1000+ standby for Lady Naomi's last voyage before Xmas

Gateway of Souls will lose its 'last' designation
[photo: Jeff Hayner]

Yesterday, close to 1,000 standby passengers waited, hoping to get a seat aboard the Lady Naomi ferry, returning to Samoa for its last voyage before Christmas day.

“I wanted to fly out today, but all of the flights are booked for the next few days and people are waiting on standby at the airport as well,” said several standby passengers.

“We really want to get a seat on the ferry and to get back by no later than tonight, so we can have at least one day of shopping for our families,” said others.

There were also the inevitable complaints. “They knew this was going to happen. It happens every year like this and gets things backed up. I thought they would learn by now to board the people faster and better at this time of the year”, complained one passenger.

At this time, the Lady Naomi is scheduled for only one more voyage before New Year's day next week, arriving on Wednesday, December 28, and leaving Thursday, December 29.

Samoa will lose a day, this year, Friday, December 30, when it moves across the dateline, putting it a day ahead. After midnight, Thursday, December 29 it will be Saturday, December 31, in Samoa.

Samoa is already an hour ahead of us. After December 29 they will be 25 hours ahead of American Samoa.

American Samoa will be then be the last country in the world to celebrate the New Year — with Pulotu (the Gateway of the Souls), located in Falealupo, losing the distinction of being the last place in the world to see the sun set.


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