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  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 8 weeks ago

    You are talking about every four years, and I believe that times, priorities, and needs do change. But you must look at the credentials, look at the records, look at the integrity and honesty that was lacking in past administrations, and also this administration, and the genuine love for his people and his country; if you can do this without bias or tunnel vision, then you will know that Afoa is the most qualified candidate to be governor. He has no hidden agendas, no back door or under the table dealings, and everything is up front transparent, and in the open. All he ever wants is the very best for his beloved people, and it breaks his heart to see them continually suffer.


    I do not believe this is greed and arrogance. This is just another form of a tax, from the ASG. they don't pay their bill so it gets passed on to everyone else.

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 8 weeks ago

    According to Samoa News recent polls, the gubernatorial team that best exemplifies fiscal responsibility for the territory would be the Afoa/Le’i team at 25% percent. I wonder if the folks at Samoa News did some background check on Afoa’s last 2 failed election attempts for the highest office in the land. Because if they did, they would find that there is an inconsistent contradiction in every fiscal platform that Afoa has ever introduced to the public with a different running mate. An argument can be made that there will be economic fluctuations between each gubernatorial term. And I could see that as having some relevance. But what fascinates me is that these contradictions in his platforms are what defines an individuals thinking in how they will operate the government, if elected. If that is the scenario, then how is the people to place their faith in a person that cannot make up their mind on what exactly he wants for the territory? We must not be so toiled in the “promises” from a candidate that has lost 2 times as a Lt. Governor candidate and 2 times as a Governor candidate, to be so mesmerized by his skilled rhetoric of economic recovery that we’ve missed the core point that this man has no real economic or fiscal platform for the territory. Lest we forget, the Constitutional Convention held a few years ago, was the most disastrous and embarrassing attempt by the “powers to be” to shove a ring fold of amendments down the throats of the common folks since the days of the Navy, just to see it totally defeated by the grassroots at any time in the history of our young democracy. Not one single amendment survived the onslaught by it’s citizens. If I remember correctly, it was Afoa Moega Lutu, who was counsel to these powers to be that brought on this demise. If, as an attorney, he could not give appropriate counsel to the members of the C.C., what counsel of wisdom are we to expect from this man, if he was to be elected Governor? Does American Samoa really want someone that has shown no form of leadership, but, with disastrous past deeds to be his only credentials of leadership? Let us be wise in November and avoid another disastrous U-turn. By the way, in past elections, Samoa News has had the Afoa team very high in their “supposedly” public related polls on important issues. This latest poll is no different, because it does not capture the true pulse of the voting public. Nice attempt by Samoa News to sensationalize the obvious.

    JR Faaola

  • Marisco billing included ‘off-the-wall purchases’   4 years 8 weeks ago

    go right now

  • Stateless man stuck in American Samoa calls experience "nightmarish"   4 years 8 weeks ago

    I live in Houston and have this to say about the Mikhail Sebastian case:

    I don't get this. A guy that lived here(in the U.S.) for 16 years, can't come back? Really? Yet we have illegals that cross the Texas border everyday. Many of which go on to commit crimes like: Killing Police Officers, Drunk Driving -that often kills innocent men, women and children, Rape and child molestation. And other things like drugs, prostitution, extortion and kidnapping.

    We see these crimes on a regular basis in the Houston area. And we won't let this guy come back and finish living the American Dream? As a country: "We suck!"

    You are in our thoughts and prayers Mikhail. I am one of many that did not know of you before this. Hold on...it will get better. People are fighting for you.

  • Local boxing rep Mapu Jamais returns from 2012 Summer Olympic Games   4 years 8 weeks ago

    Its good to know that he is back at last! Will he attend in this coming pacquiao vs marquez 4 fight on December? I'd like to see him in person.

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 8 weeks ago

    So what if he plays poker games at $50 buy ins. Just because he does it does not mean he can't turn this corrupted government around. Do not judge him by what he is doing now. You don't know if he can give this island the future, and government they deserve to have, and your family a better future. Maybe you play poker at $50 buy ins too, and here you are asking if he does.

