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    People's frustration better take it to the limits.....Don't back off or down from what you feel and know is right.....Go straight forward with your frustration to the end, and let the leaders know you mean what you're up too.....Enough is Enough and have them put all the money back to where they suppose to be. They are bunches of crooks, and liars, thieves, etc, etc.

    And they all deserve to get a black eye and a bloody nose, if bad comes to worse. I don't blame the people and their frustration a bit. They deserve whatever the outcome will be on themselves (the crooks).....The people don't deserve to be treated badly like so.....Also people, don't ever vote for the same crooks running for the upcoming election....The government will fall right back to where it is now....

    They need to get their ass kick really out of the government badly for one good cause.....They don't have no respect for the people, what makes them think they deserve one? They are idiots with "FAKE" degrees to steal money for their own personal gain, obviously. And don't give a damn about no one else but themselves and their friends and aiga. Don't back off from what is right. What is good for the Goose, is also good for the gander. Get those crooks out of there soon.

  • “FOUNDATION OF ASG BASED ON FOUR PILLARS”   4 years 42 weeks ago

    ...gather up the overstayers, fine the sponsor, fire the mindless ASG employee, and focus on skill training for our pathetic workforce. Let's go! Mose

  • Are you in favor of putting a 'hold' on the next minimum wage hike, scheduled for Sept. 2012   4 years 42 weeks ago

    i live in American Samoa (juss in case) lol.. and YOU anonymous can keep your comments to yourself k.. you dont understand CRAP cos you there and we here facing the problem aiite.. so GETCHO FAX RYT next time you wanna share your thoughts weiloa!! kalagoa mai i luga le laiga... SOIFUA ... manuna uma tagata o loo NONOFO i totonu ole motu :) xx

  • Man sentenced in case which left two-year old with disability, permanent scar   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Sue this idiot in civil court for your baby's pain and suffering. This will be a permanent scar emotionally and physically. He should PAY for his crimes!


    hmmmm... if thats the case then CHANGE the governor and make sure he doesnt stand a chance of becoming the "NEXT" governor or whatever that has to do with the community ... ai o aamu mai APIA ia kakou seh !! :/ what happen to LOVE ???? this is a very embarrassing news for the whole of American Samoa ...

  • Op-Ed: Health Care System: ‘Free’ Ideology vs Sobering Reality, Part 3   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Basically, from an off island viewpoint, the governor comes off as a self absorbed clown. The incident aboard the cruise ship another example. I don't think the LBJ situation can be resolved until a change is made at the very top of ASG.

  • Man sentenced in case which left two-year old with disability, permanent scar   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Im glad to see this kid get what he deserves. This kid was always a trouble maker when we were in high school together. I wish he served more years in jail. His behavior is unacceptable in our society.

  • E taunu'u le solo tete’e tagata faigaluega ...   4 years 42 weeks ago

    E tutusa uma lava le Pulega a le falema'i(BOARD) ma le Kovana e fa'agutugutulua, e le tautala sa'o i se mea.. e 'ese a tala e fai i, e 'ese fo'i tala e fai i o. e 2 tongue..



  • Op-Ed: No Fiji election in 2014, says PM Tuilaepa   4 years 42 weeks ago

    With all the crap and BS from Samoa PM to get the regional offices out off Fiji to Apia, its not going to happen even though he lied about the same day business with countries like NZ and Australia, these regional offices in Fiji will never move to a place with limited resources and dusty road. Fiji have more spaces for development.
    Anyway, the election will take place with all the development and updates on elections taking place in Fiji....read the www.fijitimes.com to see it yourself rather than blinded by a liar!!

  • IN THE HIGH COURT: Rapist receives 12-year sentence   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Se Sole sili lou alu e sisi lou ua ise maea ma'e oki ai maimau le lalolagi e ke fealua'i ai ae ua e oki. E makua'i laiki kele ga kausaga e gofo ai i le falepuipui, e sili le ku'u iai le 20 kausaga. Ka'igo'igo se i ia kagaka faapea, e leai lava se ese'esega ma le koe alu lava i loga afafige mogi sa fagau mai i loga lava magava. Fai faalelei le ola..

  • Op-Ed: Health Care System: ‘Free’ Ideology vs Sobering Reality, Part 3   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Let's be realistic with ourselves. Ultimately, we have a government that believes in social welfare (which comes first), all the Fono members expect something for nothing, and the entire system is collapsing.
    LBJ Hospital use to be the crown jewel of the South Pacific in the mid-60's and 70's in terms of medical care and facilities. It is now a 3rd world country medical facility offering basic service and it can't afford to operate.
    In a natural evolution, LBJ Hospital should be at the forefront of technology and medical care by now. It is not due to incompetent people working in and outside of the facility, lack of vision, long-term planning, and commitment from government and community. Productivity is not where it should be, and it is run like a county hospital in a rundown city.
    I get better care in the Philippines and Fiji then I would at LBJ Hospital. In fact, if LBJ were a medical facility in the States, it would be shut down by now due in part to how the facilities are maintained, staff qualifications, productivity, and just plain mismanagement.
    To change the current situation would require a radical overhaul; the reduction of staff, the civil service program, and bring in qualified doctors and nurses from overseas.
    Unfortunately, we are in a job creation business (with Government and LBJ Hospital) versus quality of care coming first, and operating the facility efficiently like a business. As a business, you have to cover and pay for your cost. As a Government business, you don't need to and; Government does not pay it's bills. It's pure socialism.
    I believe the best realistic option to address the problem long term is to privatize the facility and turn it over to a non-profit organization or healthcare group (such as CWH or even Kaiser) to manage and maintain. Require everyone to pay and have health insurance (premiums) and government subsidizing a portion of those (due to low income) and just maybe, maybe we can at least be at par with the Philippines and Fiji when it comes to medical care and facilities, plus tap into the Medical Tourism business? Has anyone thought of that for a change?

