie Kobayashi, according to the e-mail from Marisco’s attorney Mark Desmarais, and the email message is included in the bank’s motion. “We understand that BoH is in a difficult situation; however, Judge Kobayahi’s order was well reasoned and ASG should not complain since it agreed to [federal court] jurisdiction in this matter,” Desmarais said. “ASG’s forum shopping to try to involve the High Court should be seen for what it is.” Desmarais also noted that there is no stay pending the current appeal by ASG of Kobayahi’s order and no bond has been posted. “Marisco now demands payment of the funds due to it plus accrued interest in accordance with… Kobayahi’s order,” he said, adding that he is sure the bank understands that the “judgement has been unpaid for many months and unless the line is drawn now, ASG will continue to string things out.” Kobayashi had declared that the federal court in Honolulu has “exclusive jurisdiction” over the federal lawsuit by Marisco against ASG, who waived all rights in this case under a federal Arbitration Agreement. Kobayashi ordered the bank to release to Marisco the more than $800,000 frozen at the ASG account to pay for the outstanding debts. BOH’S NEW MOTION “BoH has no interest whether Marisco or ASG ultimately prevails as to the disputed assets,” according to the bank’s motion. “However, it cannot comply with this Court’s Order to Pay Marisco, and at the same time comply with the High Court’s Order to Pay ASG.” “Compliance with the orders of one court is tantamount to noncompliance with the orders of the other court,” it says and noted that BoH “is a neutral stakeholder in this dispute and, through no fault of its own, finds itself subject to conflicting judicial orders.” BoH asked the federal court to grant its motion on such terms as this Court considers appropriate, including ordering BoH to deposit the disputed funds to the clerk of the federal court, and directing the clerk to make disposition of the funds consistent with this Court’s order. Pursuant to federal regulation and federal court’s inherent powers, BoH further requests that ASG and Marisco be restrained from instituting or prosecuting any proceedings with respect to these funds, including further proceedings in the High Court. “Specifically, BOH asks that all attorneys for ASG, including counsel of record in this action as well as Fepulea’i Arthur Ripley, Jr., Attorney General of American Samoa, a member of the bar of this Court, and those acting under color of his authority, including his regular and special deputies, be enjoined from further proceedings with respect to the disputed funds in the High Court,” it says. According to the bank, “it would defeat the entire purpose and effect of the Hawaii litigation if ASG and its Attorney General, or his deputies — or Marisco — are permitted to run to another court to seek relief that is inconsistent with this Court’s rulings.” It says an order restraining ASG and Marisco “is both appropriate and essential.” In a separate motion, the bank requested the court for an expedited hearing on this matter.
Molimau Dr. Olosega i le pagatia o feagai ma tagata Manu’a
tusia Ausage Fausia
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 17
E tele ni mafua’aga na saunoa i ai le susuga i le ali’i foma’i ia Dr. Malouamaua Olosega, i le mafuaaga na fa’amavae ai mai i lana galuega i totonu o le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina, ae o le aotelega o mafuaaga uma, o sana taumafaiga ina ia faaleleia ma siitia le tautua o le soifua maloloina mo tagata o le Manu’atele. Sa ia fa’amaonia i luma o le komiti a le Soifua Maloloina/ LBJ a le Maota o Sui i le taeao ananafi, e le o aveesea le avea pea o ia ma foma’i mo tagata o Manu’a e oo mai i le taimi nei. O le iloiloga na valaauina e le taitaifono o le komiti ia Puleleiite Tufele Li’amatua Jr, ona o se fesili na faatulai e le Sui Fofoga Fetalai ia Talia Faafetai Iaulualo i le vaiaso na te’a nei, i le mafuaaga ua ala ai ona faamavae le foma’i sa galue mo Manu’a. Ae na molimau le alii fomai e faapea, “E sa’o o lea ua ou alu ese mai lalo o le vaavaaiga a le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina, ae le o taofia ai la’u tautua sa ou tauto ai mo tagata uma o Manu’a.” Na taua e le alii foma’i e faapea, o le tele o taimi e na te talosaga mai ai i le Soifua Maloloina mo ni mea e manaomia mo Manu’a, ae e leai lava se tali e maua atu. Na ta’ua e le alii fomai, i lona toa’i taunuu i Manu’a, sa ia va’aia le “mau i se pito filo” o le tulaga na i ai lenei tautua mo tagata Manua, ona soo se mea lava e mana’omia e fia faia mo Manu’a, e ui muamua i le Soifua Maloloina, “o le mafuaaga lea na ou manatu ai, e sili ai ona vavae ese mai Manu’a ina ia faafaigofie ai ona faataunuu gaioiga o loo manaomia.” Na fesiligia e le alii faipule ia Vaamua Henry Sesepasara le alii foma’i ni mafuaaga ua mafua ai ona ia saunoa, e le o tali atu le Soifua Maloloina. Na tali le alii foma’i, sa tuuina mai lana talosaga i le Soifua Maloloina mo se afa miliona e faafetaui ai tupe mai le feterale, ina ia mafai ona fesoasoani i le galuega i Manu’a, peita’i na fiu e faatali e leai se tali na tuuina atu. “Sa ou talosaga mai foi mo se fesoasoani i le faaolaina o ea malulu i le falemai i Tau, faapea ai ma le toe faaleleia o le aisa o le fale maliu, peitai e oo mai lava i le taimi nei o loo faatali pea,” o le molimau lea a Dr. Tuiolosega. Na taua e Dr. Tuiolosega i le komiti e faapea, o le maliu mulimuli lava na taoto i le fale maliu i Manu’a, o se tina matua, ma na toeititi lava faaletonu le tino maliu o le tina lea, ona o lo o pe le aisa o le fale maliu, ae na laki gaioiga sa ia faia na mafai ai ona foia faafitauli na tau tulai mai. O faafitauli o lo o feagai ma falema’i i Tau ma Ofu i le taimi nei, e le gata e le lava foma’i, e leai se paketi e faatupe ai ana galuega fai, e le lelei le fausaga o falema’i, le lava teine foma’i o lo o galulue ai, toe leai fo’i se ta’avale lelei e faaaoga e foma’i. “E leai se taavale mo le falema’i i Ofu, ae o le taavale o lo o i Tau, e le gata ua malepe, ae alu ma pe i luga o le auala, e le a’e foi i luga o le a’ega i le itu e aga’i i le faleaoga, e toatasi foi le sui o le EMS o loo i ai i Manu’a ae leai se Ambulance,” o le molimau lea a le alii foma’i, lea foi na lagolagoina e faipule mai Manu’a tulaga ia tulaga faaletonu. Saunoa Talia, sa vaai tino lava i le alii foma’i o lo o savali e faatino ona tiute i le asia o tagata mama’i ma ave i ai fualaau ma vailaau. Na taua e le alii fomai, ua i ai vailaau ua maea ona oka mai i Kalefonia, ma o lo o i ai nei i le falema’i i Ofu, ua i ai foi nisi o kamupani tetele mai Amerika ua malilie e ofo mai la latou fesoasoani latou te galulue faatasi, i le faaleleia o le tautua mo le soifua maloloina o tagata i Manu’a, e faatu toatasi lana tautua mo Manu’a.