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 9 weeks ago

    Apparently you know nothing about Afoa, and lawyers as leaders. Afoa has been in politics for quite awhile now, and throughout his life and his career as a lawyer and politician, he has never tarnished his name or his integrity. That is why he is well respected throughout Samoa. He is a humble, softspoken, honest, God fearing, and law abiding man. I believe that IF he took some land as payment, it is because he is the best land and title lawyer in Tutuila, and the families want him but can't afford his fees, but I believe his fees are very decent because he's a good man. That may also be one of the main reasons he has lost in the past campaigns, is because when a family looses a case, all of that family members will not vote for him. Lastly, you implied that lawyers are not good leaders. Well, here's a LIST OF PRESIDENTS THAT WERE LAWYERS! JOHN ADAMS, THOMAS JEFFERSON, JAMES MADISON, JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, ANDREW JACKSON, MARTIN VAN BUREN, JOHN TYLER, JAMES POLK, MILLARD FILLMORE, FRANKLIN PIERCE, JAMES BUCHANAN, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, RUTHERFORD HAYES, CHESTER ARTHUR, GROVER CLEVELAND, BENJAMIN HARRISON, WILLIAM MCKINLEY, WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT, WOODROW WILSON, CALVIN COOLIDGE, FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT, HARRY TRUMAN, RICHARD NIXON, GERALD FORD, BILL CLINTON, BARAK OBAMA!


    Falanai Jr - you must've had to reach down to your last nerve to maintain your sanity. I could almost feel the bumps, the potholes, the dust, from reading your post. I was visiting this passed summer and I swear -- it made me question our leaders and the many ASG people who have the power to change things for the better.

    I know these people travel to Hawaii and off to the mainland. They can surely see what is pleasant to drive, what is pleasant to the eye, images of a well planned and developed structure. I wonder what they tell themselves when they return home from their trips. Right from the Get-Go -- that arrival airport terminal. Seriously? It is very unwelcoming. The aura of arriving in that place. The scent of sweat and odor. The chaos of trying to get to the immigration que, to the cart desk, then if you're lucky try to push yourself through to get to the carousel and another challenge to get to the que to customs.

    Then you leave the so-called terminal and you are surprised by the low lit streets, the inhalation of dust, and then there comes the turbulences. OMG! No wonder why its 20 MPH.

    I didnt get to drive pass Leone. But i went as far as Onenoa. None of those roads are any better than the roads in town area.

    I dont want to get into the other details of what i saw. But words i would describe what i see along the road (excluding the visible damages of the tsunami) would be: UGLY, DIRTY, UNHEALTHY, DISGUSTING. Trash of all kinds are everywhere -- including business' trash bins overflowing. For example, i saw a toilet bowl right outside one of the businesses in Nuuuli that is placed no more than 4 feet from the edge of the road. Pampers in the ditches by the road, cans and paper products -- everywhere you turn you see these things.

    These reflect the state of health of our people. This include the rich and poor all together in this chaos. So many are overweight and don't care about their health so they treat the environment and their surrounding the same. I hate to say it but -- it is the truth. Too much talk about the 'Samoan Pride' and yet it is all hot air and dont live to keep Samoa healthy and clean. Why? Because they themselves dont live in a clean and healthy way. If you're proud of something you treasure it... you don't trash it. And it looks like our roads aint a priority. Leaders just look forward to their next boarding pass and get ride a smooth freeway for a couple of weeks and then simply go back and do nothing.

  • “LEILUA STEVENSEN & PUBLIC VALUE”   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I believe Ms. Stevenson and I myself know about each other but we've never really met. I say that so readers know that my opinion of her is unbias.

    I know about Leilua's professionalism. She is an able strong woman and her values are just as the same as the values of the teine next door, the tama'ita'i trying to aim for the stars while living on the rock. She has an education background far more impresseive than most who wore that hat she is denied of. I haven't seen Lei for probably 10 years or more. Its just sad to read that this able and very capable daughter of Samoa is not advancing forward to serve her community as she wish. I hope they will find someone better than Leilua if that's the case. If they do I am sure Leilua will be happy with the rejection. Otherwise . . . we may soon find out either way.

