Dear Editor:

 I would like to respond to the Shipyard Authority's Chairmans "Letter to the Editor" dated January 11, 2012.

I take exception to his constant boasting over how good he and his board are doing to upgrade the shipyard facility and in particular, his rhetoric of how this miracle turnaround belongs to the people of American Samoa.

 This operation was and is a takeover of a private sector function by the government and does not belong to the people. We are not shareholders expecting a dividend each year. This Authority was set up by Executive Order and is strictly another government venture which historically has ended up a disaster or has in the end cost the people of this Island financially. Look no further than ASPA.

The public boasting should end period. Any person or group who is handed an existing facility including a workforce and nearly two million dollars of U.S. taxpayers money for start up and without having to put up a dime of their own money should not have any trouble getting off on the right path to success. Every businessman on this Island would drool over a deal like that.

I also sign my letters.



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