Pasia Muasau avea ma Faamasino Lagolago Faamasinoga Maualuga
tusia Ausage Fausia
Le afioga i le Matua ia Muasau Tasina Tofili.
(ata AF)
Le alii foma’i ia Dr. Malouamaua Tuiolosega.
(ata AF)
Na fulisia le finagalo o le Senate e ala i lana palota e 15-0, e lagolago tofiga a le kovana sili, e pei ona tofia ai le afioga i le Matua ia Muasau Tasina Tofili e avea ma Faamasino Lagolago o le Faamasinoga Maualuga a Amerika Samoa. O Muasau o le a sui tulaga i le afioga i le alii Faamasino Lagolago ia Save Liuato Tuitele ua faamavae mai le nofoa, ina ua faalauiloa lona faamoemoe e fia tauva mo le tofi kovana i le palota lautele a le atunuu o lo o loma nei. Na muai faataunuuina se iloiloga e le komiti o Tulafono a le maota, i lalo o le taitaiga a le afioga i le alii Senatoa ia Lualemaga E. Faoa, e tusa ai ma le tautua a le sui filifilia, i le atunuu ma le malo. Na matua faatumulia le maota maualuga i afioga i Senatoa sa auai i le iloiloga, ae sa faatumulia foi le isi itu o le maota i uo ma aiga o le alii Faamasino. O le tele o finagalo na faaalia e alii Senatoa na taula’i lea i fautuaga ma timaiga i le alii Faamasino, ina ia faamuamua le alofa i le atunuu i soo se taimi e fai ai ana faaiuga, ma ia faavae ana faaiuga uma i le Atua e manuia ai. Na molimau foi sui o le komiti i le tele o tausaga sa tautua ai le afioga Muasau i le malo tele faapea ai le malo o Amerika Samoa. I faamaumauga ua i luma o le maota sa taua ai, e 24 tausaga na tautua ai Muasau i totonu o vaega au a le malo tele, ae 16 tausaga mo le malo o Amerika Samoa. O Muasau ua 61 tausaga o lona soifua. Na saunoa le afioga Alo Dr. Paul Stevenson, o le tofiga Faamasino e faasa ai le faapolokiki, ae i ai lona talitonuga o le faavae na faataoto e tuaa ua lagomau mai tiasa i le tofiaina o faamasino Samoa faapea ai ma le filifilia o Senatoa i le maota maualuga, ina ia mafai ai ona puipuia tu ma agaifanua a Samoa. Na saunoa Senatoa Fuata Dr. Iatala e faapea, ua taunuu lana tala sa fai i totonu o le maota i se tasi o iloiloga, i tupulaga talavou o lo o auina atu i fafo e aoao le poto, lea ua toe foi mai ma tautua le atunuu.
Na fesiligia e le alii Senatoa ia Lemanu Peleti Mauga ia Muasau, pe aisea e mafua ai ona vaaia lona tino i leoleoga a le aumaga a le afioaga o Faleniu i afiafi uma, ae o ia o se matai maualuga, e le tatau ona auai i tulaga faapea. Na tali le alii Faamasino, o lona lava lea faanaunauga, ia mafai ona latou galulue faatasi ma le tupulaga talavou a lona nuu, ina ia avatu i ai fautuaga ma timaiga, aua i lona talitonuga o le tiute lena o le matai e tatau ona fai. Saunoa Lemanu, e le o matai uma o le atunuu e fiafia e fai le ituaiga tautua, peitai o le aofia ai o le alii faamasino i lea tautua, ua avea ai o se faataitaiga lelei mo isi matai uma ina ia galulue faatasi mo le manuia o nuu ma itumalo. O le toatele o Senatoa sa o latou taua le lava o le tomai ma le poto ua ia Muasau, na te faataunuuina ai lona tiute faa faamasino. Sa latou taua foi, o lana tautua ma ona agavaa ua talafeagai ai o ia mo le tofiga, peitai na saunoa le afioga i le alii Senatoa ia Galea’i Tuufuli, tusa lava pe ua lava le tomai ma le agavaa i soo se tagata, ae a le ole atu i le Atua e aumai le poto e taitai ai le atunuu, e pei ona faia e le tupu o Solomona, e le manuia ana fuafuaga e fai. Na faaiu le saunoaga a Galea’i i lana fautuaga i le alii faamasino, “ina ia saili i le Atua e aumai ai le poto e faatino ai lana galuega.” I se tusi a le alii kovana i le peresetene o le Senate i le aso 5 Setema 2012, sa ia tuuina atu i ai le suafa o le afioga i le Matua ia Muasau e faapasia, ina ua ia tofia e fai ma faamasino lagolago o le faamasinoga. I se vaega o le tusi a le afioga i le matua ia Togiola Tulafono ia Gaoteote sa ia taua ai e faapea, o tusitusiga o loo faamaumau ai le tautua a Muasau i lona aiga, nuu ma le teritori, ua fai ma faamaoniga maoa’e e avea ai o ia o se tasi na te faatumuina le avanoa o le faamasino lagolago i le Faamasino Sili. O tomai masani a Muasau e le gata o ia o le faiaoga mo fitafita faaa’oa’o ae o lana tautua foi i le Matagaluega o Tagata Faigaluega a le malo. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
Page 18
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Katherine Kim Academy
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GAOI tAAVALE, SUI AtOA tINO MA AFI, AE tOE FAAtAU AtU E 30 tausaga o se alii mai Aleisa ma Faleasiu o Chris Stehlin, o lo o i lalo nei o le vaavaiga a leoleo ae o lo o tau sailia pea se tasi o alii sa la toalua, i le faatinoina lea o se soligatulafono matautia tele ua alia’e mai i totonu o le atunuu, o le gaoia lea o taavale ma ave sui atoa tino ma latou afi. O le aso ananafi lea na oo ai malu o le malo i se tasi o fale inisinia ma aumai ai nei taavale afi sa faapea ona lipotia muamua mai ua gaoia. E oo atu malu o le malo, ua maea ona tala uma itutino o taavale, e oo lava i ona totoga, ma ua suia foi tino o nei taavale. O le aso ananafi lea na oo atu ai se tasi o aiga e ona le isi taavale, ma ave le latou taavale, ao le aso lea na oo atu ai nisi o aiga e faamautinoa a latou taavale, lea na lipotia muamua mai ua leiloloa pe gaoia. A o se popolega tele i le afioga i le komesina lagolago o le matagaluega o leoleo ma falepuipui, ona o le matautia o lea foi ituaiga soligatulafono, ua uma taimi na o le gaoi o le taavale, faaaoga ma toe faafoi, a o lea ua oo i le taimi o le gaoi, suia uma itutino o le taavale ma faafaigata ai ona iloa e tagata o lo o sailia a latou taavale. O lo o faapea foi la ona faatautaia le suesuega a leoleo