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 9 weeks ago

    With so many years Afoa has ran for government, no one really looked into his achievements in life that can make our government better. We saw the different things the other candidates have done to our government and yet people still go for corruption and not the right thing. I personally think that Afoa & Le'i can really make a big change to our government. He has experienced all sort of things that can prove us that he can do it.
    Take a minute and read his experience and his platforms, he has every potential to lead us to a corruption free government.

  • Cocaine, marijuana at Pesega in Samoa   4 years 9 weeks ago

    They are now saying it was meth and not cocaine that was found in Pesega!!! They also, think it was being made there. The scourge of the earth has hit the shores of Samoa and they better get on top of it quick because all the time they have been worrying about marijuana(nothing compared to meth) now needs to be diverted to stomping out meth because what it will do to peoples lives and everyone around them is horrific......the children will be totally neglected to starve so they can buy meth. Steal anything and everything from family with no regrets. Hell has come to Paradise.

  • O tupe na fa’aaoga Samoan Heritage ...   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I heard about this in a very awkward way in 2009 and quite frankly it disgusted me! I was in Honolulu for a family reunion which happened to be on the weekend of the Heritage event at Keehi Lagoon in Hawaii. I and a few a few uncles and cousins were starting our umu for our family fiafia to start at sunset. There were 2 adult men who were there, Samoan friends of my uncle, who came to help but leaving early to attend the Heritage festivities. These two men were praising the changes with the summer events held in Hawaii every summer - ua masani ai le toatele na faaigoa o le Aso o le Fu'a a Samoa I Hawaii. One of them said "Makua'i seki a o le suiga kele ua iai le aso o Samoa. Kufa mikiafu maua fua; Ka'i afe kupe mo so'o se sosaieke lava e faafiafia." When those two men left I asked my uncles some questions about what the two men mentioned and they told me that the ASG representatives flew to Hawaii with funding for this event which has now changed to Heritage.

    Now i have to admit that I am going by what I just heard and I don't know the details but I'm sure it must be a lot of money. I been to this Flag Day event a few times when I am in Hawaii. When I started living there I slowly stopped attending this event. Why? Because I simply do not believe it helps anybody but those who coordinate them. I leave the park with nothing useful to take with me so I can develop myself to be a better Samoan. Forgive me as I do not mean to disrespect the efforts and the sweats of those who put the event together. It's an okay event for the Samoan community in Hawaii if they find it as an activity to enjoy together and to gather as Samoans. That's perfectly fine. BUT IT DOES NOT NEED ASG $$$ to pay for that enjoyment. I've seen the formats of these events. It's nothing more than loosely arranged cricket games (it isn't the same as they were 10 years ago), rugby, grass volleyball with no structured tourney, some fale'aiga serving food like how we have it in the flag day events in Samoa, and just ridiculous faafiafiaga and siva that are very quite boring. You seen one group you seen them all. The highlight of every year is the Drag Queen Show. Honestly, it's an event that serves the social desires of the SamoanCommunity in Hawaii. I just do not see how ASG $$ could be justified to fund this type of event.

    If its true what I heard over our umu preparation - somebody tell me how is giving out free t-shirts help Samoan families in Hawaii? If these monies were awarded to Tutila and Manu'a based on their local need then why isnt the money serving that need locally? the money can then be spent in Tutuila and Manua and it remains in the islands to help better their economy. why take that away from the local people with a struggling economy and inject it in the Hawaii economy that is doing 100 times better than Samoas economy?

    It would be interesting to learn the basis why this money was originally awarded to ASG. Getting a money award or grant is based on data. What data was presented to attain this funding? Does ASG have statistical justification that the Samoans in Hawaii need their help with money? How is it justified that Hawaii Heritage should be funded by ASG? Does ASG care that the Hawaii-Samoa Flag Day or Heritage as it is now called is nothing but a BIG PARTY? Or could this be one of those tricks to create more travel opportunities for ASG officials?