  • IN THE HIGH COURT: Rapist receives 12-year sentence   4 years 42 weeks ago

    It is shameful and sad but these kind of crimes run rampant in Samoa. I would be too afraid to leave my child in the care of my relatives especially if they are girls regardless of age.
    Many Samoans are in the dark when it comes to sexual sins no matter how religious they claim to be. Family honor, pride, shame still have a tight grip over doing the responsible and honest thing. Religion is used all too often for defense by the preditor.
    Yet for some reason the law appears too lenient when it comes to sentencing the culprit to the full extent of the law. What gives on this one? Is it because he admitted that the temptation was too strong? Give me a break, this has been ONGOING!
    Then on the other hand, was it really rape? it didn't give much to go on. The brother didn't say if she was fighting the step father when he caught them or if she told anyone about the "ongoing" rape. What ever the case may be he is an adult and should have been given the full extent of the law.
    Hopefully he will recieve mental health counseling and be barred from seeing his underaged children until they become adults!
    I want to praise the brother for doing the right thing. I hope we have more courageous citizens like him.

  • Governor appoints two senior officials to review LBJ finances   4 years 42 weeks ago

    So the Governor does not trust the LBJ Finance staff, what a waste of time...he is buying time to run down the hospital so that it can return to ASG so that he can get hold of all the federal funds into his pocket!!

  • LBJ medical staff march on EOB called off   4 years 42 weeks ago

    You people sold out and divided you fell. You should have still made that bold stand no matter what. It is an insult to receive this money as a loan and to back down now shows cowardice on behalf of those who are fighting for their jobs. It's either you stand, or be another lemming...

  • LBJ: Still stalemate after Fono conference committee ends   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Why are the House Conferees so adamant about this owed money to LBJ be a LOAN? Is there something behind this that they are not telling the Senate and the public?
    Also to make matters worse, the hole crap wants to veto both Bills making me think that they are working in an orchestrated concert on both ends that if the Senate meets the wall on one end they will also meet it at the other.
    It is you people that are playing with the livelihood of American Samoa and if they retaliate in a violent way towards you here soon, I wouldn't blame them. You government officials or Administration asked for it.

  • High school students jailed for fighting   4 years 42 weeks ago

    to anonymous,
    the leadership yes, might need help, but the blame comes from and starts at there HOMES.
    These kids come from rivaling villages, rivaling churches. American Samoa'a future "leaders of tomorrow" are to blame from there own stupidity. Parents are sending there students to school for an education, and teachers are there to teach courses that challenge there mind not there fists.
    If you want the core problem with these kids, start with there villages, homes, and churches. Yes, teachers should take the lead with safety, and they are, teachers signed up for helping the student excel to better themselves mentally (in-classwork) physically (sports etc...) not warden them like they are a bunch of prison guards. The school can only do so much, and to add, Tafuna High School is the Largest school on island, the teachers/ administration are doing what they can. Parents and Leaders (village) need to handle there kids. End the rivalries and end there drama.

  • Togiola declares he will not run for Delegate’s seat   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Promise the people of this territory that you will never ever run again for a political position. Just run.............away!

  • Senate president explains different LBJ funding bills   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Now get the job done! Let Senator Tulifua tell it like it is. To much rhetoric to little action.

  • Op-Ed: Health Care System: ‘Free’ Ideology vs Sobering Reality, Part 3   4 years 42 weeks ago

    God Bless you Keniseli Lafaele for your research, instruction and direction for the future of LBJ Hospital! Your integrity shines! ASG will also be blessed if she understands and heeds your deeds, warnings and acts to reflect the interpretation of all of the past misunderstandings and lack of follow-up concerning LBJ within all of the research made and yet to mend. Submitted by: KALI MORRIGAN

  • LBJ medical staff march on EOB called off   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Policies of Togiola have failed.

  • Op-Ed: Health Care System: ‘Free’ Ideology vs Sobering Reality, Part 3   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Thank you for providing a well detailed history of our health care system from it's beginning to it's current situation. You have echoed what a few have recommended and have been trying to promote the past years.

  • IN THE HIGH COURT: Rapist receives 12-year sentence   4 years 42 weeks ago

    ua uma loa le agasala fai mai loa ua salamo....sole tama ua sili ai le ave o oe e susugu ile afi....makua'i e le alofa tele...ka igoigo e

  • LBJ medical staff march on EOB called off   4 years 42 weeks ago

    It is good for the legislative leaders to approve of the 3 million to help out with LBJ's financial crisis', however, I do not agree with this for being a loan. LBJ is in a dire financial crisis, how are they to repay for this loan? AND, it is unpaid subsidy that has not been paid to the hospital over a 3 year period, so ASG should pay for this money, not LBJ. Or better yet, charge it to the Governor's office.
    If these subsidy funds were being paid on time, LBJ would not be forced to face such grievances and those who were served furlough letters would not have to fear the loss of their jobs and stress out with what to do next in their lives and how will they provide for their families.
    So, I ask the honorable representatives and senators, to please give this money for LBJ not as a loan, but as part of the subsidy that is owed to LBJ by ASG.

    thank you!

  • Local business woman reaches out to public to help solve multiple burglaries   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Teri, if anyone SAW who was breaking into your office, I'm sure they'd tell the police. But we both know that's not how thieves operate. It sounds like this is an opportunity for some modern SECURITY COMPANY to do business in American Samoa, especially in the Nuuuli/Tafuna area. I'm talking cameras, alarms, or even a human, i.e. a night watchman, so that your business is never just left alone and vulnerable. Unfortunately, our old ways of preventing and solving crimes don't always work in our new social conditions. And as always, it costs money to make money.

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