faapea le sui o le matagaluega o leoleo mai Niu Sila i le alii lea ua molia nei o Chris Stehlin, ona e i ai le talitonuga sa ia faatautaia foi ia ituaiga soligatulafono a o nofo ai o ia i Niu Sila. O lo o sailia pea e leoleo le isi alii lea na toalua ma Stehlin i le faatinoga o lea foi soligatulafono. MAUA I tOtONU O LE CD FUFULU LAAU NI AtA LEAGA O lo o faagasolo foi suesuega a leoleo i le mataupu i le faleoloa o lo o faafoeina e ni tagata Saina, o le Coin Save, lea na faapea na latou faatauina ni oloa o lo o i ai ni ata le talafeagai. Na faailoa e le sooupu a le ofisa o leoleo, le afioga a Leaupepe Fatu Pula e faapea, o se tasi o paaga a le faleoloa lenei o le Coin Save sa oo atu e faatau se CD e faaaoga e fufulu ai lana laau, ae ia maua ai o lo o i ai ni ata e le talafegai ma le vaai i totonu o lea CD fufulu laau. Lea la sa ia oo atu ai i le matagaluega o pisinisi, alamanuia ma leipa ma faaali ai lona atugaluga. Sa faailoa mai e Leaupepe e tele ni CD na o latou maua o lo o faatauina e le Coin Save, ae le o mautinoa i le taimi nei pe na silafia e le faleoloa, o lo o iai ni ata le talafegai i totonu o CD.
Saunia: LAF/Naenae Productions
Phone no: 699-4936
• Reflexology
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NOTICE is hereby given that FIU JOHNNY SAELUA of LEONE American Samoa, has executed a LEASE AGREEMENT to a certain parcel of land commonly known as VESI which is situated in the village of LEONE, in the County of FOFO, WESTERN District, Island of Tutuila, American Samoa. Said LEASE AGREEMENT is now on file with the Territorial Registrar to be forwarded to the Governor respecting his approval or disapproval thereof according to the laws of American Samoa. Said instrument names PERETANA TIMA SR. & PERETANA TIMA JR. as LESSEES. Any person who wish, may file his objection in writing with the Secretary of the Land Commission before the 12TH day of NOVEMBER, 2012. It should be noted that any objection must clearly state the grounds therefor. POSTED: SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 thru NOVEMBER 12, 2012 SIGNED: TAITO S. B. White, Territorial Registrar O LE FA’ASALALAUGA lenei ua faia ona o FIU JOHNNY SAELUA ole nu’u o LEONE, Amerika Samoa, ua ia faia se FEAGAIGA LISI, i se fanua ua lauiloa o VESI, e i le nu’u o LEONE i le itumalo o FOFO, Falelima i SISIFO ole Motu o TUTUILA Amerika Samoa. O lea FEAGAIGA LISI ua i ai nei i teuga pepa ale Resitara o Amerika Samoa e fia auina atu ile Kovana Sili mo sana fa’amaoniga e tusa ai ma le Tulafono a Amerika Samoa. O lea mata’upu o lo’o ta’ua ai PERETANA TIMA SR. & PERETANA TIMA JR.. A iai se tasi e fia fa’atu’i’ese i lea mata’upu, ia fa’aulufaleina mai sa na fa’atu’iesega tusitusia ile Failautusi o lea Komisi ae le’i o’o ile aso 12 o NOVEMA, 2012. Ia manatua, o fa’atu’iesega uma lava ia tusitusia manino mai ala uma e fa’atu’iese ai. 09/19 & 10/19/12
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Taua foi e Leaupepe, a faamaonia nei moliaga, e ono faamuta ai le laisene ma le auaunaga a lenei faleoloa i totonu o le atunuu. LEAI SE FUAFUAGA A LE PULEGA O UAFU E VAEA LANA AUFAIGALUEGA Ua faaalia e le Pulega o Uafu ma Taulaga e faapea, e leai se fuafuaga e vaea pe faamalolo se vaega o lana aufaigaluega, e pei ona taua i tusitusiga i nusipepa ma faasalalauga i TV ma leitio. O le vaiaso na sei mavae atu nei na laga ai lea mataupu i se feiloaiga a tusitala ma le Itu Agai, le vaega faaupufai o le Tautua Samoa, lea na faaalia ai e le taitai, le afioga Palusalue Faapo II, le tele o tupe maimau a le malo o lo o faaalu i nisi o atinae a le Pulega o le Uafu, e pei o le uafu i Aleipata, lea ua oo ai lava i le tulaga o le a faamalolo ai nisi o le aufaigaluega ona o le ititi o tupe maua a le pulega. Peitai ua faaalia manino mai e le pule sili lagolago o le Pulega o Uafu, le susuga Tufuga Fagaloa Tufuga, le sese o nei faamatalaga ona e le o i ai se fuafuaga faapea a le pulega vagana ai le lipoti i le faatinoga o se iloiloga. Peitai, e lei faia se faaiuga pe ua faatinoina foi e le pulega sea fuafuaga. Na ia faaalia foi, o lo o faatino i le taimi nei galuega masani o le sueina o tusi a le pulega ma e ono aafia ai le faatinoina o ia galuega i faasalalauga ma tusitusiga faapenei. E ui i lea, o lo o faatinoina pea galuega masani a le pulega. MAUA SE GAtA I FAAtOIA Ua faateia le mamalu o le afioaga o Faatoia ina ua maua se gata i o latou laufanua. O lea gata na faamatalaina e le alii na mauaina e faapea, e umi lanu uliuli, efuefu paepae, ae lei faamautuina mai po o le a tonu lea ituaiga gata. Na faaalia e le alii o Tanu Nepo e faapea, na ia mauaina lea gata i le po i le nofoaga e paka ai le taavale a lona tuaoi. “Na ou tago atu lava uu mai ma lou manatu o se fasi laau, e ta ai le maile,” o le faamatalaga lea a Nepo. “Ma lou faalogo atu, ua minoi. Sa faapea loa ona ou vaai lelei i ai ma ou iloa ai o se gata.” Sa faapea ona tuu e Nepo lea gata i totonu o se taga, seia oo ina ua taunuu atu sui o le ofisa o le siosiomaga ma aveese mai i le aso na sosoo ai. Na faaalia e le vaega o le puipuiga o le siosiomaga a le Matagaluega o Punaoa faanatura ma le Siosiomaga e faapea, o lo o latou suesueina auiliili nei laufanua e lalata ane i le nofoaga na maua ai lea gata, pe le o i ai nisi gata. Ua maea nei ona auina atu i fafo ia ata o le gata sa maua ina ia faamautu mai ai po o le a lea ituaiga gata. Na faamaonia mai foi e le ofisa o le siosiomaga e faapea, ua mate le gata na maua i Faatoia, ae semanu e tuufua mai ai ni tamai gata e 15, sa ia tauaveina i lona manava.