    After these passed few years of ASG reaching out to Hawaii and other similar locations heritage is held --- Should someone address the accountability of how this fund is being used? Should there be a question as to "how does ASG measure the success of this free heritage money for Heritage Week for Hawaii? As it should be and In these day and age especially, money is given when there is a justified cause and need? Where is the accountability? Who can answer those questions? -- not just get on the plane and and fly to Hawaii and get In front of the crowd and say "look at me, I'm the money man from the motherland". Really? How about the Samoan students in Hawaii who cannot afford to stay in their dorms? Why not help those students who really are trying to help themselves? I know the struggles Samoan students in Hawaii go through. Many ended up living with relatives with crowded household and many of those relatives are in the projects. Those living situations are not conducive to focused learning. Some students can make it okay while many I know of in Hawaii are struggling. Families in Samoa save every penny to help them from afar and here goes ASG funding this Heritage event that has very little importance. Ask any Samoan in Hawaii if they benefitted from it and I'm sure nobody is going to say anything more than things like "it was fun; oh the food was good; magaia pagikeke, etc.

    Is that really what this fuzz is about? C'mon ASG! Show Us results, show us data, show us some measurement that this funding of the heritage event has positively impacted lives of Samoan youth. If you can do that then I might sway my mind. Otherwise --- it really is a Big Joke.

  • “LEILUA STEVENSEN & PUBLIC VALUE”   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I hear you my brother, I feel such pain first hand. Jacinta Galeai's case broke my heart because not only she's qualified, but so passionate about education and children. Good thing she stayed on and serve as acting director.

    Leilua Stevenson equally is qualified for the DBAS nomination as she is in her current occupation, and has the heart for the people like Jacinta. Both would add great value (as have already) to the American Samoa public.

    However, may I quote one Samoan wise man from the past- "Seu le manu ae taga'i i le galu" (catch the bird but beware of the waves).

    As qualified people add public value to society, so does the integrity and fairness of the hiring system. Once such system is compromised, the precedent is set and society is doomed. And that's where we're at as a territory.

    But there's hope for the territory in people like you becoming once again as a member of the Fono.

    I wish you well in your endeavor.

    God speed.

  • ASPA rate hike in effect today, Gov blames Fono   4 years 9 weeks ago

    Just a thought: I think Governor and ASG agencies are not paying their bills for a Reason, and that's because they need to be government owned, not under a private sector.

    It's basic necessities, water, electricity, etc. For them to operate, they need to install,dig,upgrade,renovate,so on and so forth on government and private property. Same issue for telephone companies, Blue Sky and ASTCA with all their wiring.

    They can always manage their own fundings, but all report and owned by ASG. Someone up there needs to start putting their foot down and re-write up a quick 'new law' to resolve this, since we ALL suffer from these rate hikes which I strongly oppose to. Or better yet, since everyone likes to mis-manage funds and budgets, why don't you use some of that now to pay up before I get my next $300 ASPA bill in the mail? Again, it's just a thought, so don't go all postal at once!

  • Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle   4 years 9 weeks ago

    Look, just because your the so called warden it doesn't mean that you have every right to do whatever you want to do. These animals have feelings too, but they are not like us they can't speak up and tell us what's wrong we have to speak for them! Use your head!

  • Court Report   4 years 9 weeks ago

    ok so this thing going on with Tua & Aina, who's telling who ??? i mean , like, i think there is something fisshy goin on here ! so what's up with the investigating officer ??? is he gonna testify or say wha ?? i mean , seriously , i have a relation to one of the officers here , and i am not in the case of letting this pass , because my brother has not done anything stupid or wrong that'll affect his career big time ! who knows that the inmates are telling the truth or who knows that this investigator whatsoever is also investigating this right and trynah pull it off on someone else ? how stupid these officers are ! they all work under one Department , but what do you guys do ???? trynah get over one another ! how stupid it is to pull this !!!if one officer knows that another officer is doing something wrong or wha , than mind as well talk to them about it and not getting at them at this point ! well, may god be with you two thru this, but i hope that someone ain't framing you guys up or set this up ! whatever with the inmates that are testifying ! inmates can lie , because THEY ARE ALREADY PRISONERS !!!

    --- 1025 ---

  • Governor seeks help for ASG employees left in the cold   4 years 9 weeks ago

    Subject: Budget cuts from the Fono. Every Department be alert and prepare. But wait, no action yet until October 12th. I will be leaving on another tour of the Pacific Ocean but I want all of you to hold your breath while I finagle this situation.

    The guy is really funny. Did the IT office not receive any of the $10.5 billion that was allocated for Communication, Information & Security Technology under the ARRA?