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
Fa’asao Malie & I’a Ua Fa’aititia o le Gataifale…
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 19
O lo ua logo mai, o le a faia le fonotaga fa’alaua’itele e fa’aalia ai se mau, ia taumafai tagatanu’u uma o Amerika Samoa e auaufa’atasi ina ia fa’asao so’o se ituaiga o Malie, ma isi ituaiga o I’a ua tau le toe va’aia pe ua fa’aititia lo latou faitau a’ofai i le gataifale. 1/ So’o se ituaiga o Malie o le gataifale. 2/ Ataata - Large Grouper 3/ Lalafi - Hump Head Wrasse 4/ Laea Ulumalo -Bump Head Parrot Fish. O le aofia ua vala’auina fa’apitoa o le mamalu lea i le Aufaifaiva o le atunu’u, ia o mai uma ina ia fa’afofoga, aua e le tatau ona toe tuta mai se va’a, ua aumaia ai i’a nei i o latou faiva. Eui la i le Aufaifaiva i Alia, ae o le vasega o Tautai o le Gataifale i va’a i’a tetele nei e fagotaina mai le I’a mo le toe fa’ao’o atu e fa’atau, pe o le fa’ao’o i Kamupani I’a mo le gaosiga o Apa I’a, o le vasega tonu lea o le aufai faiva e mo’omia lava ona fa’afofoga, ma fa’aali o latou taofi e tusa o lenei Mau o le a tamauina pe a mae’a lenei fesilafa’iga e fetufa’i ai manatu. Ua fa’aalia e le Fa’atonu o le DMWR, Ufagafa Ray Tulafono, “O lenei fonotaga e ao ina faia, a’o le’i tamauina lenei Fa’asao o i’a nei, ma e talafeagai ona fa’aalia so’o se taofi o le mamalu lautele i lenei fonotaga, ia le faia se mea, ae le o malamalama le atunu’u ae maise le Aufaifaiva, aua o le fa’asa lenei e pei lava o isi fa’asa ua masani ai le atunu’u, ua faia e lenei fo’i matagaluega, ia mataituina le taofiofi o le so’ona fagota o tatou ogasami o le gataifale, ma mou atu ai nei fo’i i’a, ae o i’a fo’i nei o i’a tetele o latou tino.” O lo’o ua va’ava’alua le fa’atautaiga o lenei fa’asa, ua fa’amalosia mai fo’i e le NOAA, ae maise ai o le Fa’alapotopotoga o le “Sharks Conservation NGO” lea e auai lona sui i lea fonotaga, Jen Sawada. Pe afai e mae’a fonotaga nei e fa’alaua’itele ona fa’atautaia, ina ia maua le aotelega o manatu fa’aalia o le atunu’u, ona tamau lea o le sa ona toe talia o ni fagotaga o i’a ua ta’ua i luga. E o’o fo’i i Apaapa Malie, ua mae’a tapunia Kamupani sa latou gaosia ia vaega o malie. Sa fa’ataga ona fagota le Malie, ae taofia le toe la’uina mai na’o o latou apaapa, ae ia aumai atoa le i’a. I le taimi nei, ua le toe i ai se avanoa, ua fa’asa motu mea! O lo ua fa’ailoa mai, ua o gatasi le vasega o le Aufaifaiva i va’a alia ma paopao, ma le vasega o lo’o fagota i va’a
tetele Purseiners ma Longline Fishing, ua matua le toe talia se malie o so’o se ituaiga e fagota mai. E tolu tausaga o le a tamau ai lenei fa’asa, ona fa’ato’a toe faia lea o su’esu’ega pe mata e toe tatala le sa, pe fa’aauau mo le isi 3tausaga ona faia lea o le sailiga pe ua tulaga lelei mai le aofai o nei i’a, ae toe tatala le sa mo sina vaitaimi toe tamau fo’i lea. O se isi fa’asa o lo’o i ai pea, o le fa’aaogaina lea o mea maulu ae fagota ai, peita’i, e fa’ataga lava le maulu o le tautai e faia lona faia i le mata. Ua atoa nei le 10 tausaga o lo’o fa’amalosia pea lea fa’asa o scuba diving fishing.
O se tasi o paga mata’ina i le aso fiafia o Mr & Mrs Wei.
[ata: foa’i]
Be advised that the TA’ITA’ITAMA Prevent Underage Drinking Initiative in collaboration with the Department of Public Safety
will continue to conduct alcohol compliance checks in your area. Please remember that selling alcoholic beverages to a person less than 21 years of age is illegal per American Samoa Code, Title 27, Chapter 05; Section 27.0531: “No licensee may sell any alcoholic beverage to any person under 21.”
American Samoa is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its people. Our priority issue is to combat and prevent underage drinking and the problems that arise from this illegal activity.
Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBST)
WHO SHOULD ATTEND? All staff of licensed alcohol vendors including: bartenders, waiters/waitresses, managers, owners, store cashiers etc. WHAT? A 3-hour merchant education course that covers the following key topics: American Samoa Alcohol Laws, How Alcohol Effects the Body, Preventing Intoxication, How to Refuse Service, Preventing Disturbances & Liability. Pre-Registration Required. Training materials are available in Korean, Chinese and Filipino. WHEN? 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. - September 12, 26, October 10, 24, November 14, 28, December 12 & 19. HOW TO REGISTER? Call: 699-2222 or Email: taitaitama@gmail.com Classes are on a First Come, First Serve Basis. Call Today to Register! For additional information, feel free to contact the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws-EUDL Program at 699-2222.
DHSS & ABC Board
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
O se va’aiga i le to’afilemu o le vasa manino i o tatou gataifale, ae maise o le matagofie o le tutula’i mai o le Maota o le Atunu’u, i le malae o le Su’igaula o le Atuvasa. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
VAEGA: 30 Malo le soifua manuia i le mamalu o le atunu’u i lenei taeao fou, malo lava le soifua, ae alo maia o le toe fa’aauauina fo’i lenei o la tatou tala fa’asolo e pei ona masani ai. ia se’i vavae fo’i a tatou foe i sina tatou poka feololo e le lelei tele. O se kamupani o lo’o i totonu o le atunu’u, sa faigaluega ai ni tama e to’avalu. O le ali’i la e igoa ia Kepa, o ia e supavaisa, o le ali’i palagi e igoa ia Jim, o ia e onaina le kapumani lenei. Na i ai le aso sa pisi ai lava le kamupani ona o le aso tonu lea ua taunu’u ai le va’a la’uoloa i luga o le uafu. Na o ai la Jim ma Kepa ma Lolesio, fa’atasi ma isi tama. Na fai nei le fa’atonuga a Jim ia Kepa e la’u muamua mai i fafo ia taga sima, ona o lo’o mo’omia tele e le kamupani i se taimi vave. E u mai le tua o Jim, ae liliu ane Kepa fai le fa’atonuga ia Lolesio, e la’u muamua mai i fafo laupapa. Ua amata loa ma le galuega a nai tama nei, e toe fo’i atu le ali’i pule o Jim, ua ta’atitia mai laupapa ae o lo’o tu’u mai pea i totonu o le koneteina ia taga sima. Na lagona le le fiafia o Jim, ua liliu ane nei e su’e ia Kepa, ae ua fiu le palagi e autilo ua leai se tasi. Na savali nei i le isi itu ma lona ita tele, e taunu’u atu o tu mai Lolesio o lo’o tau to lona sela i le la’uina o laupapa. Na savali atu nei Jim ma fesili loa ia Lolesio, po’o ai na faia le fa’atonuga e la’u mai i fafo laupapa. Ua le iloa e si toeaina o Lolesio po’o le a le tali o le a tu’u atu ia Jim, “Jim, Jim, i’m not the do, Kepa is the do.” ia ga, e fa’asamoa mai le palagi ia Lolesio, ae alu atu i ai le nanu a le toeaina. E fetaui lava le taunu’u mai o Agelu nei e to’atolu i Amerika Samoa, ae lau loa ma le losalio a le lo’omatua ma lana fanau i le taeao, na fa’alogoina e Agelu nei le lau o le losalio a le lo’omatua e foliga mai o lo’o i ai se mea o lo’o fa’ali’i ai, e lau lava ma tagi. E le o iloa mai lava e tamaiti o lo’o tagi le latou tina. E le i uma le lauina o le losalio ae ulufale loa i totonu ma le tama o le aiga faatoa alu atu i le fale, mai le taeao na alu ai e faigaluega. Na tilotilo ane nei Agelu i le tamaloa lenei, na te’i lava ua to’atuli. Na tu’u nei le lauina o le losalio a le lo’omatua; ae liliu ane ua fasi lana tama la’ititi o lo’o i ona tafatafa. Ua te’i le tamaititi, na te le iloa le mea lea e tupu. Na i’ini nei e le lo’omatua, ae ‘ata ane i ai lana tama, na musumusu ane nei le lo’omatua i lana tama e tagi ae ‘aua ne i ‘ata. E fai atu le lo’omatua ae atili ai ona ‘ata le tamaititi. O nei faiga uma o lo’o mata’i lelei e Agelu nei, na fa’ateia Agelu e to’alua ina ua fa’alogo atu i le sau o le pese a le Agelu numera tolu e faapea,”A oso loa le fia fa’ali’i ua so’ona fai ai fua tamaiti, va’ai i lou mateletele ua kaei ai fua ma le sefe…..o e o, soia le pisapisao….o e o, fesili sa’o i le koeaiga po’o fea ga moe ai agapo.” E faia pea…
Tusia: Akenese ilalio Zec
Agelu A le Ali’i
SN/Le Lali
FINAGALO KOVANA E tASI LE FAIPULE MO tAGAtA PALOtA 2500 E le gata i suiga i totonu o le Maota o le Senate, ae ua a’e foi se finagalo o le kovana sili, le afioga Togiola Tulafono, ina ia fa’aulu ma seisi suiga i le aofaiga o Faipule i totonu o le Maota o Sui. E pei ona sa ia fa’alauiloa i luga o le lana polokalama i le fa’ai’uga o le vaiaso, na fa’aleo ai e Togiola lona manatu e fa’apea, o lenei suiga o le a na o le tasi ai le Faipule, mo tagata palota e to’a 2,5000, ae le o le tofu o itumalo ma faipule. Na saunoa Togiola, o le taimi, e tasi le Faipule mo tagata palota e to’a 400, ma o se faiga ua leva tele ona i ai. A o’o la i itumalo tetele, ua talitonu le kovana, e le talafeagai lea tulaga, ona ua i ai sona manatu, e tatau ona o’o atu i le ono faipule mo lea itumalo. Ae afai o le toatele lea o faipule, o se tulaga o le a matua’i tele ai se tupe alu a le malo. I le taimi nei, e to’a 20 faipule e palotaina mai i Itumalo e 17, e pei o aiaiga o le Fa’avae ma tulafono a le malo. O Itumalo palota numera 1 (Manu’a), #12 (Ituau) ma le #15 (Tuala po o le Ma’upu), e tofu ma faipule e to’alua. O lo o ta’ua foi i totonu o le Faavae, le mafai ona toe fetu’una’i aofa’iga o faipule i le va o le ta’i lima tausaga. Ae peitai, ua leva tele tausaga e le’i toe faia se suiga i lea tulaga. O lea na fa’ato’a toe iloiloina lea mataupu i le iloiloga o le Faavae lea na faia i le 2010 - e ui ina sa fa’atula’i ae e le’i pasia - o le toe faaopoopo o fuainumera i Senatoa, mai i le 18 i le 22, ma Faipule, mai i le 20 i le 25. Na saunoa Togiola, o lo o aofia i totonu o sana pili taufa’aofi lea ua fuafua e fa’ao’o atu i luma o le fono, ia o’o atu i le 2013, ua toe i ai se suiga i le faitau aofa’i o faipule ma le toe iloiloina o lea mataupu i le ta’i lima tausaga. Afai ae te’ena mai e le Fono lenei i’ugafono, na fa’aalia e Togiola, o le a fa’apea loa ona fa’ao’o atu lenei mataupu i luma o le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga (Appellate Division), e apili ai le toe iloiloina o le fuafuaga a le kovana. Afai ae talia e le fa’amasinoga ia le apili, ona amata fa’amalosia loa lea o lenei tulafono, ae afai e leai, ona tapa lea o se finagalo o le fa’amasinoga i auala e laasia e fa’atatau i lenei mataupu. LE tAUNUU FEILOAIGA A LE AtUNUU MA SUI tAUVA Ua fa’alauiloa mai e le fa’alapotopotoga o tagata faipisinisi a le atunu’u, le le taunu’u o sa latou fuafuaga na alo atu ai, aua se fa’atasiga e mafai ona auai atu ai sui tauva mo le tofi kovana faapea ma le mamalu o le atunuu, i le vaiaso fou, ina ia mafai ona fesiligia e le atunu’u ia su tauva i o latou manatu ma fuafuaga, ona ua fiu e fa’agatusa taimi e talafeagai mo sui tauva uma, ae e pei ona sa saunoa le taitaifono o le fa’alapotopotoga o tagata faipisinisi, ua matua le mafai lava. Na saunoa le susuga David Robinson, e le gata i le tulaga o tau faatutusa o taimi avanoa o sui tauva, ae faapea foi le tulaga lea o lo o feagai ai sui tauva, ma se mataupu i luma o le fa’amasinoga. O lo o fa’atatau le fa’amatalaga a Robinson i le tagi na faaulu e sui tauva ia Save Liuato Tuitele ma Sandra King Young, e faasaga i isi sui tauva. E ui i lea, o le taeao nei, ua fuafuaina ai le faataunuuina o lenei ituaiga fa’atasiga, e fa’alapotopotoga o lo o galulue mo le taofia o le sauaina po o le agaleagaina o fanau iti, ina ia su’esu’eina sui tauva i o latou manatu ma polokalama e fa’atatau i lenei mataupu taua.
Obstacles delay drone access to skies in USA
WASHINGTON (AP) — Difficult to resolve safety and security obstacles may prevent the Federal Aviation Administration from meeting a deadline to allow civilian drones routine access to U.S. skies within three years, according to a report released Tuesday by a government watchdog. The FAA is under pressure from Congress, industry and other government agencies to open domestic airspace to unmanned aircraft so that they can perform a seemingly endless list of tasks that are too expensive or too risky to use aircraft with human pilots. The biggest market is expected to be state and local police departments. Others interested in using drones are farmers who want help monitoring their thirsty crops, oil companies wanting to keep an eye on pipelines and even real estate agents needing to monitor their properties. Industry forecasts have pegged the potential worldwide market for commercial and military drones at nearly $90 billion over the next decade, more than half of that in the U.S. The FAA has already missed one deadline in a law passed by Congress last February requiring the agency to develop a system for civilian drones to fly safely in airspace, the report by the General Accounting Office said. The law requires FAA to fully integrate drones into airspace currently limited to manned aircraft by Sept. 30, 2015, and sets several interim deadlines for the agency to meet before then. While FAA has made some progress in meeting those deadlines, “it is uncertain when the national airspace system will be prepared to accommodate” civilian drones, the report said. For example, the law required the agency to establish a program by last month to allow unmanned aircraft access to the national airspace at six test sites around the country. The GAO said FAA is working on setting up the program, but has been delayed by concerns that data collected by the drones may violate people’s privacy. FAA officials have also been working for the past five years on regulations to allow commercial use of small drones, which are generally defined as weighing less than 55-pounds and flying at altitudes under 4,000 feet. The agency has drafted regulations that were initially expected to be published late last year, but have been repeatedly delayed. FAA officials told the GAO that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s office is still reviewing the draft. Proposed regulations now aren’t expected to be published until next year, and it’s unclear if the agency will be able to meet Congress’ deadline August 2014 for the publication of final regulations, the report said. FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said the agency “is working to ensure the safe integration of unmanned aircraft,” including “gaining a better understanding of operational issues, such as training requirements, operational specifications and technology considerations.” The agency is also trying to establish the six test sites “as quickly as possible” while addressing privacy concerns, she said in an email. Among other difficult-toresolve issues is how to ensure drones won’t collide with manned aircraft since there isn’t a pilot on board that can “see and avoid” another plane, the report said. The potential for interruption in signals used by operators on the ground to control drones is also a concern.
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 21
In this Sept. 13, 2012, photo, Captain Brett McBride streams seawater over the gills of a nearly 15-foot, 2,292-pound great white shark on the research vessel Ocearch in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Chatham, Mass. A crew of researchers and fishermen are tagging great white sharks off Cape Cod in an unorthodox way. The Ocearch team baits the fish and leads them onto a lift, tagging and taking blood, tissue and semen samples up close from the world’s most feared predator. The real-time satellite tag tracks the shark each time its dorsal fin breaks the surface, (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia) plotting its location on a map.