    Did the ASESRO office not receive administrative funds to operate? Supplemental appropriations.......maybe if the Governor's Office cuts back on travel and all the other nonsense there will be funds to sustain the IT and ASESRO offices.

    Quote from a 12 year old boy: If there is not a solution, there isn't a problem! In ASG 99% of the time problems are created by those who are in positions with the power to solve the problems.

  • Gov responds with line-item vetoes to budget changes   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I, like most people I know that live in this territory, have a hard time believing that Governor Togiola has concern for the "health, safety, and welfare of the public". The record of evidence to support this claim is astounding. Words mean nothing if they are not supported by action. I will speak only of my sphere of influence: LBJ Medical Center.

    Consider the $3 million shortfall ($6 million including lost matching funds from Medicaid) that the governor brought upon LBJ last year. This was money that was included in the ASG budget. It was a promise to the people of this territory to take care of health, safety and welfare at it's most fundamental level. That promise was not kept. Those funds (appropriated in the budget) were not delivered, and we were told that the government had "other priorities." What were the "other priorities" that had to be considered above the "health, safety and welfare" of the public? I can think of nothing more tantamount to a claim for this concern than the funding of the only hospital in the territory (which even if it's budget were met in full, still operates on 1/3 of any comparable hospital in the United States).

    This territory has witnessed time and time again that appropriating funds in the ASG budget is no guarantee that those funds will be actually given to the entities that are entitled to them by the law to spend on measures to protect and support the health, safety and welfare of the public.

    (By the way, we're being shorted our appropriation again at the hospital, unless this has been remedied in the very recent past. Furthermore, as soon as the fiscal year ends there is no recourse for the hospital nor accountability of the government to pay the hospital or anyone else what they are owed.)

    So promise all you want, Governor. You won't be around to deliver it, but your successor will. Hopefully that person will DEMONSTRATE the concern for the "health, safety, and welfare of the public" that you talk about but have failed to act on.

  • Faleomavaega disappointed about plight of stateless person in American Samoa   4 years 9 weeks ago

    Dear Congressman,

    According to International law on Deportation, Expulsion and Removal of alien whose present is illegal the government has full rights to remove an alien to the country of his origin (meaning citizenship), or in case of stateless person to the country of his habitual residence. And that’s what I would like the Government of American Samoa to do is to issue special directive to remove me back to the country of my last habitual residence which is United States. Upon arrival to Honolulu I would hand myself to Immigration Authorities and let them deal with me there.

    While International Law permits states to establish immigration policies and deportation procedures, it does not grant them discretion to violate human rights in the process in case of stateless person like myself who continuously lived in the United States for 16 years. The United States, especially Department of Homeland Security regularly fails to uphold international human rights law in its immigration laws and enforcement policies, particularly Universal Declaration of Human Rights the United States is party, by violating the human rights of stateless persons to fair treatment at the hands of immigration officials, to freedom from arbitrary confinement and exile, in my case forceable exile in US territory of American Samoa. Including the persecution based on political opinion. Such policies violate the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights the United States is party. Despite a commitment to equal justice for all, US officials from DHS and ICE have instituted policies discriminating unjustly stateless persons on the basis of statelessness and political opinion. Such discrimination violates internationally protected rights of all human beings. In the criminal justice arena, DHS and ICE officials abuse their discretion by overstepping their authority, or by instituting polices that undermine the rule of law.

    The United States has an international legal obligation to protect stateless persons and their human rights as defined in Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all other international treaties we are party. Unfortunately, either because abuse happens at the hands of public officials (DHS and ICE), or because public officials turn a blind eye to victims of our broken immigration policy, stateless persons, the United States fail those who seek and deserve government protection because as stateless persons we do not have any country to ask for protection or seek legal council but the country of our long-term residency, the United States of America.