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
JAPAN LAUNCHES NEW NUCLEAR SAFEty AGENCy TOKYO (AP) — Japan has launched a new nuclear oversight agency following criticism that collusion between regulators and plant operators contributed to meltdowns at the tsunami-stricken Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant. Japan began reviewing its energy policies following the Fukushima crisis. Before the accident, resource-poor Japan relied on nuclear power for one-third of its energy and had planned to raise that to 50 percent. Officials said the five-member Nuclear Regulation Authority, headed by nuclear physicist Shunichi Tanaka, was inaugurated Wednesday after months of delay due to opposition. Last week a Cabinet advisory panel proposed a new national energy policy aimed at phasing out nuclear power over the next three decades. The Cabinet was due to approve the policy on Wednesday but reports said members would endorse only some aspects of the sweeping policy revisions. PUERtO RICO NO. 1 IN CORRUPtION CONVICtIONS SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico had the highest number of federal public corruption convictions for any U.S. judicial district last year. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Tuesday that the U.S. territory came in first with 130 convictions. U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez says Puerto Rico had come in second since 2002, always trailing the district of New Jersey. The website of the U.S. courts system says there are a total of 94 U.S. judicial districts. CUStOMS PRObES USE OF COPtER FOR StUNt McLEAN, Va. (AP) — After a government helicopter was used in an over-the-top invitation to a high school dance, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are reviewing the incident and an agency pilot has been reassigned. It happened last week at Patriot High School in Nokesville, a suburb of Washington, D.C. As part of an invitation to a fall dance, a student arranged for a Customs pilot to fly over the school and drop a stuffed teddy bear onto the football field. The agency said Tuesday it is reviewing the incident and the pilot has been reassigned to administrative duties for now. Neither school administrators nor officials at the federal agency would say how the student and pilot were connected. It was not clear whether the student who received the bear accepted the invitation. OFFICER MAy bE CHARGED IN HOMELESS DEAtH SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — An attorney says a third former officer from the Fullerton Police Department might be charged in the death of a mentally ill homeless man who died in 2011 after a confrontation with police. The Orange County Register reports Vicki Podberesky, an attorney representing Joe Wolfe, says prosecutors notified her they will present evidence to a grand jury Wednesday to decide if Wolfe should be charged. If indicted, Wolfe could stand trial in the death of Kelly Thomas, who died five days after a violent confrontation with six police officers at a transportation hub. Former officer Manuel Ramos was charged with seconddegree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Former Cpl. Jay Cicinelli was charged with involuntary manslaughter and excessive force. Ramos and Cicinelli have filed motions to dismiss the charges against them. DOG WALKER KILLS AttACKING PIt bULL SAN DIEGO (AP) — Officials say a man walking his dog on the streets of San Diego stabbed a pit bull to death after the animal attacked him. U-T San Diego reports Monday that the man was walking in the City Heights neighborhood when the dog came at him Sunday night. County animal services Lt. Dan DeSousa says the pit bull retreated to its home, where the owner took the dog to a veterinarian’s office. The dog died there. The victim and his dog suffered only minor bites, and he declined to file charges against the dog’s owner. DISAbLED MOM bEAt by 11-yEAR-OLD SON DIES ELK GROVE, Calif. (AP) — A 51-year-old disabled woman severely beaten by her 11-year-old son with an extension cord has died. The Sacramento Bee says the death Tuesday in a Sacramento hospital wasn’t caused by the beating. She suffered from a pre-existing condition. Sacramento County prosecutors have charged the Elk Grove boy with assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. The boy, who was his mother’s primary caregiver, prepared meals and did laundry in the home they shared. He was arrested on Sept. 10. Juvenile Court Referee Natalie Lindsey on Monday released the boy to his father. The prosecutor wanted the boy’s older sister in Southern California to get custody, saying the father knew about the mother’s medical condition and the boy’s predicament. Details about the mother’s disability have not been disclosed.
A French soldier investigates the scene of a suicide bombing, Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012 in Kabul, Afghanistan. A suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a mini-bus carrying foreign aviation workers to the airport in the Afghan capital early Tuesday, killing at least nine people in an attack a militant group said was revenge for an anti-Islam film that ridicules the (AP Photo/Ahmad Jamshid) Prophet Muhammad.
“Pesticide Applicator Training”
ASCC Land Grant Program will be conducting a Pesticide Applicator Safety training for those who handle farm chemicals. If you are using farm pesticides without being certified, or you are planning to use chemicals in the near future, this is a good opportunity for you to attend this important training. The training schedule is as follows: Date: September 24 - 28, 2012 Time: 12:00 noon - 4:00 p.m. Place: ASCC Land Grant Training Room Registration is FREE. To confirm your participation for this training, please call Cora or Helen at 699-1575/2019. THANK YOU.
“A’oa’oga mo i latou o lo’o fa’aaogaina vaila’au o’ona”
O le a faia se a’oa’oga mo i latou o lo o fa’aaoga vaila’au o’ona i fa’ato’aga. Afai o lo’o e fa’aaoga vaila’au o’ona ae leai se tusi fa’ataga po’o e fa’amoemoe fo’i e te fa’aaoga i se taimi o i luma, o lou avanoa lelei lenei e te ‘auai ai i lenei a’oa’oga taua. O taimi la nei mo lenei vasega. Aso: Setema 24 - 28, 2012 Taimi: 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. Nofoaga e fai ai: Potu mo A’oa’oga a le Vaega o Laufanua ma Atina’e a le Kolisi Tu’ufa’atasi ma Alaalafaga o Amerika Samoa. “E leai se totogi o le resitala. Afai e te fia ‘auai ai i lenei a’oa’oga, fa’amolemole ia fa’afeso’ota’i mai Cora po’o Helen i le telefoni 699-1575/2019 FA’AFETAI.
CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico (AP) — A big fire erupted at a natural gas pipeline distribution center near Mexico’s border with the United States on Tuesday, killing 26 maintenance workers and forcing evacuations of people in nearby ranches and homes. Mexico’s state-owned oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos, initially reported 10 deaths at the facility near the city of Reynosa, across from McAllen, Texas. Later, the death toll was raised to 26, including a man who was run over when he rushed onto a highway running away from the facility. Pemex said at a news conference Tuesday night that the fire was extinguished in 90 minutes and the pipeline was shut off. The pipeline carries natural gas from wells in the Burgos basin. The company’s directorgeneral, Juan Jose Suarez, said four of those killed were Pemex employees and the rest were
26 killed in Mexico pipeline fire near U.S. border
employed by contractors. He told reporters in Reynosa that 46 other workers were injured, including two hospitalized in serious condition. Suarez said they haven’t found any evidence showing it was an attack. Company executives said there was a gas leak, followed by an explosion, but the precise cause had not been determined. “Why there was such leak is something that must be investigated,” said Carlos Morales Gil, Pemex’s director of exploration and production. Civil protection officials evacuated ranches and homes within three miles (five kilometers) of the gas facility, which is about 12 miles (19 kilometers) southwest of Reynosa. Authorities didn’t say how many people were evacuated, but the area is sparsely populated, Tamaulipas state’s civil protection director Pedro Benavides told a Televisa station. The highway that connects
samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Page 23
Village of Vaitogi Tutuila American Samoa
Reynosa to the industrial city of Monterrey was closed to traffic. Egidio Torre Cantu, governor of the state of Tamaulipas, sent condolences to the victims’ relatives and vowed to make sure those injured receive help for their recovery. Pipelines carrying gasoline and diesel in Mexico are frequently tapped by thieves looking to steal fuel. Several oil spills and explosions have been blamed on illegal taps. But thieves seldom target gas pipelines. In December 2010, authorities blamed oil thieves for an oil pipeline explosion in a central Mexico city near the capital that killed 28 people, including 13 children. The blast burned people and scorched homes, affecting 5,000 residents in an area six miles (10 kilometers) wide in San Martin Texmelucan.
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New trial denied in case of man serving 20 years
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Staff reporter
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Chief Justice Michael Kruse has denied a motion for new trial in the case of Pati Lepou, an inmate who is serving a 20 year sentence, following his conviction from a jury trial after he and three inmates escaped from the Tafuna Correctional facility in January 2010 and assaulted an ANZ bank security guard. In this matter, Lepou had been found guilty of three felony charges, first degree robbery, escaping from custody and first degree assault. Lepou’s motion was filed through his lawyer Mark Ude, while prosecuting the case was Assistant Attorney General Cecilia Reyna. Ude noted that the basis for the motion of a new trial is the inability of the victim to properly identify the Defendant as the perpetrator of the crime, as well as the presence of masks that none of the felon witnesses admitted to wearing, nor did the Government have such masks entered into evidence so as to connect Lepou to the criminal acts. Lepou maintains that he is innocent of the crimes asserted by the Government in regards to his involvement. He also requested the Court to review the imposition of sentence to serve consecutively as opposed to serving concurrently with the earlier sentence for which Defendant is presently incarcerated. He also requested that the Court consider both probated and concurrent sentences so that he be given credit for time served. GOVERNMENt RESPONSE Assistant AG Reyna noted in her motion the defendant failed to establish that the court committed an error during the trial, or that an error was prejudicial to the defendant. She further stated that the defendant’s motion is full of general allegations and bald-faced assertions that do not provide the particularity which a motion for new trial requires. Reyna added that the co-defendants admitted their involvement as well as Lepou’s involvement in the alleged crime and the defendant was identified in court by all three co-defendants as the fourth person who committed the alleged crimes. In regard to the defendant’s argument for sentence, Reyna pointed out that the sentence imposed by the court appears to be a motion for reconsideration of sentence; and that ordinarily sentencing errors are properly brought before the Appellate court only. The government moved for the court to deny the motion. COURt DECISION The Chief Justice granted the government’s motion to deny the defense’s motion for new trial. Lepou was sentenced to 15 years for robbery, 15 years for first degree assault, to be served concurrently and five years for the escape charges to run consecutively with the 15 years for the robbery and assault, a total of 20 years.
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The American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition is having its quarterly General Membership Meeting of 2012.
General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Sadie Thompson Inn ConferenceR oom Agenda to be provided If you have any questions, please call 633-4589 or visit the website www.asccancercoalition.org Meetings are open to the public, however only members are allowed voting
Helping the people of American Samoa Fight Cancer
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Ia mua pea mea i Matautu Sa, le viiga ma le fa’afetai i le Atua Soifua e ou le mana uma i lona agalelei ua mafai ai ona tatou toe fesilafa’i i lenei aso i le lagi soifua lelei. E ao ina fa’afo’i le viiga i le Atua o le alofa ma le alofa mutimutivale. Ou te fa’atalofa ma fa’atulou atu i le tafatolu o lau faigamalo Tutuila ma Manu’a. Tulou. Fa’atulou i le pa’ia ma le mamalu o le Faleagafulu, fa’atulou i le pa’ia ma le mamalu o le Manu’atele, fa’atulou i ‘au’auna pa’ia a le Atua, fa’atulou atu fo’i i le pa’ia tele o lo tatou motu tua’oi. Tulou. Tulou. Tulouna lava. O pa’ia o Samoa o sa le avea mai le vavau e o’o lava i le fa’avavau. E leai lava se vave e mafai ona ia auauina aua o Samoa le atunu’u mamala, o le fo’i e na te laga le ma’a e utia. O le atunu’u ua ta’oto i lagotonu ona ‘upu, e talatau Toga, a’o Samoa e talatofi. Ua mae’a ona maioio le tagata ma lona tulaga, o le ala fo’i lea e le so’ona lagona ai se leo o se tautai aua o le i’a ma lona matamata, o le tai fo’i ma lona tautai. O le a tau ia ina ‘ou fa’atafatafafua i moana ae le fa’afualeva, aua e leai se tasi na te ‘ausia pa’ia ma mamalu o Samoa, ae nu’u ia i le ‘au tulatoa aua o le latou matafaioi tausi lea. E mo’omia e Amerika Samoa le to’afilemu. Aua na o le pau lena o le laolao mautinoa e maua ai pea e i tatou fesoasoani eseese mo le galuea’ina o lo tatou Tamaoaiga i se tulaga fa’atelevave. E tasi lava lo tatou ta’iala e le maluelue, o le puipuia lea o Aia Tatau a tagata lautele, ma ia li’oli’o e a tatou tu ma aganu’u maopoopo o lo’o va’ava’alua ma le fa’a-kerisiano. O lo’o ave pea le fa’amuamua i A’oa’oga ma le Soifua Maloloina. O le mea moni lava, o le lava o le a’oa’oina o le fanau, o le fa’amoemoe atoa lena o le lumana’i o matua ma aiga uma lava, e lavatia ai faigata eseese o le soifuaga. Pe afai fo’i e soifua maloloina se aiga, o le aiga lena e tumau i le fiafia ma le fesagisagia’i. E talitonu tele i ma’ua ma Lemanu i na tulaga. E ma te le manatu e fa’avevesi le atunu’u ona o nei tu’ua’iga ma fa’amasinoga o lo’o fa’asagatau mai pea, ae ua o ma naunau, ia o tatou maua pea le to’afilemu ma le fefa’amagaloa’i, o le finagalo lena o lo tatou Matai. I se taimi o i luma, ona ‘ou avatu lea o se fa’amalamalamaga aloa’ia mo lou silafia Amerika Samoa, ae se’ia mae’a nei to’atuga o lo’o fa’afelavei maipea. Tatou tatalo pea i le nofo filemu ma le fealofani o le atunu’u, ma ‘ia “FA’AMUAMUA pea TAGATA”. Tatou toe feiloa’i i se aso o muamua, ia SOIFUA ma ia MANUIA.
Lolo Matalasi Letalu Moliga
Lemanu Peleti Sialega Mauga
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