    The only solution in my situation as I see is for the Government of American Samoa to deport me as soon as possible on the first Hawaiian Airlines flight out to Honolulu with special direction given to Immigration officials of American Samoa including Attorney General of American Samoa. The direction should clearly states that Hawaiian Airlines is responsible for taking me back the same way they brought me in with exact same documents I had when I checked myself in in Los Angeles and Honolulu. I was clearly advised by the agents of Hawaiian Airlines that I would not have any problems coming in and back. The departure clearance should not be issued to Hawaiian Airlines in case of their refusal. I do not see any other way out of here. When Mr. Elliot Williams in his letter stated that I was outside of the US Immigration and Nationality Act, basically saying I am in foreign country, I would like to remind them the Immigration law of the US. Sec. 215.1 definition in regards to controls of aliens departing from the United States says: “The term United States means the several States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Swains Island, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and all other territory and waters, continental and insular, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States”. Which means by all those factors taking into consideration, I am in the United States of America, not outside of the United States, not in Aruba, not in Cayman Island, but in the United States of America, on US soil. If DHS continues to believe that I am still in foreign land that controls its own immigration, than American Samoa Government should immediately issue deportation on me due to lack of cooperation from the US Government and their cat and mouse game and refusal to solve this issue peacefully through diplomacy, and force Hawaiian Airlines to take me on board back to the country of my last residency which is the US since I am stateless. I am tired, exhausted, frustrated and angry.

    Mikhail Sebastian

  • ASPA rate hike in effect today, Gov blames Fono   4 years 9 weeks ago

    We are not stupid Mr. Governor. ASG owes millions, ASPA has to survive, they don't "pull the plug on ASG" they raise the utility rates and continue to pull the plug on us the public. PAY THE DAMN ASPA BILL ! You Mr. Gov probably can't order that because their is no money now after all the waste in your administration under your watch. If you are not going to sell the Fo'isia and SUVs etc. even your personal homes and investments that you have accumulated from your tenure as Governor to help us out...then go away quietly.

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I hope people will stop voting for a certain candidate because they are related in a way, or even because their elders want them to. Choose the candidate you want to vote for because your choice affects you. Do not choose to vote for someone your elders, or maybe even someone else wants you to vote for. Voting for a certain candidate someone else is voting for, or because your parents want you to is not the right thing for you to do. The right thing for you to do is to vote for who can give your island a better future.

    I once heard a song that starts off "It is not what your country can do for you, it is what you can do for your country", but in our case we are an island. Voting for who you believe can give us a good future is the little favor you can do for your island. It is time you stand up and tell those people telling you to vote for a certain candidate that your voice matters too. Ask questions, and decide which candidate will have a better impact on your future. To whoever that said "By the way, have some flipping pride in being SAMOAN!!! Elect a Samoan to help lead SAMOA!!!!!!!!"

    So what if people choose to vote for a white guy? Just because they do it does not mean they do not have pride in being Samoan. People, it matters not which color you choose, what matters is who you choose and how they will affect you.

  • ASPA rate hike in effect today, Gov blames Fono   4 years 9 weeks ago

    It is true. It IS ASG's fault that ASPA rates are going up.
    ASG owes $10,000,000.00 to ASPA and will not pay.

    That is ridiculous.

  • Senate rejects gov's nominee for DBAS president post   4 years 9 weeks ago

    Togiola traded the yacht club for a restaurant. Poor Decision.

    He forced the DBAS board members to change their decision. Not smart.

    Are there other people on the island with college degrees and experience in Banking? Damn Right.
    Now DBAS staff settle down, breathe out and believe that 2013 will be a good year. All of you may get a chance to apply for the job.

    Shame on the DBAS Board Members that lost their b _ _ _ _ no it's not what you think....call it bones....like in backbone. We know the one male DBAS Board Member that has a backbone!

  • How come Samoa is not playing in the Rugby Championship?   4 years 9 weeks ago

    The author is right about one thing. At the world cup in New Zealand, Samoa entered the tournament at 250 to 1 odds to win the tournament. Samoa was rated by the sports book, Paddy Power, to win their pool at 40 to 1 odds. If you bet on Samoa to win the tournament or their pool, you lost.

    But in the pool games they beat the sports book point spread against Wales and South Africa. In other words, even in losing, they exceeded expectations. If you bet on Samoa in those games you won your bet.

    Samoa's rugby fans are too tough on their teams. Even when the team exceeds expectations, they demand more. Putting that kind of pressure on the players and coaches results in the kind of comments in the above letter.

    Credit the players and coaches for competing near the top of world competition.

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